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Homedox is the best glass water bottle that also duobles as an insulated bottle

There is just something about glass that plastic can’t make up for, we have made a list of the top three best glass water bottles. Glass might seem like a weak material to make bottles out of, but actually glass is very strong. A glass water bottle has to be strong, and look great, without weighing a ton. Glass is actually very good at keeping water at a conferrable temperature, and glass doesn’t add any unwanted taste to the water. With a nice sleeve, a glass bottle is a premium bottle, that no body can resist.

Best Glass Water Bottle Comparison Table

See the best bottles below, and get a quick overview.
BPA Free:YesYesYes
Brand:Eco VesselPrifyouBoroux

Eco Vessel Glass water bottle

The Eco Vessel water bottle is something for itself, it looks like something from Star Wars or an alien planet. The Eco Vessel is Actually just a normal water bottle, but that does not prevent the bottle from having an awesome look. The bottle is made out of glass, the glass is very premium. The most unique thing about the bottle is probably the lid. The lid consist of a couple of pars, the first one is the straw. The lid has a straw, which goes down into the body of the bottle. The advantage of having a straw, is that you do not have to break you neck while you drink, instead you can just sip nicely and relaxed. The straw extends up to the lid itself. You drink from the valve, which is attached to the straw. The valve can be flipped up and down, as you like. And it is really smart because you do not need to screw anything out on off, just to drink. The valve can be flipped up with a little notch, and be pushed down with a finger. The lid also has a small arm, which extends out, and gives the bottle a sharp design. The arm so to say, has a hole too, and it make it really easy to carry the bottle around. The body of the bottle is design with economicallity in mind, it has kind of like two hills. The first hill is at the bottle, and it make the bottle just slightly thicker. The second hill is at the top, and does the same as the bottom one. There is therefore, a valley in the bottle, so you can easily get a grip around the bottle. There is also a silicone cover wrapped around the bottle, which helps you to get an even better grip. The silicone sleeve extends all the way from the top to the bottom, and it wraps nicely and securely around the bottle. There is a pattern in the sleeve, which looks a little like a fancy staircase. The “staircase” both looks good, and it makes it so you can easily get a view of how much water there is in the bottle. The bottle holds 22 Oz (650 ml), that is a great amount, and it will be plenty for almost any adventures or trips you want to go on. If you do not like adventures, the bottle will still be a good friend for work or around house activities.

a glass bottle with sleeve

The Eco Vessel is a great glass water bottle. If you are looking for something a little special, and of high quality, there is no reason to not go with a glass water bottle. With the silicone sleeve, the bottle is a hard nut to crack. The Eco Vessel water bottle will fit in most cup holders, so it is perfect for the car. You can get the bottle in 5 different crispy colors, so you will get the color you like.

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Purifyou premium glass water bottle

Whit the wired sounding name the Purifyou water bottle, will give you attention. The water bottle both looks good and it is basically just good. The bottle is made of glass as all the water bottles here on this best glass water bottle list. Purifyou is a great brand with a great reputation, they have made many bottles, and the Premium bottle is just one of them. The name Purifyou you comes from the idea that you need to purify your life, one way to do that is by changing the way you drink water, and buy a glass water bottle. Glass is 100% recyclable, and it does not leach any harmful chemicals or add any unwanted flavor to your water, like plastic can do. The bottle is also very pure, it contains no PVC, BPA, lead, cadmium or Phthalates, so you can be 100 % safe and 100 % pure. The water bottle is greatly designed, the bottle has a silicone sleeve around it, to protect the glass bottle from starches and breaking, to give you a better grip and then it just looks cool to have a silicone sleeve around your bottle. The bottle holds 12 OZ  (350 ml) which is not that much, but it does not require much to refill it, and it looks really cute when it is not that big. If you want the bottle in a bigger version, you can also get it, in a 20 OZ (600 ml) version, that is another great thing about this bottle. You drink from the bottle by taking off the screw on lid, which is really good and tight, and it makes the bottle leak proof. There is a rather big carrying loop or hole, depending on what you will call it, attached to the lid. The loop can be used together with a carabiner, to attach it to your backpack, or you can carry the bottle by sticking your finger in the hole. There is also another great thing about drinking from a glass bottle, the bottle acts like a natural insulator, and it helps keep your beverages hot or cold. The Silicone also helps to keep the bottle insulated, so even tough there are no actual insulation in the bottle, all the materials helps insulate it.

Blue and green best glass water bottle

The Purifyou is a super high quality glass water bottle, and we think it is actually the best glass water bottle. The goal of Purifyou is to purify your lifestyle, or atleast your drinking habits and the way you drink water. For every water bottle you buy from Purifyou, they donate a portion of their profits to Africa, where the money is being used to build water wells, in places where they do not have access to clean water. It is a great thought to have in mind, every time you drink of you bottle, that you have helped other people get clean water. You can get the bottle in 6 different colors too, all of which looks great. Purify claim that the silicone sleeve will help protect the bottle, and that it can withstand a drop from the third floor without breaking.

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Boroux Spectrum

The Boroux Spectrum water bottle sounds like something, from an action movie. And it sort of looks like something from an action movie, the bottle looks really stealth and with clean lines. The Boroux Spectrum is a rather special bottle; it is a glass water bottle, with a silicone sleeve bonded directly to the glass. It sounds a bit wired at first, bit when you get the bottle in your hand, you start to fell what is going on. The bottle is manufactured, by first making a normal glass bottle, and then bonding a nice silicone sleeve to it afterwards. The result is an amazing bottle, that feels really wired at first, but when you get used to it, you will never go back to another bottle again. Other than making the bottle feel great, the silicone sleeve helps protect the bottle. The bottle even though it is made out of glass, is hard to break, the silicone is shock absorbing, and the silicone helps shield the glass, if you were so unlucky to drop the bottle. The bottle is made of Borosilicate glass, a high quality type of glass, that ensures you the best water bottle. Another great thing about the sleeve is that it acts like a natural insulator, just as with the Purifyou water bottle. Having a partly insulated bottle, can be a great thing, for the hot summer days, or in the cold winter. The bottle has a nice 18/8 food grade stainless steel lid, which has a low profile, and it matches the bottle perfectly. It only takes ¾ of a turn, and then the lid is sealed air and water tight. There is no toxics in the bottle, and no BPA at all either, so the bottle is super safe. You can get the bottle in 10 different colors, which all looks really cool. The bottle is 2.5 inches wide, at the top and that the lid, so you can easily drop in some ice cubes, and fit the bottle in most cup holders. The silicone used to wrap outside the bottle, is of course BPA free and it is safe to use with your hands, and you will not get any toxics on you.

blue water bottle made out of glass

The Boroux spectrum gets  a nice second place in our best glass water bottle list. The bottle looks great, and the clever design with the sleeve, is not something you see every day. The smart insulation that does not take up any extra space in great too. You still have to be a bit cautious with hot beverages when using the glass bottle, just as you have to be when handling anything other made from glass. Glass is a great eco friendly material, and you will not regret buying a glass water bottle.

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Homdox glass bottle

A cleaver tea and water bottle, the Homdox bottle is for the tea lover, watch the tea extract flow around in the water, and amaze your quest with a nice bottle. This bottle actually has two lids, one for the bottom and one for the top, the bottom one acts like a tea infuser. The smart tea infuser makes it a breeze to carry around tea, and it’s quite fun watching the tea flow around. The bottle has a 550 ml capacity, enough for about 2 big cups of tea. The package comes with a bunch of accessories, the two brushes that comes with the bottle makes it more convenient to wash. Additionally the package includes a sleeve and two different lids. The bottle is of cause super safe, and toxic free.

Homedox bottle with sleeve, the sleeve is blue and the bottle is made of glass.

A premium bottle, perfect for the tea lover. The big amount of accessories and 16 different color options is great. And the 550 Ml capacity is about 2 big cups of tea.


CamelBak Eddy

Eddy as it’s called, is a sports bottle. With its aqua theme this bottle is perfect for kids as wells as adults. With the ‘bite valve’ you just bite as sip, convenient for sports activities. The lid has a small handle for easy carrying, and the bottle fit into most cup holders. The silicone sleeve adds both extra protection and extra grip, so you will not accidently drop it. The bottle holds 700 ml perfect for sports.


CamelBak Eddy glass bottle, the best glass water bottle, the bottle has a blue sleeve around it.

if you do not want cheap plastic bottle, this is the best glass water bottle. The sporty looking sleeve is both for looks, protection and grip. The smart bite valve is good for fast drinking, without having to screw off a lid. Even though the bottle has a little weight to it, it lies good in your hand, and the glass adds a premium felling.


Just Life Portable

this bottle is an all around one, it looks great, and it is great. The 480 ml bottle comes in an array of colors. A lot of people prefer to prink out of glass rather then plastic, and the Just Life bottle confirms that. The bottle comes with a sleeve, and the silicone strap on the lid together with the sleeve looks very fresh. The bottle comes with a little surprise tea bag in the bottom, with is a great surprise and makes the bottle smell great. The silicone strap makes it easy to carry around.

Just Life glass water bottle

The Just Life Portable is the best glass water bottle, for the ones that just want’s a solid glass bottle. The nice design, and the wide array of color options, is just a plus. And the thickened bottom and rim adds extra protection.

Ello Este Glass Water Bottle

There can be a lot of reasons for getting a glass water bottle, the biggest one might be, that it is such a nice material. Glass is really nice to touch, and it has some great properties too. The main one being that it is a great insulation properties. Glass is really great at insulating, something you don’t think about at first. A glass water bottle can hold in the heat up to 2 hours longer than glass water bottles, and it can do so with cold water too. But when you have that great glass water bottle, how much water should you drink? There is no simple answer to that question, but we can help lay out the basics. The average person should drink 64 OZ of water every day, but there is no such thing as average, every person is different, and thus every person, should drink different amounts of water. You should not get all confused, because there are a couple of factors, which can help you get a clearer view of how much water you should drink. The first factor is the weather factor, the weather can play a big role in your water needs. When it is hot outside, you will need to drink more water, as your body will sweat more, and you will need to get that water back. The second factor, is the body activity of yours, if you move a lot, you will sweat too, which means you will need to drink more water. The activity also plays a big role in the water drinking game. The third and final major factor is your body, if you are a big guy, you will need to drink more water, and if you are a smaller person, you will need to drink less, but it can all be pushed up by the two other factors. When you are trying to fill up your water needs, you can get a high quality water bottle. And a glass bottle is probably the best bet you will get at that. The Ello Este glass water bottle is an excellent water bottle, it is made out of very high quality glass, that will have a hard time breaking. The bottle comes with a sleeve around the body of it, so it will be hard to smash anyway. The bottle has a very nice lid, with a carrying loop made out of cloth.


The Elle bottle is really great for the office, or other places where you still want to look good, but also want to have a functional water bottle. The bottle holds 20 OZ (600 ml) Which is a great amount, that will get you through the day without breaking a sweat. The bottle is really handy for a day in the field, or just a day at home with the family. The bottle is free from BPA and it contains no lead or cadmium.

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