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Avion makes the best insulated water bottle for water

Keeping your coffee hot on your commute to work, and keeping your water nice and chilly in the summer. An insulated water bottle is hard to live without, that’s why we have made a list, to help you find the best insulated water bottle. We’ve inspected countless of bottles, and here are the top 3. An insulated bottle has to be good at keeping your beverage the right temperature, while being conferrable to hold, and have just the right size.

BottlesLiquid Savvy
Blue water bottle from liquid savvy
The Coldest Water Bottle
The coldest water bottle with a blue design, it is standing up right.
Oz:20 or 25 3221
BPA free:YesYesYes
brand:Swig SavvyArisbottleThe Coldest Water Bottle

Swig Savvy Insulated Water Bottle

Swig Savvy is on a water bottle creating spree, they have over 22 bottles under their belt, so you can say that they are kind of water bottle experts. There is a reason behind Swig Savvy’s success. They have made awesome water bottles, and the Insulated one is no difference. The bottle is something of itself. First of it is insulated which is a big plus in itself. It is great to have an insulated water bottle when you are in a hot or cold space, you can bring cold water to the beach or on your workout. When you are in the winter, you can bring hot tea or chocolate out in the snow, and get a nice warmth in your body. An insulated water bottle is also a great way to save a couple of bucks, instead of spending 1 $ a day of water bottle, you can buy a water bottle for what you spend of bottled water in a couple of weeks. It is a great way to get extra money on the back account. You can save even more by using the insulation of the bottle to bring your own coffee on your commute to work. Instead of buying coffee on the way to your workspace, you can make it at home or fill it in the Swig Savvy water bottle. The Swig Savvy bottle will keep water cold for a nice 24 hours! A full day, that is really amazing. The bottle is also great at keeping beverages like tea and coffee hot, it will do so for up to 12 hours, so you do not have to worry about drinking lukewarm coffee, or water for that matter. The excellent insulation properties of the bottle, comes from the fantastic design. The bottle is made with two layers, between those layers there is created a vacuum, which ensures maximum insulation. The bottle is really great at insulating, and the vacuum technology far surpasses the usual foam insulation that water bottle usually uses. The Swig Savvy water bottle is perfect for both sports, and serious business around the house. You can also bring the bottle on a day trip or a vacation. If you want to see water bottles specifically for vacations, you can check out our article on those right here: bets travel water bottle.

Swig Savvy blue bottle

The Swig Savvy is a highly customizable water bottle. You can get it in the two variants, 20 OZ or 25 OZ, depending on what you want to use it for. The bottle also comes with three lids, so you can customize it even more, for what you will be doing for the day. The first lid is a normal lid, which is made out of plastic, has a finger hole for carrying and includes a carabiner. The second lid is made out of only bamboo and steel, and it looks pretty exotic, and it is great for hot beverages. The last lid is a sports lid with a bite valve, the sports lid also has a carrying hole.

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Liquid Savvy’s wide mouth water bottle

Arisbottle is the company behind the liquid savvy water bottle. The bottle is packed with accessories, and features. The bottle holds 32 OZ (950 ml) which is a lot of capacity, put often when you need an insulated water bottle, you also need a big capacity. The bottle does a good job of getting 32 OZ packed together without making the bottle oversized. Having an insulated water bottle, is a great thing. You can use the bottle for work or day trips, brew a couple of cups of coffee, drop it in, and you are good to go. The bottle is great for those hot summer days, you can take it with you on the beach, and have a nice chilling drink by your side. Or if you live in an area with snow, you can use it for heat on the run, and come on, there is nothing better then hot chocolate on a cold showy winter day. The bottle is insulated using vacuum insulation. Vacuum insulation is rather new, it means that the bottle is insulated, using the lack of pressure. Vacuum insulation is really clever, because it does not weight anything, it only adds a bit of thickness to the bottle. The bottle is made out of 18/8 food grade stainless steel (if you are looking for the best stainless steel water bottle specifically we have created an article on those too) The bottle is also 100 % BPA free so you do not need to worry about any positioned toxics. The bottle will keep you drinks for 24 hours, and hot for up to 12 hours, furthermore the bottle does not sweat at all, so your hands will not get all wet, when you are drinking. One of the best things about the Liquid Savvy water bottle, is that you get 3 different lids when you buy it, yep that is right, 3 different lids. The bottle comes with a  normal screw on lid, the lid has a flat top, and connects the bottle with a strap, the strap holds make sure the lid does not get lost. The second lid is a little like the first one, it is also a screw on type of lid, but it has a handle, the handle extends up to the top, and it makes the bottle easy to carry. The third lid is a coffee lid, the coffee lid is great for drinking any kinds of hot beverage. The coffee lid is designed a little like the coffee cups you can get at your local Starbucks. It is wonderful that the bottle comes with three different lids, the flat lid is great for normal things, the lid with the handle is great for trips like hiking or walking, and the coffee lid is of cause great for drinking hot beverages.

Blue water bottle from liquid savvy

The Liquid Savvy water bottle is without a doubt the best insulated water bottle. The bottle will get you through any occasion, whether it is a car trip, a sports event or work. The bottle will keep your beverages hot or cold for a long time. You can get the bottle in three different colors, just as you get it with three different lids, the bottle comes in black, blue or red. No matter which color you buy the bottle in, you get the bottle with a nice powder coating. The powder coating helps you to get a better grip around the bottle, and it makes it feel great. Just as icing on the cake, the bottle and the lids are completely leak proof, so your can feel safe having the bottle in your backpack.

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The Coldest water bottle

The coldest water bottle, yes that is its name, the bottle is the extra hour bottle so to say. The bottle will keep your water cold for 25 hours, which is just one hour more than the usual 24 hours. The bottle will keep your beverages hot for 13 hours, which is also one hours longer than most of the other water bottles on the market. The bottle is therefore called the coldest water bottle, which is a name that fits it pretty well. The bottle has the slogan printed down its side, and it looks as cool as it is cold. The bottle is double wall insulated just as the Liquid Savvy’s water bottle, the bottle also takes advantage of the vacuum insulation. The extra coldness comes from the slightly thicker walls, and if you really need a bottle that will stay cold for just over a day, then this is it. The bottle is great for really long periods of time, and that is what it is meant for too. The bottle has a cool blue design, the design goes all the way down the bottle, there is a blue ring on the lid, and a bigger blue ring at the bottom of the bottle, under the blue ring at the bottom there is some text saying insulated. The bottle has a really smart lid, the lid looks really cool. The lid is a screw on and off, type of a lid, it lines up perfectly with the profile of the bottle. When the lid is screwed all the way on, it is truly leak proof, which is a needed feature to keep the temperature right in the bottle. There is also a carrying handle in the lid, which is really convenient. Thanks to the clever design of the bottle, it will float in the ocean or in your pool. The bottle is made out of 18/8 food grade steel, and it is also BPA free. The bottle holds 21 OZ (620 ml) that means that it is not to oversized and it will fit into almost any cup holder.

The coldest water bottle with a blue design, it is standing up right.

The coldest water bottle will keep you floating, whether you are going on a long trip in the car or you need a water bottle to keep your coffee hot for an entire shift on the job, this bottle is for you. The bottle has a great design, and plenty of cool features, such as the fact that it floats. The rubber strips on the sides, are also a great addition to the bottle, it is a breeze to carry with the rubber and the loop on the lid. You can be sure you get the best version of the bottle, as it is the second version of the coldest water bottle.

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Futurepace Tech Stainless steel insulated bottle

This smart stainless steel bottle from Futurepace Tech, will keep your water cold for 24 hours, and your beverage hot for 8 hours. The bottle comes in a brushed steel or space gray color. The smart lid with rubber protection to prevent leaks ensures easy carrying and drinking. The bottle can hold 750 ml, but has a slim design, so it will fit into most cup holders. The bottle is made with double insulation to insure the best temperature and the food grade stainless steel inside and outside will not add any metallic aftertaste.

Futurepace insulated water bottle, the bottle stands on a bench and there is a plant behind it, the Futurepace is the best insulated water bottle.


The premium  stainless steel bottle is for the ones that won’t go down on quality. The bottle comes in a gift box, and a convenient hole in the lid makes for easy carrying. The bottle doesn’t ‘sweat’ so you got a good steel grip on the bottle while drinking.

Avoin Colorlife

This highly customizable bottle got you covered, the vacuum insulated stainless steel bottle is high quality and can be used for a lot of different things, and the 500ml capacity will keep you hydrated . The Avoin Colorlife is 100% BPA-Free and 18/304 food graded, which will ensure you a non toxic and eco friendly bottle. The bottle comes with 2 lids, one which is a flat steel one, that acts as a normal screw on lid, the other one is a sport lid that makes for fast and convenient drinking. The normal lid has a steel handle, and the sports one has a handle too. There are 3 color options, a red, a blue and a grey one, the bottle is coated with a nice finish. The wide opening is perfect for putting in ice cubes and makes the bottle a breeze to clean.

Avion Colorlife water bottle, the bottle is perfect for keeping water cold and it is probably the best insulated water bottle.

This bottle is for the person who needs both a sports and a everyday water bottle. The double walls will keep your drink hot or cold throughout the day. A excellent bottle for the money. The Avion Bottle is the best insulated water bottle, especially for keeping water cold.

EXOUS Bodygear

There isn’t much to say about the EXOUS Bodygear, this bottle is made for the extra careful person that won’t risk any leaks at all. The lid is made leak free by 3 layers of walls and then a rubber fitting, this might be the best insulated water bottle, or at least the most secure. The bottle is BPA-Free and eco friendly. The bottle comes with 2 lids, one sport lid and one normal lid. The bottle holds up to 600 ml and fits great in cup holders.

Exous Bodygear water bottle

A good bottle for the person that won’t make leaks at all. The two lids and nice size, is great for sports.

Hydro Flask

There lies a great importance in staying hydrated. If you do not stay hydrated, it can have big impacts on your life, if you do not drink water at all, then there is no way around it, you are going to die. There is actually a funny, but also breathtaking fact about water drinking. If you do not get air in 3 minutes, you will black out. If you do not get water in 3 days, you will die of thirst. Finally if you do not eat anything for 3 weeks, you will die. Water is one of the most important resources that we need, and thus you cannot live without it. By now you might be wondering, how much water you should drink. It can be hard to give an exact answer to that question, but we can give you an idea about it. First you will need the know the factors, which has an impact on your water needs. The first factor is the weather, the hotter it gets above normal temperatures, the more you have to drink. It is really important that you look out for the weather, because you lose a lot more of your body fluids, when it is hot outside. The second factor is your body, the meaning behind that is your weight, and body in general. If you are a big guy, you will need to drink more water, and it goes the other way, if you are a small person. If you think about it, kids need to drink less water than adults, but then kids needs a lot of water too become bigger. The third factor is your moving, i.e. how much activity you get. If you just sit around all day inside, you will need to drink less water, as you do not lose as much water. If you on the other hand is a really active guy, you will need to step up and empty that bottle. Now you have heard the water drinking factors, and you are ready to find a way to drink all of that water. A great way to step up regarding water, is to get a water bottle. We recommend the Hydro Flask, it is a great insulated water bottle, that will get your trough the day. You can use it for work or for free time.

a big grey water bottle

The Hydro Flask is insulted, and it has a great capacity of 40 OZ ( 1200 ml), so you will not run low on water during the day. The Hydro Flask is truly awesome. The bottle is easy to get a grip around, and you will not lose it. The bottle has a screw on and off lid, which can be opened in a breeze. The bottle is made of high quality 18/8 food graded steel, so you will not drink of a bad material. The bottle comes in a wide array of colors, and you have to pick the one which suites your needs.

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