Best Bottled Water to Drink

Which bottled water is best to drink? Does some bottles contain chemicals? Which vitamins do I need from water? Is flavored water healthy? Get answers to those questions and much more in this article, on the best bottle water to drink.

Does water bottles damage the planet?

Right now there is hundreds of millions of plastic water bottles lying around in the world. In fact there is an estimated 100 million tons of plastic in our oceans, that is a huge amount of plastic, so you have to be careful where you throw out your plastic bottles.

Does some bottles contain chemicals?

Over the years there have been a big discussion about whether or not BPA is dangerous. BPA is short for Bisphensol A, BPA is used to manufacture certain plastic based water bottles and contains. The FDA, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, has said that BPA is not harmful in low exposure. But the effects is still unknown if you are exposed to a lot of BPA. If you want to be on the safe side in the BPA race, you could pick a BPA free water bottle, you can see your article on the best BPA free water bottles by clicking on the link.

Which vitamins do I need from water?

Water contains a lot of vitamins that are vital to our bodies functioning. The water-soluble vitamins, include all of the B vitamins, vitamin C and vitamin H. The wired thing about the water-soluble vitamins, as they are called, is that they cannot be stored in the body for long, and that is why we need them everyday. To stay put on your vitamins from the water, you can go by the rule of drinking 64 OZ (1900 ml) of water a day, that si the average water an adult need. It is really important to drink plenty of water, and do that every day too. Our bodies can function up to 3 weeks without food, but only 3 days without water, that is something you can think about. So a quick survival tip, if you get lost in the wild, you should not go looking for food, you should rather be looking for water.

Is Flavored water good for you?

Just as with the BPA thing, there has been a lot of debate around, whether or not flavored water is healthy. First of it is worth to notice, that some brands sell normal flavored water, and other brands sell low or zero calorie flavored water. The low or zero calorie water is of course healthier than the water containing calories, or at least in a weight loss perspective. Some brands of flavored water, contains some minerals and vitamins that your body might need, if you looking for that kind of flavored water, it usually goes under the name vitamin water. A good rule of thumb, is to look at the backside of the water bottle, to find our what it contains, that way you will be 100 % sure, whether it is a go or a no go.


Arrowhead is a US company with a long history of greatness. The Arrowhead company was founded in 1894,by a man named David Smith, he was on a walk in the mountains of the west, when he saw a mountain with the mark of an arrow, and that is where the first source of Arrowhead water came from. Of we go, you might wonder how Arrowhead got the mountain water, all the way down to California. Actually they had a really smart solution to the transportation problem. They built water trains, similar to the modern day water truck.  And that was how arrowhead got the water to their costumers. Ins the 1950s Arrowhead began delivery of water to homes, stores, offices and just about anywhere else where the thirst of water called.

An Arrowhead water bottle.

The water from arrowhead comes from the springs of the mountains in the west. Arrowhead has 13 springs where they source their water, 11 of the springs are located in California, and one of those is the original Arrowhead Spring. Arrowhead has also recently build a spring in Colorado, for more diversified water. That is also the reason to why they recently build a spring in Canada just around Vancouver. Arrowhead does a fine job of keeping the springs where they get their water from sustainable, so our grand kids, also will be able to taste the fresh water, in the future.

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Nestle Water

Nestle Water is perhaps the most popular water brand, nestle is just like Arrowhead a company with a long history behind them. Everybody has a different taste, and everybody have their own liking of water, and that is something Nestle put as big weight on. Nestle makes loads of different kinds of bottled water, their concern includes over 10 different sub companies, which makes their own variations of bottled water. Nestle sources most of their water from the US, and particularly the Californian Mountains.

A bottle of Nestle water.

There has been a lot of debate whether or not it is safe for the nature, that humans harvest the water from the mountains, particularly here in the Californian drought. But Nestle has put a big part in keeping their water sustainable. Nestle has for example employed many specialist and experts to help optimize their water plants. There is actually a funny story behind the whole Nestle and California story, Nestle actually only used 0.008% of the total water consumption of California. In total California used 13 trillion gallons of water, and Nestle only uses 1 billion of that. Nestle is always making their water plants more effective, and they will always continue to do so.

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Pick what you like

We here at think that you should pick the bottled water brand that you like the most. If you like the look of nestle water bottles, you should pick that brand, or if you like the Dasani bottle then that is the way you should go. If your local sports team is supported by Evian water, then pick that, and drink your team to the top. As our name suggest we think that you should pick a real water bottle instead of buying bottled water for the rest of your life. There are plenty of high quality water bottles out there. Buying a single water bottle will save you money in the long run. If you do not know which bottle to get, you can check out you best insulated water bottle article.

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Go with a ‘real’ bottle

You are in fact on the website called, and thus we really need to show you the power of a ‘real’ water bottle. There are many advantages about having a real water bottle, let us list them. The first advantage is the price, when you have to buy bottled water, the cost will quickly run up, and your money will flow out like tap water. Lets just say that you spend a dollar on bottled water a day, quick math will show that you spend over 350 $ on bottled water every year, that is basically insane. Instead of buying bottles of bottled water, you can go ahead and get yourself a nice high quality water bottle, so you will not need to buy new bottles everyday. When you say it like it is, you might be able to hear how crazy it actually sounds: you buy and throw out a water bottle every day. The second reason to get a real water bottle is because of the environment. And estimate 300 billion bottles of bottled water lies in landfills around the country, that is totally insane. When you buy a single high quality water bottle, you both save money and save the environment, a lot of the bottles that we buy end up in the ocean, or other places where they do damage. When a bottled floats around in the ocean, birds might accidentally think that it is food, and they might go as far, as to eat it, which often results in the dead of the bird. The third reason for getting a water bottle, that is reusable is because you can pick your own. When you buy a water bottle that is reusable, you can get exactly the one you want, when you buy a bottle of bottled water, you cannot get a high quality bottle. When you buy your own water bottle, you can get one that is insulated, has a special compartment or just one that you like the color of. The possibilities of finding the perfect water bottle are endless. There are so many water bottles in the world, and it can be hard to find the right one for your needs. You do not have to give up yet, in you search for the best water bottle, because we got you covered. Here at best water bottles, we are trying to do our best, at finding the hidden gems in the water bottle world. We will do our best to find the greatest bottle for you. Even though this is an article about bottled water, we still want to show you, that there is another way to go, the bottled water game is soon going to be gone, and reusable water bottles are the new deal. If we look at what is going on in California, we can see that we do not need to tap our natural resources, and buying bottled water does just that, so if you want to spare our resources, so that our future generation are going to be able to drink clean water, without having to use massive filters.

Hydro Flask Insulated Water Bottle

Now that we have talked about all of the advantages of having a real water bottle, let us show you the real thing. The Hydro Flask is an excellent water bottle; the bottle is something of it own. If we were to describe it with one word, it would be: clean. The bottle is really clean, something that not a lot of water bottle makes can say that their bottles are. One of the big things of buying a water bottle, is that they need to look good. When you are making an investment, which buying a real water bottle actually is, you expect only greatness, which the Hydro Flask can bring you. Hydro Flask is also the company behind the Hydro Flask, kind of funny huh? Hydro Flask have made countless of great water bottles, and the insulted hydro flask is just their latest. You can really trust that the bottle you get from Hydro Flask is high quality, the bottle has never failed any one at our office. The bottle is made out of stainless steel, which is 18/8 food graded. If you are not a water bottle expert, you might not know what 18/8 food graded means, but without getting specific, it is basically a way of saying, that the bottle is very safe to drink from. If you follow the news, you might have heard talk about BPA, and that it perhaps in dangerous, but you do not have to worry about that with the Hydro Flask. The Hydro Flask is free from any BPA, so you can fell safe while drinking. Size matters, joking aside, size actually matters when you are buying a water bottle, if you buy a bottle that is too small, you will empty it to quickly, on the other hand, if you buy a bottle that is too big, you will not get to the bottom, and you will use your energy carrying around water. Hydro Flask has done something pretty smart here, they have made it so, you can pick the size that fits your needs. The Hydro Flask comes in 3 sizes, and you should really go and check them out yourself, you can click the picture or follow the link in the bottom of this page. The Hydro Flask is insulated, and they have done a really great job, of cooling and heating the contents of the bottle. The bottle will keep water cold of a good 24 hours, that is really a long time, and you will probably run out of water, before it gets hot. The bottle can also do the reverse, and it will keep beverages hot for up to 6 hours.

The hydro flask in the best metal water bottle this one is in blue.

The Hydro flask is in a whole another league. The bottle is excellent at insulating, and you will not miss out on the great stuff, when you have the ‘Flask’ at your hand. Design is a big thing, and thus Hydro Flask has made the bottle in a handful of different colors, and we advise you to go and check them out yourself.

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GlacierPoint Insulated Water Bottle

Get ready for the weekend with the GlacierPoint ‘water’ bottle, all joking aside, drinking water is actually serous business. You can get severely injured if you do not drink enough water, which can be a real hard task. GlacierPoint is an excellent water bottle that will help you get though the day, the bottle is made out of stainless steel, and it is really great. The bottle will ensure that you do not run out of water. But when you then have such an excellent water bottle, how much water should you drink? That can be a hard question to answer, but we will try to do so anyway. The average amount of water a person should drink is 64 OZ (1900 ml) But as we all know, there is not really such thing as average, and it can be a real challenge to find you ‘number’ but we will try to help you with the following factors. The first factor for finding out how much water you should drink, is the weather factor. It might sound wired to talk about the weather, but actually the weather can have a lot to say when it comes to drinking water. If it is hot outside, you will need to drink much more water, than if it was a mild weather. When talking abut the weather and water, you might think that the water you need to drink follows the temperature in a straight line, but that is far from right. If you live in Greenland you will need to drink as much water as if you lived in New York or another mild climate. The next factor is how much you weight, the more you weight the more you will need to drink. The weight factor builds on the same principles as the weather factor. When it is hot outside, you will begin to sweat. When you sweat you lose the all so important body fluid, which is essential to your wellbeing and survival. The last factor is how much you move, if you burn a lot of calories, you will need to drink more water, just as when you sweat. Those three factors are the most common factors one might find when trying to find out, how much water you should drink. The GlacierPoint water bottle holds a good 25 OZ (750 ml) Which is a good amount. The bottle will keep you going, and you do not have to refill all the time, which can be very time consuming and boring. The bottle comes with a very nice lid, made out of stainless steel, just as the rest of the bottle is. The bottle will keep water cold for a great 24 hours, plenty of time to make the bottom visible. The bottle will also keep beverages such as coffee, hot for a very nice 12 hours, plenty of time to kill that coffee.

a water bottle that is a great color

The bottle comes in three different colors, and the best way to find the one that fits your needs, is to check them out yourself. The bottle is free from any BPA, and it is also 18/8 food graded, which is a good thing.

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