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Ahh a boring old water bottle. Why not get a fancy intelligent water bottle? They can do so many things. There are many different kinds of intelligent water bottles, some will help you drink more water, other will remind you to drink. Some shows the temperature. Other will talk to you, or maybe that is a little over the limits. But it is close, we have made a list to help you find the best intelligent water bottle. They will help you stay on top of your game. It is really important to drink water everyday. Water is one of those things that we literally can not live without. The average daily recommended water intake for an adult is 64 OZ ( 1.900 ml) and it can be hard to get all that water down, so it is nice with a bottle, that will help you stay on track. There can be many health risk if you do not get enough to drink, your body will stop producing new cells, your energy level falls, and in the worst cases you can be serverly injured. Here we go, here is the best bottles.

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Sportline HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle

The Sportline HydraCoach sounds like something from a superhero movie, and it kind of is too. The bottle has a lot of cool features, other than just being an awesome water bottle. The bottle holds 22 OZ, which is fine, but really it does not matter how much the bottle holds, but how much you drink. The bottle is packed with features, the bottles primary function is to track how much water you drink, and if you are meeting your goals. When you get the bottle, the first thing you need to do is calculate your PHG, PHG stands for personal hydration goal, and it is based on your weight. When you have set your goal it is easy to keep on track. You just fill the bottle as you normally would, and then when you drink the bottle will automatically add the water you drink to the statistics, and you can see how well you are performing. The bottle will both show a percentage, and how many Ounces you have been drinking. The bottle is super smart, and it is really motivating to watch the counter go up while you drink. The bottle gives you a great insight in how much you drink and how much you should be drinking. The bottle also gives you a average consumption so you can see how much you are drinking per hour, to help you spread the water out throughout the day, and stay on top of your game. The bottle tracks you drinking using the super smart impeller made my HydraCoach themselves. The impeller is a small rotating propeller that sits inside of the straw that is stocked into the bottle. When the impeller spins, if generates electronic pulses which are captured by the tracking unit. The data is then analyzed and turned into statistic, so you can see how well you are performing. The impeller makes for super accurate tracking, so you will not miss even the last ounce. The lid of the bottle is a screw on and off lid which is used to fill the bottle. When the bottle is closed, there is a small valve, which can be flipped up and down for drinking. The valve is a bite and sip valve, it is made out of silicone, and it is super durable and nice to drink from. The valve connects to a straw in the bottle, and it is in the straw the impeller sits, and monetizes your drinking.

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The HydraCoach is a super smart intelligent water bottle, it has all of the basic features, without a price that breaks your wallet. The bottle will motivate you to drink more water, and it becomes a game of meeting the goals. The bottle can easily be programmed to contain the right settings with the controls on the bottle. Furthermore the bottle does a good job of still being comfortable with nice sides.

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The H2OPal water bottle is yet another great intelligent water bottle. The bottle will be your drinking pal, and it will ensure you get the right amount of water every day. The bottle can be connected to an IPhone. The bottle uses clever water sensor technology to measure how much water you consume. The bottle holds 18 OZ which is plenty for the bottle. The bottle has a great slim design which parts greatly with the silicone bands on the side of the bottle. The bottle pairs up with your IPhone or Apple Watch, so when you drink the bottle sends a message to the app, and it registers how much water you drunk, and at which time. The bottle then cruses the data to provide very valuable data so you can get a great overview of how much water you have taken in. The bottle will also send you notifications to remind you to drink water, so you do not forget it. The bottle will help you save calories, because at most times when you are hungry, you are really just thirsty, so instead of eating food, you should drink water, which contains zero calories. The app will show you how many calories you have saved and help you set water goals. The bottle only requires one coin sized battery every couple of month to function, so you do not have to worry about having to change out batteries every day.

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The H2Opal will be your true pal when it comes to drinking water, it will make all of your friends jealous, and that is only because it is an awesome water bottle. The bottle will help you save calories, and step up your water drinking game. The bottle is made out of Borosilicate, and it has a very ergonomic design that fits perfectly in your hand. H2Opal says that there is a app coming for Android soon, so all of you Android users can also get hyped up.

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Pyrus Portable Smart Cup

Can you remember the 9. Of June 2007, well, on the 9. Of June 2007 Apple released the first ever IPhone. The IPhone revolutionized the mobile phone industry, and that is probably what we are going to see soon, in the water bottle world. The Pyrus Smart water bottle, could very well be the bottle, that will revolutionize the water bottle industry. Having a smart water bottle will help you remember to drink water, which indeed can be a hard thing. The Pyrus water bottle is a very smart water bottle, that will remind you to drink water. But how much water should you drink? That might be the first question that you will ask. The question of how much water you should drink can be hard to answer, but we will try to give you an idea of that right here. The average human being needs to drink on average 64 OZ (1900 ml) of water every day, which can be a hard goal to meet. When we are talking about water drinking, it is important to remember, that there rarely is someone who is average, actually only 1 in 500.000 is estimated to be normal, so you have to remember that you will probably need to drink more or less than 64 OZ of water every day. There are a few factors, which will help you find out, how much water you should drink. The first factor is the climate of where you live, our bodies have developed a very smart cooling system, you might know it as sweat. Your body uses sweat to cool itself down, and that is actually very smart, because if we did not have it, we would end up dying, that is as simple as it gets. When we sweat we lose water, because of the release of body fluids. You need to drink plenty of water if you live in a hot area. It is very important that you remember that it does not go the other way, if you live in a very cold area, you should also drink water, and probably more than if you live in a ‘normal’ climate. Hot desert cities such as Las Vegas is one of those places where you need to drink plenty of water, other cities such as New York is better of, so to say, as the climate is more moderate, so you do not need to watch your water drink that closely. The next factor leans up close against the climate factor, it is the factor of your activity, in other terms how much you move. The moving part translates to the sweating thing, and as you have to do because of the climate, you too have to drink water when you sweat. There is a big difference between people when it comes to moving. Some people move around a lot, examples of body activity could be the gym, running, swimming, or something totally different, as long as you sweat you should drink water. You should never consider stopping being active, as it is just a good thing, and drinking more water is all but a bad thing. Let us be honest to ourselves, who does not like a cold sip of water after a heavy workout, for most people it is the best thing ever, which is just another motivator for moving more. The third factor is the body you have, it can be a hard thing to talk about, so let us make it short. The bigger you are the more you need to drink. If you want this specified, you can read a few sentenced more. Your body needs water to function, our bodies are actually made up of 60-70% water, and when you use that water, you need to replace it, so you can say that your water intake should correlate with your body weight. Basically: the bigger, the more water. The fourth factor might be a little wired, you should drink more water if you want to be healthier. Drinking water actually makes you much healthier, a quick Google search just shows what water can do to you. Drinking water can reduces headaches and it make you immune system better. That was four factor which can help you get a better idea of how much water you should drink. If you are totally lost, you can go by the rule of 8. The rule of 8 states that you need to drink 8 glasses of water every day, and the glasses need to hold 8 OZ. The smart people might have noticed that 8 times 8 is 64, which is also the number we mentioned earlier. The 8 by 8 rule is very smart, and it makes it easier to remember the water drinking. The Pyrus water bottle is a water bottle that will help you drink water. The bottle has a small led screen, the screen shows the time, and how many times the alarm has gone of. The alarm is the clever thing of the water bottle, the bottle will beep 8 times a day, if you can see the 8 by 8 rule here. The bottle will make a sound which will remember you to drink water. When you hear the sound, you know that you need to take a sip of water. The bottle is very smart, and if you just obey the beeps, you will be up to track in no time. The bottle holds 10.8 OZ (320 ml) which is a great amount, and it will get you through the day with not problems.

Pyrus water bottle

The Pyrus bottle is a bottle from the future, it is very easy to set up, and it only requires a couple of batteries to work. The bottle is white with a black lid. The lid can be screwed on and off as you like, and the bottle will remember you, to do so at least 8 times a day. The bottle is made out of Eco Tritan, which is a great material.

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Homecube Intelligent induction water bottle

There a couple important things to notice when you are buying an intelligent water bottle, the first thing is the price, you should not pay too much for your intelligent water bottle, you should get the bottle that will fit your needs, but also your budget. The second thing is the functions of the bottle, you need to discus with yourself what you want of your intelligent water bottle, and buy after those needs. The third thing is the ease of use, if your bottle is too hard to set up or maintain, you will end up not using it at all, which is a shame, because you can really get a lot of good things out of an intelligent water bottle. But when you got that insanely good water bottle, how much water should you drink? That might be the first question that will get to your mind, when you get the bottle. The question is not that easy to answer, but we here at best water bottles, know a couple of things, that will make it easier for you to figure out, how much water you should drink. The first factor, which can indicate how much water you should drink, is the body of ours. If you are a smaller person, or you are buying a water bottle for your kid, you should drink less water. On the other hand, if you are a bigger person, you will need to drink more water. The general rule is, the bigger the more water. If you know how much you weight, you can quickly estimate how much water you should drink. The find the amount of water, that is recommended for you to drink, you take your weight in pounds, and divide that number by two, and you will get a rough estimate of how much water you should drink. It is important to notice, that even though you get to that number, nobody is the same and your total water needs, depends on other factors too. The second factor is the weather, if you live in a mild climate, you will not need to drink as much, as someone living in a hot area like Los Angels. The third and final major factor is your activity. If you do not get much physical activity during the day, you will not sweat as much, and thus not need to drink as much water, as a gym rat. The principle in the climate factor is the same as the one in the activity factor, sweat means more water.


The Homecube is a really intelligent water bottle, it will remind you to drink the all so important water. When you click the button on the bottle it will try to remind you in two hours, so you will remember to drink. The bottle is insulating too, which is a really nice thing. The bottle holds 13. 5 OZ (about 400 ml). You can get the bottle in a couple of different cool colors. The nicest thing about the bottle might be the cool design, that you really have to check out yourself.

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