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a blue Ello syndicate bottle

It is very important to stay away from BPA, but what is BPA? BPA is the main component poly carbonate, which is the clear hard plastic, BPA plastic is sometimes used to make water bottles. Studies made in 2005 confirmed that BPA was toxic, yet the U.S. still allows manufactures to use BPA, and some companies still question whether or not BPA is a health concern. But if you can it is a good idea to stay away from BPA, and that is why we have made a list of the best BPA free water bottles.

Best BPA Free Water Bottle Comparison Table

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Brand:ReehoSimple ModernSwig Savvvy

Reeho Borosilicate Glass

There is just something about glass that plastic can not beat, the felling of nice glass just has some realism to it. There are plenty of advantages to get a glass water bottle instead of a plastic one. The Reeho water bottle is an awesome bottle, it is as said made out of glass, more specifically borosilicate glass. Borosilicate is a very sturdy type of plastic. When you first hear of a glass water bottle you might think that it will be easy to beat and break, but actually it is very strong. You might not know this, or even believe it at all, but glass is actually about 7 times stronger than bricks. The bottle holds 15 OZ (450 ml) which might not sound like much, but the smaller size compered to other bottles, adds some kind of cuteness to the bottle. The bottle has a nice sleeve which help protect it from beatings, it also adds a bit of grip to the bottle. The sleeve is rolled around the bottom of the bottle, and it sits very firmly in place. The sleeve covers the whole bottom of the bottle, and helps it stand very good on surfaced that would otherwise be slippery. There are many advantages of getting a glass water bottle, other than it felling and looking awesome. The glass actually adds a bit of insulation to the bottle, and helps keep beverage hotter or colder for longer. The sleeve also helps insulate the bottle. Glass is also non toxic, so you do not have to worry about BPA in your water or other toxics for that matter, because the bottle is completely toxic free. The lid of the bottle is made for the cool guy or girl, the lid is made out of the same material as the sleeve. The lid can be screwed on and off, for easy drinking. The lid has a handle which is secured on the sides of it, and it makes the bottle a breeze to carry around. The handle can be flipped down if you like it more that way. The handle sort of looks like a bridge when flipped up, and it adds a cool vibe to the bottle.

The green bottle is profile

All in all the Reeho Bottle is a cool bottle that will get you safely trough the day, whether you are going skydiving or to work. The bottle is simple but still cool, without being overly cool. The bottle holds a good amount of water, even tough it is not the largest, but that gives it a cool and cute felling. The bottle comes in 6 different colors, the sleeve is the color changing part together with the lid, there will be for sure be a bottle for you.

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Simple Modern Stainless steel water bottle

If you are looking for a BPA free water bottle, why not go with a stainless steel water bottle? The Simple Modern water bottle is great water bottle, we have featured it on the site before, that is how good we think it is. There are many benefits of having a stainless steel water bottle, and especially an insulated stainless steel water bottle. The Simple Modern water bottle is insulted, and Simple Modern does a great job of insulating the bottle. The bottle is insulated using modern and clever technologies, as the name suggest too. The bottle used double wall insulation, the double wall insulation works by, creating two layers of metal, and between those there is a vacuum, the vacuum ensures that the bottle will stay as close to the original temperature of the beverage put in it. The vacuum is a very clever way of insulating a bottle. The vacuum uses the lack of air, to insulate your beverage. The bottle will keep water cold for up to 24 hours, an incredible time, it is perfect for any occasion, who does not like cold water? You can fill the bottle with water, put it in the fridge, and the next day, you will have a bottle full of cold water, that will be kept cold until the next day! The bottle will also keep hot beverages, at the perfect temperature. The bottle will keep coffee, tea or other beverages hot for 6 hours. The difference between the “cold keeping time” and the “hot keeping time” is because it takes more energy too keep things, than it takes to keep it cold. The bottle is great for any winter or summer activities, in the summer you can take the bottle with you on the beach, and enjoy nice chilled water, and in the winter, you can fill it with hot chocolate, and take it on a winter expedition. The bottle holds a whopping 32 OZ (950 ml), which is half of the daily recommender water intake. The daily recommender water intake is 64 OZ (1900 ml) for an average adult, it of course varies, it depends on which climate you live in, your weight and your activity level, so to say. The bottle is great way to keep track of your water intake. The bottle comes with two lids, the first lid a stainless steel lid, free of plastic, the stainless steel lid, is a normal screw on screw off lid. The second lid is a coffee lid, the coffee lid is made out of plastic, and it has a sliding cap, which you use to open the valve to the bottle. The lids are great for cold water and hot beverages respectively.

Simple Modern water bottle in a black version, it is one of the best water bottles.

The Simple Modern is a great water bottle, it does everything that a water bottle should do. The bottle has fantastic insulation, which will keep you going on the hottest and the coldest days. The bottle is great for work, sports or as an every day carry water bottle. The bottle is coated with powder coating, the powder coating adds a nice grip to the bottle, so it will not slip out of your hands. The carrying loop on the lid, and the fact that the bottle does not sweat, also helps you get a great grip around the bottle, even tough it is a bit large.

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Swig Savvy insulated water bottle

The swig Savvy water bottle is also an stainless steel water bottle, but it has a couple of diffracts to from the Simple Modern water bottle. The Swig Savvy bottle is also insulated, which is great for any activity you might throw at it. The bottle holds 25 OZ ( 650 ml) which is a fantastic amount, the 25 OZ is better for the person that goes solo. The Simple Modern water bottle is better for the family, while the Swig Savvy is better for the person which goes alone, it is also great for two people, but if you need a bottle for three or more, then the Simple Modern is the better choice. The Swig Savvy water bottle will keep your water cold for 26 Hours, the bottle also uses the same clever insulation techniques as the Simple Modern water bottle, the bottle is made with two layers, and outer layer, and an inner layer. Between the two layers there is a vacuum, which keeps the content of the bottle at the perfect temperature. The bottle “knows” when to keep the beverages cold and when to keep it hot. The bottle is made out of 18/8 food grade steel, the food graded steel is high quality, and free from toxics, so it the only part of the bottle that is plastic too. The lid of the bottle is the only part of the bottle which is made out of plastic, the lid is 100% BPA free, and free from phaletes too, so you can feel super safe drinking from the bottle. The lid of the bottle is great for fast drinking, it provides a steady stream of water, at just the right speed. The lid is made out of plastic, which is very hard, and just as high quality as the steel. The lid has a spout, the spout can be flipped up and down, as you like, The spout is really nice to drink from, you really have to try it, before you can feel the difference from a normal screw on and off lid.

Swigg Savvy water bottle with the case.

The Swig Savvy bottle comes in 6 different colors, all the colors looks super nice, and they also include a plain polished steel version. The bottle comes with a carrying bag, the bag is super nice for carrying, and if you only want to take your bottle with you, you can just stick it in the bag, and you are ready to go. The carrying bag has a shoulder strap attached to it, and you can also use the bag just as a sleeve. The bottle comes with a carabiner, so you can attached the bottle to a backpack, in addition to the bag.

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CamelBak Eddy

You can always count on the Eddy bottle, the classic bottle will never fail you. The eddy holds 25 oz (750 ml) and the strong BPA-Free plastic is super sturdy and durable. CamelBak has a long history of great water bottles, and the Eddy lives up to that. The size of the bottle is perfect for carrying around, just throw it in you backpack and you are good to go. The bottles uses the smart bit and sip valve, so you can enjoy fast flowing stream of liquid. The bottle is designed so you have a small carrying handle in the top, and it fits in most cup holders.
The camelbak eddy is one of the best bpa free water bottles

The Eddy bottle is a great choice, and it is one of the best BPA free water bottles. The smart lid is really what sells the bottle, and no one makes it as good, as CamelBak

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Ello Syndicate

The Ello Syndicate bottle is a really interesting water bottle, and it is both BPA, PVC, lead phosphates and cadmium free, so there are absolutely no worries there. The bottle has a very nice and gripy sleeve around it, which makes it very easy to carry around. The Sleeve theme comes again at the top, where the lid seals the bottle very tightly. The double protective lid maskes the bottle completely leak free.

a Ello Bottle with a blue sleeve around it.

The Ello Syndicate is perfect, as a bottle you can use every day. And as it contains no harmful chemicals, it is very safe. The bottle holds 20 OZ (600 ml), and it is a breeze to carry around with the smart strap. The bottle comes in 7 different colors, and it is a good runner up on the list of the best BPA free water bottles.

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Laken Tritan Classic


The Laken Classic water bottle looks like something, taken out of Back to the Future. The bottle is made of tritan plastic and it does not add or impact any flavor, of your water or beverage. The Bottle’s lid can be screwed on very tightly, and when done so it does not leak at all. The bottle comes in a 15 OZ (450 ml) and a 25 OZ (750 ml) version, so there is one for everybody.

an orange water bottle standing up right

This bottle is perfect for those in search of something a little flashier. The bottle is very light, and the design of it makes it so it fits in most cup holders. The Laken Tritan Classic gets a nice third place on our list of the best BPA free water bottles

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Hydro Flask Insulated Water Bottle

Everybody has a different reason for getting a BPA free water bottle, but whether or not it is actually unhealthy is hard to know. It is hard for scientist to conduct research and such a large subject. You would have to follow a lot of people from when they are borne, to when they die, and track whether they drink from BPA bottles or eat from other BPA products. It is almost impossible to conduct such an experiment, which means that there are no proved effects of BPA, but some people want to be on the safe side, and everybody has their own reason for that. The Hydro Flask is a really high quality water bottle, that will not fail you, even in the hardest times. The Hydro Flaks is of course free from BPA, as it is made from stainless steel. You do not have to worry about the safeness of the steel either, as it is 18/8 food graded. The Hydro Flask is also insulated, which is a big plus, when you are shopping for a water bottle. The bottle will keep your water cold for a whopping 24 hours, that is an incredible long time. Hydro Flask has a story from one of their costumers, who bought the Hydro Flask: “I was going on a hike in Arizona, I left the bottle in the car in the morning. The temperatures reached well over 100 degrees. When I came back in the evening I could not touch the bottle because it was to hot, but when I opened it, there was still ice in there. “ This amazing story just shows how well the insulation works. The great insulation comes from the double wall technology of the bottle, and the use of vacuum as insulation. The bottle is also excellent at keeping beverages hot, the bottle will do so for a good 6 hours. The 6 hours are excellent if you want to bring coffee to work or hot chocolate on a trip. The bottle can be used for everything; the sky is the limit. The bottle is made in a slim design, that looks really well, and it gives the bottle a really clean look. The bottle has a special coating around it, which adds a good grip to it, so it wont slip out of your hands. The lid of the Hydro Flask is a screw on and off lid, which is totally leak free. The lid has a finger hole too, so you can carry it around.

The hydro flask in the best metal water bottle this one is in blue.

The bottle is truly awesome; it will be a great addition in every home. The bottle comes in three different sizes, the first one is 12 Oz (350 ml) the next one is 18 Oz (530 ml) the third one is 21 OZ (620 ml) and the last one is 24 OZ (710 ml). You just have to pick the right size for you. The bottle also comes in a handful of different colors, and they all look really awesome.

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