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After a long week of work there is nothing better than hiking. But when you go hiking you need to drink water, so you don’t dehydrate out in the wild. Your body consumes a large amount of water when hiking, and if it is a hot day, you need even more water. That is why we have compiled the list of bottles, so you can get the best hiking water bottle.

Best Metal Water Bottle Comparison Table

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Oz:20 or 252120
BPA Free:YesYesYes
Brand:Swig Savvy Hydro FlaskContigo Jackson

Bonl Emerald Hydration Bladder

If you are going for a long hike, then you need a hydration bladder. A hydration bladder is a bladder you can fill with water, then take it with you like a bag. A hydration bladder is a really clever invention, it can be used for a numerus amount of things. And it is really great for hiking, as it has a big capacity. The Bonl Emerald holds a whopping 100 OZ (3 liters) which means you will have plenty of water for the whole hike. The bottle, or bladder so to say, is also great if you want to sleep in the wild on your hike, then the bladder is great. The 100 OZ capacity is plenty for two people if you are going on a hike with someone. The bladder has a hose, a straw if you prefer that word, connected to it, for super easy drinking. You are supposed to put the bladder in a backpack, and then swig it onto your back for easy carrying. You can then let the hose stick out of your backpack, and that way you can drink even when you are on your way. It is really smart and convenient that you can both drink and walk, so you do not have to open your backpack and take out a bottle, every time you fell thirsty. When it becomes easier to drink, it also means you will drink more often, which in the end, will make you fell why more hydrated. When you spread out hydration over a longer period of time, the water in your stomach get utilized much better. The bladder is made out of food graded material, the bladder is made out of microban, which is GlassAS patented. The quality of the bladder is out standing, the liner is 0.6 mm thicker than most of the other bladders on the market, and all of the sealings are double soldered, to make the bladder super rigid. The hose of the bladder is designed with simplicity in mind. The hose is connected to the bottom of the bladder, to ensure that you will get all of the water out while drinking. The valve on the hose is pretty easy to drink from, it just requires you to bite a little, and then water will flow out. When you are done drinking, you can put the cover cap that is attached to the hose back on again, so valve will be save from dirt.

hydration pack

The bladder has a round screw cap with a handle, which can be used to fill up the bladder. The bladder also has a top opening, which is as wide as the whole bladder. The wide mount on the top is great for cleaning and filling the bottle. The screw lid is primarily used for filling the bladder, and the wide mouth is meant for cleaning and drying the bladder. All in all the Bonl Emerald hydration bladder is a fantastic bladder, and it will surely be a good companion on a hike.

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IYonch Collapsible Silicone bottle

The IYonch water bottle is the perfect medium between a collapsible and a normal bottle. Even tough the bottle can be collapsible, it does not limit the capabilities of the bottle, as you would think it would do. The bottle is perfect for hiking and sports. It is really nice to have a collapsible water bottle with you, instead of having to carry around an empty bottle, you can just throw it in your backpack.  The bottle holds 26 OZ (750 ml) which is great for even long hikes. When the bottle is folded together it gets as small as your phone. The body of the bottle is made out of silicone, The silicone is flexible while still maintaining the right shape, even when it is not filled completely up. It is really smart that the silicone stays in shape when needed, there is also a decorative design on the silicone. The decorative design also helps to make the bottle stay in shape, and to add a little extra grip to the bottle. The lid of the bottle is the smart thing about it. The lid can be screwed on and of, so you can drop in ice cubes if you want to. You open the lid up pressing a button, when the button is pressed the protective cap lifts off. The protective lid seals the cap on the bottle, and when it is lifted up the cap is automatically opened. If you know you fill be walking or traveling with the bottle for a little while, then you can secure the lid up lifting up a small metal switch. The switch is lifted up on top of the button, and when it sits in place, the lid can not be opened even when the button is pressed. The leak proof switch is especially smart if you know the bottle will be turned up side down. There is also a small carrying loop on the lid, the loop is really smart when you are hiking longer distances. You can put one of your fingers in the hole, or you can put in a carabiner, and hang it on your backpack.

black bottle

We think the IYonch collapsible water bottle is the best hiking water bottle, because it can be folded down to almost nothing. The bottle can be folded down to a 1/5 of it’s normal size, which is very impressive. You fold the bottle by emptying it, and then bending it, and rolling it up, you c an then take the strap, which is attached to the lid, and secure it uses the strap. It is a very smart technique, and the bottle will stay the same way, when it is folded down. When the bottle is in its folded up state, you can use the same strap, that is used for folding, and wrap it around your wrist, that makes for a very relaxed and safe grip. You can get the bottle in four different colors: black, blue, orange and pink.

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Fit Harmony 365 Hydration belt

Hydration belts are a rather new thing, and that is not without a reason. You just click the hydration belt in place around your waist, and you are good to go, or good to hike so to say. The Fit Harmony belt comes with a ton of features and accessories. The belt consist of two water bottle holders, a pouch in the middle and two pouches on the sides. Having a hydration belt for hiking is a great thing, It is much easier to carry around a belt then a bottle, and there is even two bottles in the belt. The belt comes with two lightweight aluminum bottles, the bottles fit perfectly in the two designated holders. The two bottles are exactly the same, they are both made out of aluminum and they can hold 16 OZ (475 ml) each. The bottles themselves are very good, and the combined large capacity is great for long hikes. The belt can able put on with the bottles in the front, for easy access, or you can place the bottles in the back, it is solely your choice. There is a pocket between the two bottles, the pocket is secured with a zipper, so you will not lose your things. On the other side of both bottle’s there are two pockets more, they too have zippers, the pockets on the sides are a little more rectangular, and they are overall a little bigger.  The pockets are perfect for holding your phone, your credit cards, snacks or you can make them acts as your wallet. The side pockets will hold phones as big as the iPhone 6+, so you can just imagine how big they are. The pockets are made out of water resistant neoprene, so your things will be safe, even when it rains. The belt is made with breathable padding on the inside, so that you will not get uncomfortable having the belt on, even for long times. The belt has adjustable straps in the back, and it will fit most sizes from: 27” to 43” ( 70- 110 cm). If you lock the belt on the back, and because all of the pockets and water bottle holders are on the front, you can easily sit down whit the belt on.

Best hiking water bottle laying in nature.

The Hydration belt is perfect for those, that like to go on longer hikes, and does not want to carry around a water bottle in their hand. The belt is also great instead of having to carry around a heavy backpack, you can use the pockets as storage. You can get the belt in a grey version or a orange version. The orange version makes it easy for drivers, and other people to see you. The belt is great for hiking, and it is also great for survival trips. You should always carry water on you, and if you want to go on a small trip, you can attach light camping gear to the belt too.

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The QuterEQ water bottle is brilliant, the bottle is made of stainless steel that is 18/8 food graded. This bottles is perfect for hiking, it has a wide opening that makes it a breeze to drink. The bottle is insulated, so it can keep your water cold, or you can use it to bring coffee and keep it hot. The bottle is surprisingly lightweight, even though it can hold 32 OZ (946 ml) You can get the bottle in both red and black, and both colors has a very nice easy-grip coating. The bottle has a nice cap harness so it doesn’t get lost that, and it makes it easy to carry.

QuterEQ hiking water bottle, this is our choice as the best hiking water bottle.

The clever design gives the bottle, the ability to keep beverages cold for 24 hours and keep them hot for 6 hours. The bottle has a wide mouth, so you can drink easily, and drop in ice cubes or fruits slices. The bottle fells very sturdy and as if it could last forever, even tough it’s still lightweight. The QuterEQ is the best hiking water bottle, if you like quality.

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DoMore Nylon Hydration Belt

The DoMore hydration belt is both a water bottle and a small backpack. The belt has a holder for a 24 OZ (700 ml) water bottle that comes with the belt. The bottle is secures by elastic, so it doesn’t get lost. The DoMore Hydration Belt has two pockets, one with a zipper and one with elastic. You can use the pockets to hold your phone, your wallet or a snack. The belt is super lightweight, and it’s water and wear resistant.  The belt is perfect for a long hike, or if you want to carry things around.

This is a smart hydration belt, it has three pockets and it comes with one of the best hiking water bottles

A hydration belt is perfect for hiking, and the DoMore belt is a hit. The belt has pockets for storing small items, such as your phone, wallet or a protein bar. The water bottle that comes with the belt, fits perfectly in the holder, and it holds plenty of water for hiking. This is the best water bottle for hiking, if you like having your personal items with you, but don’t like carrying around a bulky backpack.

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Revive Collapsible water bottle

A foldable water bottle is perfect for the lightweight hiker, it can be folded down to the size of a wallet.  When it is filled it holds 16 OZ (473 ml) and it only weighs 1 OZ. The Revive bottle has a handy carabiner attached to it, so you can store it very easily and securely. The bottle is made of 100% BPA-Free plastic, so it is very safe to drink from.

The Vevive bottle is the most compact bottle.

The Revive bottle is perfect for those that wants a bottle, that when empty can be folded up in put in your pocket. Being leak free and BPA-Free the bottle is really safe. This is the smallest and probably the best hiking water bottle for the money.

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Hydro Flask Insulated Water Bottle

When you are going on hikes in the wilderness, it is really important to stay hydrated, but it can not always be an easy task. When you are out in nature, you do not always think about water, and when you are buried in your own thoughts, water might not be the thing on your mind. If you are out on a hike in the hot summer, you have to watch out, the fact that it might be hot, combined with you moving around, is not a great cocktail. If you do not get plenty of water in such a situation, you can end up dying. It can be hard to stay hydrated, and thus you need a great water bottle, when you are outside. The bottle has to be big, so it can hold plenty of water. There is nothing worse than being stuck somewhere, with a water bottle that is empty. The Hydro Flask is a big water bottle, bigger than most of the other water bottle, and you will surely not run low on water, with it on hand. The bottle holds a whopping 40 OZ (1200 ml) That is a hell of capacity. The big capacity is great, and you will not run alone. The bottle is also insulated, and Hydro Flask has done a great job of insulating it. The bottle can keep water cold for a crazy 24 hours. Hydro Flask has a crazy story from one of their customers. Here is the story: “ I have left my 40 Oz Hydro Flask in the carl all day, more than 12 hours. During an Arizona summer with outside temperatures at 110 and inside car temperatures of 150. I could not hold the bottle because it was scorching hot but it was still full of ice and too cold to drink. “ The story shows, how Hydro Flask has done a great job, of keeping their bottle insulted. The bottle will also keep beverage hot, which it will do, for 12 hours. So it is great as a coffee cup for work. The bottle will surely be a great company of a hike in the summer.  The bottle has a screw on and screw off lid, which makes it easy to drink. The bottle is insulated using double wall technology, and thus it will insulted greatly. The bottle has some kind of grip texture on the outside, making it easy to get a grip around.

The hydro flask in the best metal water bottle this one is in blue.

The Hydro Flask is a great water bottle for hiking. You can not go wrong in town with the bottle on your side. Hydro Flask gives 5 percent of their profits to charity, so your money will help make the world a better place. The bottle come sin a variety of different colors, and it is up to you, to pick the right one.  The bottle is made out of stainless steel, which is 18/8 food graded for maximum security. The bottle is also BPA free.

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