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The bobble is the best filtered water bottle for those on a budget

If you just like to drink filtered water, or want to go full blown survival mode, you need the best filtered water bottle . We have made a list of the three best filtered water bottles, all of which have high quality filters included. It is indeed convenient to have a filter in your water bottle, to get rid of unwanted germs and only drink the purest water. Some of the bottles has filters that are swappable and some of them are permanent and does not have to be changed. A filtered water bottle takes normal tap water and makes it more than just drinkable, it makes it clean. We have made a list, to help you find the best filtered water bottle.

Best Filtered Water Bottle Comparison Table

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BPA Free:YesYesYes
Brand:Clearly FilteredGraylKor

Clearly Filtered Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask is a great water bottle company, their bottles have been featured on the site a couple of times, and there is a great reason for that, they are simply awesome. Hydro Flask has now made a filtered water bottle. If you live in an area where the water is contaminated, or you just want to stay on the safe side of things, a filtered water bottle can be a great idea. The Hydro Flask Filtered Water Bottle is great at keeping the bad things out, and keeping the good thing in. When you are looking for a filtered water bottle, you have to keep in mind that the bottle should not filter out everything, or at least not the good things in the water. Your body e.g. needs iron, and water is one of the sources for that. It is hard to measure whether or not bottles filter out the good things, but you just need to keep that thought in mind when you are shopping for a filtered water bottle. The Hydro Flask is a great and somewhat original, but still crazy good looking water bottle. The bottle holds 21 OZ (620 ml) that is a good amount of water, it is enough without being too much. The bottle is also insulated, which is a thing to keep in mind. Having an insulated water bottle can be one of the best thing about a bottle. Whether you are at work, at the beach or on a hike, having an insulated water bottle will be the thing. There is nothing worse, than filling a bottle with water before you leave the home, and then realizing that it has already become hot when you get to your location. The Hydro Flask will ensure that will not happen. The bottle will keep water cold for up to 24 hours, which is a really long time. The bottle will also ensure excellent temperature control of hot beverages, as it will keep beverages hot for a whopping 6 hours. You cannot go wrong in town when you have the Hydro Flask at your side. The bottle will filter out 99.99% of a all the contaminants in water. That is a really high percentage. The filtering includes removal of 90% of all Fluoride. The bottle is design with functionality in mind, it has a really cool looking lid. The lid has a valve, which can be flipped up and down as you like. The valve connects to a straw, which in turn goes down to the bottom of the bottle where a filter sits, and when you suck on the valve, the filter will run the water through, to ensure you the best and highest quality water.

a great water bottle

If you are looking for a very very high quality filtered water bottle, you do not have to look any further. The Hydro Flask will take care of your needs, while ensuring you the best water. The bottle is made out of stainless steel, and the plastic parts of the bottle is 100% BPA free, and the steel is 18/8 food graded for maximum security.

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Grayl Quest Travel water bottle with purifier

Looking for an awesome water bottle, that is great for traveling and has a filter, then the Grayl water bottle is your answer. The bottle is great for  both travel and everyday life. The Grayl water bottle was once a Kickstarter project, which came out successfully. The bottle and Grayl aims to make life saver and more fun. The bottle can be uses for global traveling, if you are going outside your home country, the chlorine levels might be different, then it is at your home. Having a water purifying bottle with you can be a life saver, and it just makes life easier for you. Whether you are staying in a hotel in Mexico or sleeping in a tent In Africa it is a good idea to filter your water. The bottle is also great for outdoor adventures, going on a hike in the woods? Or taking the family on a day trip in the wild? Either way a filtered water bottle is one of the most important items to have with you. The bottle is also great for emergencies, where tap water is contaminated, or if you ever where to get lost in the woods. The bottle works by you filling the bottle in a water stream or from any where else you can think of. You then press down the upper part of the bottle and the water gets up in that part. And now you are set to drink. The revolutionary thing about the Grayl water bottle is the fact that you only need to press one, and then the water is clean. You do not have to suck on anything to get the water filtered, you just have to press, and the press does not even require that much force. The bottle filters out all pathogens(viruses, bacteria and protozoa) and it filter out all metals particulates and chemicals. The bottle meets the NSF standards 42 + 53 and it will not fail you. You can use the bottle 300 times which is 30 gallons (150 liters) which is a long time, and when you have used up the filter, you can buy new ones relatively cheaply. The bottle holds  17 OZ (500 ml) and it can be refilled wherever there is water. The bottle is also super lightweight, which is a thing Grayl have put a lot of focus on making it.

The grayl water bottle is one of the best filtered water bottels.

When all comes to all, the Grayl is probably the best filtered water bottle. While Grayl is still a new player on the water bottle market, they have already done a great job of proving their worth. When you have filled the bottle with water and pressed it through the filter, it can be drunken from. The bottle has a convenient screw on lid, which is made out of metal just as the rest of the ‘inner bottle’. The outer bottle so to say will stay on the inner bottle quite nicely and it will not fall off. The Grayl bottle is the best filtered water bottle for those that want only the best of the best.

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KOR filtered sports bottle

If you are sensitive to germs and only want the best water, and would like a final filter before drinking, then the KOR bottle is the bottle for you. The KOR water bottle is made for sports, and it is perfect for it. The bottle has a really nice design, the bottle itself is very pretty, it is transparent of the sides, and the front and back have a grip grey side, the sides are great for easily handling. The theme with the ‘stripes’ on the sides continue on the top of the bottle where it is grey too, the sides and the top looks really cool with the gray grippy color. The bottle comes with a handy lid, the lid is actually in two parts, one part of the lid is the top one, which can be lifted off, to reveal a valve which you can drink from, the valve connects to the filter. The top lid has a smart carrying loop too, the loop is great to use together with a carabiner or your fingers. The bottom part of the lid can be take off to reveal the inside of the water bottle, by taking of the second lid you can fill up and clean the water bottle. The valve on the bottle is made out of medical grade silicone which helps to fight of germs an bacteria.  The filter of the bottle have to bought separately from the bottle, but it is cheap and kind of like an upgrade to the bottle. The filter which can be bought in addition to the bottle, can be inserted in the straw of the bottle. The straw connects to the valve on the top lid.  The bottle holds 24 OZ (700 ml) which is a bit more than the Grayl water bottle. The bottle is also super safe, as it does not contain any harmful chemicals such as BPA. Even though it is still in the process of being tested whether or not BPA is harmful, it is believed to be so. The big mouth of the bottle is also perfect for dropping in ice cubes, lemon slices or other fruits to spice up your drink.

The best filtered water bottle from kor in purple

If you are not sure if you want to use a filter with your water bottle everyday, then this is the best filtered water bottle. You can take the filter in and out just as you like, so if you know you want a little extra protection, you can stick in the filter. The bottle is perfect for sports and anything else basically, the bottle is based on the KOR Nava water bottle, the KOR Nava water bottle is an award winning water bottle. The KOR sports water bottle is great for the person that does not need to drink filtered water all the time, but wants it for some occasions.

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The Brita Fill&Go bottle is something special, the filter doesn’t fill that much, making it looks just like a normal bottle. The bottle uses Fill&Go filter disc that reduces fx the chlorine in tap water, and reduces substances that impairs the taste and smell of your water. The bottle is perfect at work or school where you aren’t sure weather or not the water is save to drink. The filter disc last about a week, and the package comes with 4 included. The lid of the bottle pops right of making it a breeze to drink, and the filter is easily swappable. The bottle comes in 4 different colors, grey, green blue and pink. The bottle holds 600ml, and is dishwasher safe and BPA-Free.

Brita fill and go, outside, the this bottle is the best filtered bottle for those on a budget.


the Brita Fill&Go bottle is suited for those living in areas where the tap water isn’t suitable to drink. Even though the filter has to be replaced ones in a while, the bottle is wroth it. The bottle holds 600 ml, enough to get you though the day with a couple of refills. The design is great and leak free.


The Bobble Bottle

The Bobble bottle is a great filtered water bottle at it’s price. With a capacity of 1000 ml it is great. The Bobble is made in USA from recycled plastic, and is free from PVC and other toxic materials. The filter in the Bobble Bottle last for about 300 refills and new filters can be bought. This bottle is great for the ones that want to drink tap water but doesn’t like the taste of it.


the bobble bottle


The taste of filtered water is truly different from tap or bottled water, and The Bobble Bottle really embraces that. The Bobble Bottle is the best filtered water bottle for the money.


LifeStraw® Go

The LifeStraw Go is an incredible bottle, based around the LifeStraw. The LifeStraw is a straw the filters water, and not just normal tap water but all kinds of water. And now the LifeStraw has been made into a bottle. This bottle is revolutionary the perfect gift for the outdoor lover, or those going to places without drinkable water. The bottle has a great design, with survival as the theme. The bottle comes with a heavy duty carabiner  to hang to your backpack. LifeStraw Go is can filter up to 1000 Liters, and the bottle filters out 99.9999 % of all bacteria out. The bottle holds 650 ml but either way you can fill it up with all kinds of water.

Lifestraw go being filled, the Lifestraw bottle is the absolute best filtered water bottle. A man is standing besides a lake filling the Lifestraw go bottle.


LifeStraw Go is the best filtered water bottle, even though it is a bit expensive, it is totally wroth it. The bottle is ideal for camper, hikers, athletes and for everyday consumer use. Even further for every LifeStraw product you purchase, one school child in a developing country receives safe drinking water for a year.

Water Bottle Filtration System

The water bottle filtration system as it is called, is a filtration system combined with a water bottle. The system is really great for filtering water. The bottle holds 28 OZ (830 ml) of water, which is great for a filtered water bottle. When you are buying a filtered water bottle, you are probably buying it for wild trips. When you are going on survival trips into the wild, it is really important to stay hydrated. If you do not get enough water while you are outside in the wild, you can quickly get lost in the dehydration state. When you get dehydrated, you hearth can start to slow down, and you can get cramps. If you get dehydrated enough, you can die from it. There is actually a survival rule of the three threes. The rule goes like this; you can survieve three minutes without air, you can survive 3 days without water and finaly three weeks without food. The rule or fact, is  actually very surprising and a little disturbing too. It is wired to think about, that we are so depended on water, and that we will die if we do not get enough of it. It can be hard to stay hydrated througot the day, and when you are out in the wilderness, with your own thoughts, your might now always think of water, all though it is very important to drink. But how much should you drink? That question can be quite hard to answer, but we can try to give you an idea of it. If you are a normal person, the average amount of water you should drink is 64 OZ (1900 ml) but you have to keep in mind, that it is the average number. If you are a bigger guy, you live in a hot climate or work out a lot, you will need to drink more. The water bottle filtration system will help you filter out the nasty germs in your water out, so you can stay safe, even when you are out in the open. The bottle will be a great think to have around in the house, for emergency use too. The bottle works by, you filling it up, and then you just suck on the valve which sits in the lid. The valve can b flipped up and down, to be closed, and it is as easy as 1,2,3 to drink.

filtration system

The bottle is really great if you want to be extra sure, that the water you drink from the tap at home is secure. The bottle is super great at filtering, and the water tastes much better, when it has been run through the filter. The bottle is super convenient to carry, as it has a band around the middle. The bottle has a carabiner too, so you can attach it to a backpack. The bottle also comes with a string, and you can carry it around your neck.

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