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How do you get kids to drink more water? Give them a water bottle, when a child gets their own special thing, it does not make wther it is a pair of shoes or a water bottle, they will take care of it, if it is their own. It can be tough to get you kids to drink water, but it they get to carry around their bottle, it might be much easier for them to remember to drink. And when water is close by, it also makes it easier to get a sip, instead of having to go all the way to the kitchen. That is why we have made a top list, to help you find the best kids water bottle.

Insulated:Partly with sleeveNoNo
BPA free:YesYesYes
brand:Infusion ProContigoCamelBak
Recommended Age:8 and up3-93-8

Infusion pro Premium

The infusion Pro water bottle is the best of the best in the infusion space. Having an infusing water bottle can really kick up your water drinking habits. An infusing water bottle is great for kids, as well as adults. You can buy a pack of two infusion pro Premium water bottles, so you have a couple in the family. The bottle holds 24 OZ (700 ml) which is plenty for a long day at school or in the kindergarten. The bottle can be used by smaller kids too, it is easy to infuser the water yourself, everybody can do it, and with a helping hand, even the small ones are good to go. If you are having trouble getting your kids to drink water, then an infuser bottle is the answer to your problems. Drinking infused waters are just as healthy as normal water, if not better. Putting fruits and berries in your water, will make it much more exciting to drink. Infused waters opens up a whole other world, if you give your kids permission to mix a fruity drink together, they will be much more likely to drink it, then if another person made the drink. You should probably help you kids chop up the thing that they want in their drink, especially if they are kindergarten age, but as they get the hang of it, they can do it themselves. Before you know it you might have a motivated helper in the kitchen, infuser water will get your kids excited about cooking and food in general. The bottle is made out of BPA free Eastman tritan plastic, which is one of the best materials to create water bottles out of. The bottle has a greatly designed lid, the lid can be used by big ones as well as the little ones. The lid is a screw on lid. When you want to refill the bottle, you take it fully apart. Then you get a chamber, where the thing you want to infuser with go. You also get a filter, which goes on top of the chamber to keep the fruits and vegetables from coming out. When you want to put the bottle back together, you first drop down the chamber, then the filter on top of that, and at last you screw on the lid. The lid has a spout, which is used to drink from, on top of the spout there, is a protective cap, the cap can be flipped up and down, to make the bottle leak proof. The spout is so easy to use, that even a kindergartener can use it.

a girl with a water bottle

The Infusion Pro Premium is a fantastic water bottle, it is great for any child. It is easy to use and operate, and it is a great way to get your child or children excited about cooking and foods. The bottle comes in three different colors, a white version, a black version and a green version, all looks good. The bottle also comes with a sleeve, the sleeve adds extra protection to the bottle, and it also helps insulate the bottle. The sleeve is great and it makes it easy for kids to handle the bottle.

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Contigo Auto Spout

Contigo is back at it again with a great water bottle for kids. The bottle is perfect for the smaller kids, especially those that need their first water bottle. The bottle holds 14 OZ (400 ml) the 14 OZ capacity is great for kids ages 3 and up. It is about finding the perfect balance between not having to much capacity and not having to little. It can quickly get tiring for smaller kids, if they have to carry around a bottle that weights too much, that is why the 14 OZ capacity is great. Not to much, nor to little. The bottle also has a great diameter, it is the perfect size for small hands, and almost anybody can hold the bottle with one hand. The bottle is made out of plastic which is BPA free, and it is also approved by the FDA, so you do not have to worry about your child getting poisoned, which can be a big concern to new parents. The bottle is designed with kids in mind, the bottle widens slightly to the bottom, and that way, you child can find the perfect position for his or her hand, and use the bottle in many years following. The lid of the bottle is the real deal, the lid is designed to anybody can use it, probably even toddlers, if you show them how. The lid can be screwed on and off to refill and drop in ice cubes, but your child does not need to do that, because the bottle can be drunken from by using the spout. The spout sits on top of the bottle, and it gets opened by pressing a button. When the button is pressed the spout pops right up, and it is as easy as 1,2,3 to drink from. The spout is made out of silicone, and it is a little rubbery like, to prevent spills. When your child is done drinking from the bottle, the spout can be pressed down, to lock the bottle is place. The bottle is automatically ready for drinking again, when the spout has been locked down. The easy opening with the button, means that the bottle can be operated with only one hand. Because no lids need to be screwed of to drink, there is no way that your child can drop or loose the lid, very smart.

The Contigo water bottle in blue.

If you are in search of the best kids water bottle, for your child, and your child is under 9 years old, then this is the best water bottle. The bottle is easy to use, and it is hard to spill with, and easy to drink from. You can get the bottle in 3 different colors, all of which looks great. The bottle also comes in a two pack version, where you can save a bit of money.

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The CamelBak Eddy Series


CamelBak has been featured on the site many times, and that is for a reason; they make awesome bottles. And the Eddy series is no exeption, it is the perfect bottle for children. The bottle uses a 1 piece bite valve for easy drinking. The bite valve minimizes spills and leaks. You can just bite it and sip, and when you are done you can fold it back down. The bite valve is way easier to use for most kids, instead of a screw lid. The lid can be screwed off, to refill the bottle, and the wide mouth, makes it ideal to drop in ice cubes or fruit slices to make  the water more ecxitng. The Eddy bottle holds 13.5 OZ (400 ml), and if you show you child how to refill it, you are good to go.

The CamelBak with robotic prinkt

Furtermore then just being an awesome bottle, the Eddy bottle comes in a wide array of designs. The prints on the bottle ranging from Atomic Robots, Dino Party, Ladybugs, T-Rex to Dolls theme just to name a few, so there is one for every child out there.  The Eddy bottle is without a doubt the best kids water bottle, in the ages 3-9.

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Swig Savvy

The Swig Savvy is for the kids, that have grown from robots, unicorns and princesses. The bottle has a very natural and also convenient sleeve around it, which makes for better grip. The Swig bottle holds 25 OZ (733 ml) which is a bit more than the Eddy bottle, which makes sense to, because older and bigger kids need more water. The bottle comes with two lids, one of which is a normal flat type with a small handle, the other is a bite valve lid. This is really convienent, at school the flat lid might be cooler, but when doing sports the bite lid might be smarter. The bottle is made of high quality glass, that won’t splinter, crack or anything else. Glass is actually a better material then plastic, it contains no toxics, and it last longer. The

The Swigg water bottles with two lids.

The Swig Savvy water bottle is the perfect teenage water bottle, it is not too childish nor to boring. And the big capacity is great, because that means fever refills. The Swig Savvy is the best kids water bottle, or should we say best teen bottle.

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Go Bottle Insulated

Is my child drinking enough water? That is a question that every parent will eventually ask themselves. It can truly be hard to get an idea, of how much a child should drink. Your might have heard of the 8 * 8 rule of drinking, if you have not, here is an explanation. The average amount of water an adult should drinking every day is 64 OZ. It can be hard to know when you hit 64, so instead of literally measuring, you can find a glass that holds 8 ounces. When you have found a glass, you can use that to get your water, by drinking the glass all the way up eight times a day. The 8 * 8 rule is really handy for adults, but does it work for kids too? It can be hard to answer that question, so lets examine the facts. There are a couple of things that have an impact on how much a human being should drink, let us look at them. The biggest factor for finding out how much your child, or you for the matter should drink is. The biggest factor is how much you weight, or said with other words, how much you fill. The weight factor is especially important to take into account when talking about kids, because of the big difference in weight. The greater the weight of the child, the more water is needed. Another big factor that is up there batting with the weight, is how much the child, who is the key figure in this talk, moves. If you are like a lot of people, you get up in the morning, take the car to work, and then sit at a desk most of the day. Children on the other hand, moves way more, if you child is at kindergarten, she or him might is probably running around all day, and as we know for a matter of fact, moving around means a lot of sweating, and the loss of body fluids. The big factor is this equation is the moving factor, which you do not always account for, and therefore underestimate the importance of drinking. The third and important factor, is the climate, yes, that is right, the climate can have a big impact of the drinking game of your child. Your child is probably outside most of the day, and thus in the sun, or at least outside. If the sun is out, there is no reasons for your child not to lose a lot of important body fluids. The climate factor of course depends on the climate, but just as much on the weather, if it is sunny outside, more water is needed to the drunken, and if it is cloudy outside, less water is needed. It really depends on the age of the child in the matter, to make a precise calculation on how much the child is the talking needs to drink, but a good guess is around  50-60 OZ. There are a lot of ways to make your child drink more water, a great way is to talk with your child about the importance of drinking plenty of water. When you are young, you might not understand the importance of drinking water, and when the brain is not fully developed, it is also harder for the children to recognize that they are thirsty. Another thing, which is probably the bets thing you can do, is to give a water bottle to your child, it has two important factors. First of when your child gets its own water bottle it is something special, and a thing which has to be taken great care of, which will make the child more prone to be using the bottle, which is a great thing. The other reason is just that it makes it easier to drink, and thus the child in the matter of talking, will have a lot higher chance of drinking water. There are a lot of great water bottles on the market, but one that we like particularly for kids, is the Go Bottle Insulated. The most important thing about the bottle, is that it is insulated, which makes the water much more attractive to drink. Having an insulated water bottle, instead of a boring and dull normal water bottle is much better. You can even show your child how the bottle will keep things colder for a longer time, by making an experiment. You can put a normal bottle on the kitchen table, and put the insulated water bottle next to it, then fill both of the bottles with ice and water. After an hour or two, the ice in the normal bottle will probably be melted, and you can show that the insulted bottle has kept it duties. The experiment is a great way to learn your kid about science and show them the pros of an insulated water bottle. The Go Bottle will keep water cold for a whopping 20 hours, and in the right conditions even upwards of 30 hours. The bottle will also keep hot beverages hot for a long time, it will keep coffee or tea hot, if mom or dad wanted to burry the bottle, for a good 12 hours. The long cooling and heating times comes from the insulation technique where vacuum and double wall technology is put to great use.

The go active bottle in a blue version

The Bottle is great for any kid, in any age group. The bottle will keep water cold while your child is in the kindergarten or at school for that matter. The bottle uses a flip up lid which is supper easy to drink from. the bottle comes with a lid, which can be screwed on or off. The bottle comes in a couple of different colors. There are four good looking colors to pick from, your child should maybe decide themselves. The colors look very great, and there are both ones for princess and knights, and some of them are natural too.

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