Best Large Water Bottle

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Best Large Water Bottle

Go big or go home, that is your mindset if you want a big water bottle. Water Bottles comes in many different shaped and sizes, and some people just want a big one. Having a large water bottle can be a great thing, when you are going somewhere away from home, and you do not have the possibility of refilling, it is great to have a bottle. Most bottles range in the volume from 17-20 OZ, which is not that much. If you want a water bottle for work, just to give an example, you want it to be bigger than just a normal bottle. Not having to refill your bottle that often, will boost you productivity, and lead to a better work day. Often times when your water bottle is empty, you will not get up ‘just’ to refill your bottle, and that results in you drinking less. On the other hand, when you have a large water bottle, you can enjoy not having to refill too often. We have made this list to help you find the best large water bottle. We have included a couple of different types of water bottles on the list, to give you some to choose from.

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Miracol Water Bottle

The Miracol water bottle is something that almost everyone will be able to see themselves using every day. The bottle is meant for lighter work, like in an office or for people going to school. The bottle holds 32 OZ (950 ml), which is plenty for most people. The bottle is made out of Tritan Polyester plastic, which is very safe, and it is free from BPA, so you do not have to worry about that. The bottle is also non toxic, and it is eco friendly, as it is made with care for the environment in mind. The bottle looks pretty good, so you will not go to shame while you are caring it around. The bottle is made with a slightly toned look, which makes it look pretty good. The bottle will go well in a work a study minded environment. The first question one might ask when you get your water bottle is probably, how much water should I drink? That is not an easy question to answer, but we will still try to do so. There are a couple of factors, which we help you find out how much water you should drink. The first factor is the weather, as strange as it sounds, the weather is actually a big factor when it comes to water. When it is hot outside, you will need to drink more, as you will need to cool down. The hotter it is, the more you have to drink, there is not really a general rule about how much you should drink that correlates with temperature. The reason behind that is that not everybody is outside at the same amount of time, and thus does not need to drink the same amount of water. The second factor is the factor of your weight, the more you weight the more you will have to drink. This is pretty logical when you think about it, as you will need more water to ‘maintain’ your system. You can use your weight to calculate how much water you should drink. If you take your weight in pounds, and divide that by 2, and then you get your needed water in terms of weight in Ounces. The third factor when it comes to water drinking is you activity level. What is activity level you might wonder, well it is how much you move, the more you move the more you need to drink, simple as that. The amount of activity you get can be hard to calculate, but often times, you will fell the thirst when you move. We all know that feeling of getting something nice and cold to drink after working out, it fells amazing. Now you know what to look for, to find out how much water you should drink. The lid of the Miracol bottle is the real deal, it is easy to open with a click. When you click the button on the side of the lid, the protective cap shoots up, and you can easily drink. When the cap is off, you get access to a small hole, where you can drink from.

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The smart feature of the lid, is that you can lock the cap in place, so you do not need to worry about it coming lose. The lid also has a ring of rubber, which makes it harder to lose grip of. The bottle also has a strap, so you can take it around your wrist, and that is a very easy way to carry it around. The Miracol is our pick for the best large water bottle.

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The Nalgene water bottle is another great water bottle, is holds 48 OZ (1420 ml) which is plenty and even more for most people. The bottle is rather see through, and it has lines on the side, where you can see how much water there is left in the bottle, which is nice for when you are trying to count the amount of water you drink, which some people has. The lid of the Nalgene bottle is a screw on and screw off, original lid, which is what most people prefer. The lid is blue, and it looks pretty good, and you can use it both if you are a man and a woman.

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The bottle is made out of tritan plastic, which is free from BPA, the bottle is also safe for the dishwasher, which is a real convenience when you have a busy day. The bottle is great because of the capacity, which is ¾ of what you should drink every day. The recommended daily water intake, and this is not with the factors of water drinking taken into account, it is 64 OZ (1900 ml). It is great because you can drink almost all of you water from only one fill of the bottle.

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