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the best water bottle on a line all of them containing fruits

One part of being productive, at the office is being comfortable . Our body needs water to function correctly, and studies show that being hydrated makes it easier to concentrate. When you drink water, some of it goes to the brain, and when your brain is “hydrated” it is ended easier to think. If you are having problems with headaches, at work it could very well, be because of dehydration. To help you stay focused, we have made a top three list, so you can get the very best office water bottle.

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Brand:Skye BottleEmbravaSwig Savvy

Skye water bottle

If you are working at an office, and you want to keep a good style, you have to have a stylish water bottle. The Skye water bottle is a super cool water bottle. It is made with style and simplicity in mind. It is important to stay hydrated all throughout the day, and when you are at the office, it is not always as easy to drink water, and sometimes having a water bottle on you is not that cool. If you only drink water when you are home, because of the lack of a water bottle at work, you could risk drastically reducing your mood. The Skye bottle is a line of water bottles that aims to provide hydration, while still having a cool style. The bottle is one of the only water bottles that does not look clumpy and disappointing. The Skye bottle is designed a little like a soda bottle. The bottle is made out of glass, which feels very nice to hold on, if you are looking for glass bottles specifically, then you should check out our article on those here: best glass water bottle. The bottle holds 18 OZ (530 ml) which is a perfect amount for the office. When you are bringing a bottle to the office, you want it to not be to bulky, because honestly you do not want it, to look like you are going to run a marathon or something crazy like that. The 18 OZ size is just perfect, and it is great for usability, and it makes the bottle look super cute. We have been writing a bunch about how you should get a cool bottle, but it really depends on your image at work, and what your work environment is like. And you should remember that, you need to be yourself, and do what you love and like to do, not what others tell you to do, or what you think, that they think about you. The lid of the Skye bottle is also themed like a soda bottle, it is a cap made out of stainless steel. The cap fits perfectly on the bottle, and it can be screwed right off. The cap has a wrist strap attached to it, for easy carrying, and the cap has small spikes around the edges.

The Skye bottles is very colorful

The Skye bottle is a super cool water bottle, that will get you some cool attention at the office, and it is a great way to strike up a small talk. The bottle is super useful while still having style. The nice steel cap and the premium bottle, makes it 100% BPA free. The bottle comes in a couple of different variations, you can get it in a frosted version, with not see through glass, or you can get the bottle with clear glass. Either way they look super cool, you can also get the bottle in a 4 pack version, for the whole family. The Skye bottle is the cool way to go for you.

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Embrava Water Wottle

The Embrava water bottle is a cool water bottle perfect for the office. The bottle holds 18 Oz (530 ml) which is a great amount for most people, but you can get the bottle in a 32 OZ (950 ml)  version if you want to have a bigger bottle. The smaller version of the bottle will be fine for most people, when you are at the office you can easily refill your bottle, but it might be a good idea to get the bigger one, if you plan on using the bottle for other thing than work. The water bottle has a ram printed on its side, the print is cool, while still being casual enough for the office, and the print is actually quite nice to look at. The bottle comes in a nice gift box, so if you are looking for a gift for a coworker, this will be the gift for that person. The bottle is made out of BPA free plastic, so you do not have to worry about toxics and your safety. The lid of the lid is rally clever, and it looks good. The lid of the bottle has a protective cap on top of it, when you lift the protective cap of the bottle, you will have access to water. The protective lid, which is see through plastic, closes the bottle while it is down. You drink from a spout, the spout provides fast water flow, and if you have ice cubes in the bottle, they will not come out when you drink. The cap snaps in place when closed, and you can open the bottle quite easily, just by pressing a button, placed on the side of the lid. But if you want to take the bottle with you, and the bottle is of risk to be turned upside down, you can use the “lock”. The protective cap can be locked in place, so it will not open, before it is opened up again. The lock feature is really smart when you are taking the bottle with you, fx. when you are going to the office. The bottle is a little durable, so it can resist drops better, and it is almost impossible to break or shatter the bottle. The bottle has one more hiding feature, which is still new in the water bottle world, and it will blow your mind how useful it is, when you get to try it out yourself. The smart feature is the small hole in the lid, yes that is right, a small hole in the lid. The hole is the reason the water flow from the bottle is so fantastic. The hole ensures that air can get into the bottle, when water comes out, so there will not be any vacuum inside of the bottle. When the lid is down, a small silicone covered tap will press down on the small hole, so water cannot get out.

the bottle with the caseing

The Embrava water bottle is without a doubt the best water bottle for work. It is ultra portable, with the smart closing feature, and very convenient for the office with the casual look. The bottle is also good for sports, is has a smart writs strap, that you can use to run with the bottle. The bottle also comes with a 10 pages long E-Book, the book is called hydration for athletes, it will help you get more informed about hydration, and it is great if you are into any kind of sports. All in all this is a great water bottle for both the office, at home and for sports.

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Swig Savvy’s Water Bottle

Featured here before Swig Savvy is here with their fantastic water bottle. The bottle is insulated and it is great for long shifts. The bottle will keep your water cold for a whopping 24 hours, put it in the fridge the evening before, and you will have yourself a nice water bottle filled with cold water. The bottle will also keep your beverage hot for up to 8 hours. The insulation is great for taking cold water to the office, or for bringing some coffee, the coffee part is also a great way to save money, instead of buying expensive to-go coffee, you can bring your own from home, that will also stay warmer for longer. The bottle is insulated using double wall vacuum insulation, the vacuum insulation work by using air, or the lack of air, to keep the temperature of your beverages just right. The vacuum insulation is much more lightweight than the normal foam insulation. The insulation also makes sure that the bottle does not sweat and get all slippery. The bottle holds 25 OZ (750 ml) which is plenty for a days of work, and when you are at the office you can easily refill it, if you need to. The bottle is made out of ultra lightweight stainless steel, the steel is 18/8 food graded, and it does not contain any chemicals or toxics, and the bottle is also BPA free. The lid of the bottle is a combined water and coffee lid, it work by you flipping up a spout. The spout is really nice to drink from, whether you are drinking coffee, water or something else. When you are done drinking you can just flip the spout back down again, and it will lock the bottle, and no water will be able to come out.

The black water bottle the best water bottle for gym

If you are looking for an insulated water bottle for the office, then the Swig Savvy is the way to go. The bottle will get you through the work day, and it is a great way to save money, by bringing you own water and coffee. You can get the Swig Savvy in six different colors, including a plain stainless steel version. The bottle comes with a nice carrying sleeve, the sleeve is great if the only thing you want to bring to work is your bottle. The sleeve has a shoulder rim for easy carrying, the bottle comes with a carabiner as well.

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Boroux Original


The stylish original Boroux water bottle is perfect for the office, the design is only one good thing about this bottle. The bottle is made of glass, and it is a great alternative to plastic bottles. The bottle holds 16.9 OZ (500 ml) plenty for a day at the office, and if you refill one time, and drink a couple of glasses of water  you are good to go. The Boroux bottle has a great design, it has a wide mouth opening, so it is a breeze to clean, and it can go in the dishwasher. Furthermore the lid can be screwed on very tight to make it fully leak prof, but no worries because the lid can be screwed off easily too.

glass water bottle laying down

The Boroux water bottle is absolutely, our pick for the best office water bottle award. It has a great and functional design, and it a good alternative to toxic BPA water bottles. The bottles leak proof ability is great, all it takes is  ¾ of a turn, and the bottle is secure.

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Urbane O2


The urbane O2 looks like something from an alien planet. The futuristic design will certainly strike up some interesting conversation at work, and then it does not hurt, that it is a great bottle too. The Urbane O2 is an insulated water bottle, the bottle is made of quality 18/8 food grade stainless steel. The bottle holds 17 OZ (about 500 ml) and it is great for bringing coffee to work. The bottle will keep beverages cold or hot for hours, perfect for bringing ice cold water to work.

bottle standing up

The urbane O2 is the best office water bottle, in terms of insulated bottles. It will keep your beverage the right temperature for hours, thanks to the vacuum insulated technology.

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Bevgo Fruit Infuser


Fruit infusing water bottles is the new thing, it is a perfect way to save money and drink healthier. Bevgo was the first fruit infuser water bottle in the USA, and you can certainly see that on their bottle, it is very good. The bottle has a basket inside, so you can drop fruits or berries down. There are tons of recipes for fruity water out there, and drinking infused water is a great alternative to soda. The bottle holds a whopping 32 OZ ( about 950 ml) so two bottles a day is enough to cover you water needs.

strawberries falling down

Drinking Fruit water is a great way to quit soda, and Bevgo can really help you with that. The smart infuser tech is great. The bottle is also leak free with a double protective lid. This bottle gets a good third place in our best water bottle for the office award.

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Hydro Flask Water Bottle

The Hydro Flask is a super crispy water bottle for the office, the bottle looks super relaxed, and it is great for the office environment. The bottle is one of the best looking water bottles on the market, if not the best looking one. It is really important to drink plenty of water, and Hydro Flask has truly taken that statement to heart, they are trying, and succeeding in making water bottles that makes it both fun and easy to drink water. Well, now that we have had this talk about drinking water, you might be wondering how much water you should drink. Well that can be a hard question to answer, but we can try to give you an idea of it. There are a couple of factors which is the ruling factors in your water drinking. The first factor, that can have a big impact on you, if you work at an office, is the activity factor, the activity factor is about how much you move, if you sit at the office all day, you probably do not move that much. On the other hand, a person that sits at a desk at day, can be just as active as anybody else after work. The moving factor as you could call it to, is really important to think about. When you move, and thus sweat, you will lose a lot of body fluids, which you need to get replaced, so you will need to drink water. The next factor is the climate factor, which can be a big thing if you work in an office. When you are at the office, you might sweat a lot too, just as with the moving factor. If the AC is off, you might be heating up from inside, and thus it is important to stay hydrated. The third and final big factor is the body of yours, if you are a big person, you will have move water in your system, and you thus need to drink more water. The smaller you are the less water you have to drink. When talking about these factors, it is important to remember that they all connect, but they can each have a big impact, if you for example are a smaller woman but you live in Las Vegas and you run and go to the gym after work, you will need to drink more water than other women. It can be hard to figure out the water drinking game, but it is important to remember that, you should always drink when you feel thirsty, which means it is important to have a bottle on hand when you feel thirsty.

The hydro flask in the best metal water bottle this one is in blue.

The Hydro Flask comes in a couple of different sizes. The smaller one is 12 OZ (350 ml) That version looks really cute, but the size might not be that handy. The bigger versions is the 18 OZ (530 ml) and 24 OZ (710 ml) ones. The bigger ones might suit you better for the office. The Hydro Flask comes in loads of different colors, and you might have to check them all out, to find the one that you like the most.

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