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Best Eco-Friendly Water Bottle Comparison Table

Save precious energy by quickly finding the perfect bottle, use this table to do so!
Insulated:NoPartly, because of glass sides
BPA Free:YesYes

The environment is a growing concern. The environment is endangered by the consumer economy of the world, but there is no need to go away from that, we just need to find ways to spare the environment for all the waste we put out.

The ideal thing to happen when it comes to the averment would be for everything to be produced, so that it can be recycled. There is so much waste when it comes to water drinking. Billions of water bottles get thrown out every year. When you buy bottled water, the bottles often end up in landfills when they are thrown out, and it takes many years for the bottles to get into the eco system again.

A lot of the non-reusable water bottles that gets thrown out will also end up in the ocean, which is such a shame. The bottles will float around, and they can endanger animals such as bird that will be chocked, because they think the plastic is food. The bottles in the ocean can also be eaten by fish, and that can have fatal conserveness too.

If you are concentered about the environment but do not know where to start, or if you just want a good eco-friendly water bottle, getting a eco-friendly water bottle is a great way to contribute to defeating the threat of killing our environment and the beautiful which we live upon.

There are so many water bottles out there, and choosing the right one can be a real challenge.

MIU Colored Glass Water Bottle


MiU eco friendly

The first bottle on the list is without a doubt the MIU Color water bottle. The bottle is made out of glass, which makes it really great to hold. Glass is also a great material to make water bottles out of, and that is because of it insulation properties.

The glass bottle will keep beverages and water hot or cold for just a little bit longer, which is really convenient. The bottle is great for anything you might want to use it for, you can use the bottle for work, school or at home. The bottle is also excellent for the daily commute or long trips, as it will fit into cup holders easily.

The bottle looks really good, it is made with a sleek design, entirely out of glass except for the lid. The lid of the bottle is made out of stainless steel which is 18/8 food graded. The bottle is free from any BPA, the bottle does not contain any PVC or lead either.

The glass of the bottle is borosilicate glass which is one of the best types of glass for making water bottle. People is often concerned about whether or not their water bottle will leak, which is a thing that you should not be worried about when it comes to the MIU Color. The bottle is kept leak free with a small rubber band in the lid, the rubber will ensure that no water will come out.

The bottle holds 18.5 Oz (550 ml) which is plenty for most people, and if you are used to bottled water bottles it will be a very familiar size as it is just a little big bigger than those. The bottle comes with a couple of nice extra gifts. The first extra thing is a nylon sleeve, which makes the bottle really nice to carry. The bottle ocmes with a brush for cleaning it too. You can get the bottle in a couple of different colors, and we recommend you to go check them out yourself.

Find this cool MIU Color Glass Water Bottle here

How Much Water Should I Drink?

Before we go to the next water bottle, we want to answer the most frequently asked question when it comes to water bottles and drining water. How much water should I drink? It is a hard question to answer, and it depends on a couple of factors such as you weight, how much you work out and the climate in which you live.

A genral rule of thumb when it comes to the amount of water to drink, is to take your weight and divide that by 2, and then you will the amount of Oz you should drink. You can adjust that number with the above factors, and by trying out different amounts of water, you can find the perfect amount of water to drink.

Gonex Water Bottle

Truely gonex bottle

The Gonex Bottle is something for itself, the bottle is made out of very eco-friendly triton plastic. Tritan plastic is free from BPA, which is a frequent concern for a lot of people. The bottle holds 32 Oz (950 ml) which is a great amount. The 32 Oz is nearly double as much water as normal non-reusable water bottles hold, so you will be sure that you will stay hydrated for a long time.

The bottle comes in two different colors, the first one is a crispy gold one, and the second is a relaxed gray, you can choose just the one you like the most. The design of the bottle is also very good looking, the bottle made in a classic straight walled design, and you will have no problems with fitting it into most cup holders.

The best thing about the bottle is the lid, which is designed with great functions. The lid can be screwed on and off for refilling, but that is just one part of the lid. The second part of the lid is where you drink from. The upper lid is protected by a cap, which can be filled with the power of a spring by a press of a button.

There is a button on the lid, and when the button is pressed the protective cap will fly up, and you will have access to the water in the bottle. You drink from the bottle by a cap which is normally leak free by the power of the protective cap. The button and be locked by flipping down a notch, so that it will not spill. It might sound complicated but in reality it is super smart and makes drinking water very conveinet.

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