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If you do not want to pay for overprice bottled fruit water, want to save the environment from plastic bottle, then a infuser water bottle is for your. Whether you like fruit water, tea or both, we have you covered. There are a lot of infuser water bottles out there, but do not worry we have made a list of the two best infuser bottles. If you like fruit water, and don’t know how to combine fruit and berries or if you would just like to get some tips and tricks, the check out it is an awesome website, that features good recipes for nice fruit drinks. Here are the list, that will help you find the best infuser water bottle.

Best Infuser Water Bottle Water Bottle Comparison Table

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BPA Free:YesYesYes
Brand:InfuzedChilAquaHealthful Hydration

Infuzed Water Bottle

There are many reasons to get an infusing water bottle. The most important thing about getting an infuser water bottle is really up to the individual. For most people the most important reason to get an infuser water bottle might be the fact that it is great for losing weight. Instead of drinking a soda pop when you come home from work or at work for that matter. You can take a sip of infused water, which will, if you make it correctly taste much better than soda. You have to get used to the taste of fruit water, and it will take a little practice to get really great at it. When you are first starting out with the making of infused waters, it can be hard to make great tasting waters, but with a little practice, you will soon be making the drink from the gods, and everybody will be asking you for recipes. An Infuser bottle is also great if you want to cut down on your coffee drinking habits. When your body is craving the sugary drinks, you can rush to your infuser bottle, and get the sugar you need. You can make infused drinks with vegetables, fruits or berries. As a start you can chop up some lemons or try a fun thing like a cucumber. The Infuzed water bottle is a great infuser water bottle for the starting out home infuser. The bottle holds 24 OZ ( 700 ml) which is a good amount for a water bottle. You want your bottle to have a good capacity, but still be transportable. The Infuzed water bottle has the perfect volume to transportation ratio. The bottle is very easy to carry around, the circumference around the body is good to hold around. The bottle has a grip texture on the sides, which makes it even easier to carry around. To fill the bottle with fruits, vegetables or berries you just have to screw of the lid, after the lid is off, you can take out the chamber. The chamber is the part where you put in your decided infuser stuff. When the chamber is filled, you can screw the bottle back together. The lid of the bottle is made for easy drinking, it can be screwed on and off, depending on what you want to do. The lid has a valve for easy drinking, the valve has a cap, which can be flipped up and down when you are drinking. The lid is very practical, and easy to use. The lid can easily be cleaned, and as it is made from plastic, just like the rest of the bottle, it can be put in the dishwasher.

The infuzed water bottle

The Infuzed Water Bottle is a great bottle to get started in the infusing world. The bottle is super safe, as it is 100% BPA free. The bottle can go in the dishwasher. The bottle has a great looking print on the front, and it is see trough, and the lid is black.

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Chil Aqua infuser water bottle

The Chil Aqua infuser bottle will get you through the day, and get the healthy vibe going, it is without a doubt the best infuser water bottle. An infuser water bottle will help you lose weight and stay healthy, an infuser water bottle can also help you quit drinking soda pop, or help you stop drinking juice filled with sugar. The bottle can hold 25 OZ (720 ml) which is plenty for a long days work or a gym session. The Chil Aqua infuser water bottle is optimized, to help you thrive in your everyday life. The bottle uses bottom infuser technology, which will help some kinds of fruits or berries get spread out more evenly, it works like that because thing that are lighter then water fill flow up, and that is the case with most fruits and berries. Another great thing about the bottle is the lid, you can screw the lid on and off, if you want to clean the bottle or drop in some ice. There is a unique slide back spout in the lid, which is a new thing in the water bottle market. You can just slide the slider to the side and that gives access to a small valve, which you can drink from. The smart thing about the valve is that, you can still drink from the bottle even though, even if you can have ice cubes in the bottle. The bottle has a slim design, so it will fit into most cup holders, making it perfect for your commute to work. The lid also has a nice carrying loop, which kind of in a wired way fits great with the slider. Being the awesome bottle that it is, the Chil Aqua infuser comes with a small football. Yes, that is right, a small football, the football so to say, is a 1 inch plastic ball which can be used for ice. You can fill the ball with water and leave it in the freezer overnight, and when you take it out in the morning, you can put it in the bottle, and it will keep your beverage cool for the day. The football thing is also quite new in the water bottle space just as the slider lid. When the ice in the football melts, it will slowly drip out and mix into the drink.

Chil Aqua is one of the best infuser water bottles

The Chil Aqua is a very innovative water bottle. The smart lid, which feels a little like those on coffee cups, just safer, is brilliant. The bottle is made out of Tough Eastman tritan plastic, the tritan plastic is 100% BPA free, and it is super safe, and it is also FDA approved. The tritan plastic can take a bit of a beating, and it will not crack or shatter without heavy abuse. The water bottle comes with a eBook, the eBook contains recipes for making delicious drinks, the eBook is perfect for inspiration, and help to make your first drinks. Owning a infuser water bottle can be a great way drink healthy, and have fun making drinks. You and your family can make drinks together, and if you have kids, it will make it way more exciting to drink water. If you need a infuser water bottle, the Chil Aqua is the best infuser water bottle. You can get the bottle in three different colors

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Healthful hydration Premium

The Healthful hydration infuser water bottle will help you, live up to its name, and make you be healthful. The bottle is a great big bottle, which will get you through the day with only one refill. The bottle holds 32 OZ (950 ml) and the average adult need a total of 64 OZ (1.9 L) a day, depending on activity level and body size. That means you can fill the bottle up in the morning, and then only fill it up one more time, and then you have gotten your daily water needs covered. If you know you are not meeting your daily water goals, or getting the water you need, it is a great idea with a water bottle, which you can fill exactly two times, and then be clear with your water needs. The Healthful Hydration infuser water bottle infuses from the top and down, it comes with a big “chamber” for infusing, the chamber can hold a good amount of fruits or berries. The bottle is made with great design in mind, there is a rubber ring around the bottle, which makes for easy carrying. The lid is made in the same color as the ring around the bottle, so it matches very good, the lid is pop of type of lid. You can take of a upper cap and get access to a valve. When the lid is closed, it is almost leak free, and it will only leak if you shake it like crazy. The bottle can easily be taken apart and be put in the top rack of the dishwasher, so you do not have to clean it with your hands. The lid of the bottle can even be opened with one hand, which makes the bottle great for sports too. The bottle is also operational for both kids and adults, with the easy to open lid. When you want to fill the bottle with fruits and or berries you can screw of the lid, fill the chamber and then screw the lid back on again.

The best infuser water bottle in green

The healthful Infuser is also a fantastic water bottle, and it deserves the second place in our best infuser water bottle list. The bottle is packed with features, and the design is great. The bottles exact 32 OZ capacity is great for the full days supply of water. You can get the bottle in four different colors: pink, blue, black and green. All the colors are pretty bright and they matches the bottle perfectly. There is an adjustable carrying loop on the lid of the bottle, the loop is great for carrying the bottle with one hand, just stick in a finger, and your are good to go.

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Infusion Premium

The Premium bottle fruit infuser, is the third version of the product line. Made by the family owner business Infusion Pro the Premium, as it is called, bottle will help you drink more water and stay hydrated though out the day. The bottle has a 700 ml / 24 oz capacity, plenty for both fruits and berries. The fruits are infused from the bottom, ensuring long lasting tasted, even when the bottle is not full. The bottle is leak proof, and comes with a handy sleeve. The new and improved smart lid makes it a breeze to drink. The bottle has a handle for easy and convenient carrying. The infuser itself is big enough for a couple of handfuls of berries or chopped up fruits. The bottle is made of BPA-Free Tritan plastic, that is environment friendly, durable and it has a very good feel to it.

A girl is holding an Infusion Pro Premium bottle, the infusion pro is one of the best infuser water bottle. The is smiling big time, and it is sunny outside.

The Premium bottle from Infusion Pro, will help you drink more water, and keep you hydrated. The bottle has a good capacity, and the smart lid will not leak. The upside down infuser will ensure plenty of fruit extracts in you water. The infusion Pro Premium is the best infuser water bottle, for those seeking tasteful water.

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VidaKai Loose

The VidaKai Loose, is a tea infuser water bottle. The bottle has a nice modern design, with Chic stainless stell on the top and bottom, and BPA-Free Tritan plastic sides. The lid is a screw on lid, and it got a nice leather strap to it, for easy carrying. This bottle is mainly for tea, but it can also be use for fruit, but for that we recommend the Infusion Pro Premium above. The bottle is easy to clean, as it is dishwasher safe. The bottle is 100 % safe, it is made of stainless steel and tritan plastic without BPA. The bottle is great for traveling and commuting to and from work, the carrying strap makes it easy to take with you.

Vidakai Loose tea infuser water bottle with fruits and berries, this bottle is the best water bottle for tea.


The VidaKai Loose, is a special bottle, with a nice design. The bottle is leak and shatter prof, and can handle temperatures up to 225°F.  The bottle is leak proof, thanks to the food-grade silicone seals, that prevent leakage. This is the best tea infuser water bottle, perfect as a gift for yourself, or a tea lover.

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Hydro Fuzer Infuser Water Bottle

It is of great importance that you drink plenty of water every day. Have you ever wondered what happens to your body if you would stop drinking water, you will not believe it, when you hear it. Your body can go for about 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water or 3 weeks without food. That is called the rule of threes, and it is good to remember in a survival situation, what you can take away from it, is that you should go and look for water, before you go and look for food. The rule of threes shows us how important it is to stay hydrated. Water is actually the most important thing we need, other than air. Your body is made up of 60-70% water, so it is not wonder that you need to keep up the balance. You loose a lot of water every way through sweating, breathing and urinating. The water in your body needs to be replaced, and drinking is really the only way to do that. If you are starting to wonder how much water you need to drink a day, there is a rather simple, but not always sufficient rule for that. The rule goes as follows, you need to drink 8 glasses of water every day. Each of those glasses needs to hold 8 OZ, for a total of 64 OZ (1900 ml) that way you will keep up your water balance. When talking about water, it is always important to remember that everybody is different, and depending on the climate, weather, your body and your activity level, you will need to drink a different amount of water, than other people. If you are struggling to keep up on your water drinking account, you can go and get yourself water bottle. When you have a water bottle, it becomes much easier to remember to drink. And you will have a hard time forgetting it! If you want to take it a step further, and combine the water drinking, with some healthy drinking, you can get an infuser water bottle. An infuser bottle takes advantage of natural liquids from vegetables, berries and fruits. It can be really handy to have an infuser water bottle, if you want to lose weight or quit drinking soda. There are so many advantages to having an infuser water bottle. The Hydro Fuzer water bottle holds 24 OZ ( 710 ml) which is plenty for a days work. The bottle can be used at work or at home.

A blue bottle

The Hydro Fuzer water bottle is made with a flip up drinking spout, that makes it really easy to stay hydrated. The spout can be flipped up and down as you like, and it really easy to drink from. The bottle comes in a nice case. And it has a carrying handle, so you can get around with it in a breeze. The bottle has a sleek design that will fit into most cup holders, the bottle is made with a nice blue theme.

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