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Drinking from reusable water bottles instead of one use plastic bottle, spares the planet, and help the nature. A reusable water bottle has to be strong, durable, lightweight, look nice and be able to hold a good amount of water. We have made a list of the top three best reusable water bottles, to guide you through the jungle of water bottles, and find the gems. Drinking water from a reusable water bottle, instead of wasting tons of money on bottled water, will earn you the money back in the long run.

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Oz:20-25 3232
BPA free:YesYesYes
brand:Swig Savvy QueterEQBevgo

Swig Savvy Insulated Water Bottle

Swig Savvy is backed by the success of 22 different bottles, yes that is right, Swig Savvy has made countless of great water bottles. The Insulated water bottle is no different from the other bottles Swig Savvy has made, they are totally awesome too. It is a great thing to have a water bottle, it is both a good way to save money and save the environment. Imagine that you spend 1 $ every day to buy bottled water, if you do so the return on investment will be really high if you buy a water bottle. When you are out looking for a water bottle, you might as well buy a good one, after all you are going to be carrying it around with you. The Swig Savvy is a water bottle for everybody, it can be used for work, school, trips, sports or around house activities. It is great to have a water bottle with you, and as it is really important to stay hydrated, a water bottle is a good way to stay true to that. The bottle is insulated, which is a very big plus. It is great to have cold water on hand when you need it or have a sip of hot coffee ready. The bottle is really great at insulating. The bottle will keep water cold for a significant 24 hours, yeah 24 hours. It might seem like a crazy amount of time, and it really is a big amount. The bottle is also perfect for keeping hot beverages hot until you are done drinking them. The bottle will keep beverages hot for a cool 12 hours. That is more than an entire work day, which makes the bottle perfect for the office. You can fill the bottle with coffee in the morning, and you will have hot coffee for the entire day. There are many options for using the bottle. You can e.g. use it for the beach, fill it with cold water before you go, and maybe add a bit of juice or some lemon slices, and you are good to go. You can also surprise the family or some friends, by bringing them on a winter trip, and fill your bottle with hot chocolate before you go. The possibilities are endless.

Swig Savvy blue bottle

The Swig Savvy bottle is perfect for almost anything, you might want to throw at it. The bottle has a couple of possibilities for customizing it too. You can get the bottle is two different sizes, a 20 OZ (600 ml) version or a 25 OZ (750 ml) version, depending on what you will be using the bottle for. The bottle can also be specified even more by getting the different color options. You can get the bottle in a red or a blue version, or if you want to go all natural, you can get the stainless steel polished version. The bottle comes with three different lids, so you can customize the bottle even further.

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QuterEQ Insulated

The QuterEQ is a very good bottle, it will be the man in almost any situation. The bottle is insulated, which is a very nice feature. The bottle is great for work, sports, school, trips and everything else. Having an insulated water bottle is something that you have to fell, before you can appreciate the temperature keeping fully. The bottle holds 32 OZ (950 ml) which is quite a big amount, but there is nothing wrong with that, having a big bottle, can be a big advantage, whether you are at work, on a trip or at the beach a big bottle can not do any harm. If you are a family or a couple of people, then a big bottle can also be the superior bottle, instead of having to carry around multiple bottles, you can just carry one big one. The QuterEQ is insulated via vacuum insulation, at first vacuum insulation might sound wired. Vacuum insulation is quite a new thing in the water bottle world, traditionally bottles were insulated with foam, foam is also a good material, but the truth is that you get better results with vacuum. Vacuum does not add any weight to the bottle, and it is just better. Thanks to the vacuum insulation, the bottle will keep your water cold for up to 24 hours. 24 hours is a really long time imagine that you could fill a bottle with cold water right now, and at the same time tomorrow you could still enjoy cold water. The bottle can also keep your beverages hot for 6 hours, that is also an enormous amount of time. It does not require as much energy to keep beverages cold, as it does to keep beverages hot, and that is why the bottle keeps water cold for longer than hot. It is awesome to have an insulated bottle, you can fill the bottle with water in the evening, put it in the fridge, and the next day, you can enjoy cold water. If you are looking to save a couple of bucks, the bottle can help you too. Instead of buying expensive coffee from Starbucks in the morning, you can instead make the coffee at home, and take it with you. The coffee tip is a great way to save money, and when you make the coffee yourself, you can also have more coffee in the bottle, and you can make it last longer with the insulation.

the quterEq is a great water bottle

The QuterEQ is a fantastic water bottle, which will almost certainly fit your needs. You can get the bottle in two different colors, a red version and a black version. Both the black and the red version are coated with powder coating, the powder coating means that you will have a much easier time holding the bottle in your hand. The bottle is made out of 18/8 food grade stainless steel, if you like stainless steel water bottles, you should check out our article: Best stainless steel water bottle. The bottle is also 100 % BPA free so you do not need to worry about that. The lid of the bottle is a normal screw on lid, with a carrying loop for easy carrying. The lid has rubber on its sides, and it makes the bottle completely leak proof when screwed on.

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Bevgo Infuser Water Bottle

You can not have a list of water bottles without having a fruit infuser bottle on it. Fruit infusing water bottles are a new thing, infusing means that you drop in berries, vegetables or fruits in your bottle, and let the juice flow out into the water. Fruit infused water is a great alternative to juice and soda, instead of drinking soda everyday, you can drink a healthy fruit drink. Fruit contains a lot of nutrients that your body needs, and by drinking yourself healthy, you will be good to go. The Bevgo water bottle holds 32 OZ (950 ml) which is the perfect amount. You body needs to drink about 64 OZ ( 1900 ml) of water every day, depending on your activity level and weight. Instead of having to count the water you drink, you can just fill the bottle two times, and empty it, and then you have got your water needs covered. The bottle evens has small marks of time on its side, which is very convenient and it will help you stay on track with your drinking. To fill the bottle, you must first screw off the lid, when the lid is off, you get access to the chamber where the fruits get infused. You can them chop up the things you want in your drink, and put it in your bottle. Then it is just a matter of filling the bottle with water, and screwing on the lid, and you are ready to get hydrated. If you fill the bottle with fruits and berries in the morning, and empty the bottle throughout the day, you can just fill it with water again, without having to change the fruits, but we do not recommend to infuse the same fruits and berries two days in a row. The lid of the bottle is made for easy drinking. The lid can be flipped right up, and then you can easily drink. When you are done drinking, you can just flip down the lid again, and it locks in place. When you are transporting the bottle, you can flip up a small lock, so the lid cannot be opened. The lock is smart for carrying the bottle, and it makes it leak proof. There is a silicone pad on the protective cap, the pad pushed down on spout you drink from, to ensure that it does not leak when closed.

strawberries falling down

The Bevgo water bottle is a great way to quit drinking coffee or soda. When you first get going with the creative process of making drinks, it actually becomes quite fun, and it can be a family activity in itself. If you have kids, they will probably enjoy it too. The bottle comes in four different colors, and the bottle even comes with an eBook with recipes to get you started.

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Travel Tap bottle

The Travel Tap bottle, is perfect for those living in an area with tap water that is not safe to drink, or for the ones that loves traveling. The bottle uses a smart filter, to remove bacteria, incl. pathogen, viruses, Antrax, E-Coli, Cryptosporidium. The filter reduces chemicals and compounds from the water, making even normal water taste much better. The bottle hold 800 ml and can filter up to 1600 liters, making the bottle able to filter 2000 refills. The bottle arrives in a super nice insulated carrier, that surrounds the bottle and helps cool it. The bottle has a convenient ‘bite and sip’ lid, that makes it a breeze to drink.

Travel Tap Bottle laying on the ground, the travel tap bottle, is both a filtered bottle, and a reusable bottle, one of the best reusable water bottles is fact.

The Travel Tap bottle is one of the best reusable water bottles out there, for those in search of a bottle, that is great for everyday carrying, and filtering dirty water.



The Acquablend is an easy to use, fruit infuser water bottle. Just fill your bottle with water, and drop in some fruits. Acquablend is great for those wanting to drink more water, the fruity taste makes it much more exciting. You can literally put anything in, Strawberries, raspberries, cucumbers, oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit, rosemary and much more. The bottle holds 600 ml, plenty for both water, and delicious fruits. The bottle is easy to clean, and dissemble, and the bottle includes a downloadable recipe guide. Drinking fruity water, reduces your hunger and graving for sugar, and helps your lose weight and stay healthy.

Acquablend Premium with fruits at the base, this bottle, that is the best reusable bottle, and it looks very refreshing

Acqualblend is one of the best reusable water bottles, just fill it up with water and drop in your favorite kind of fruit and enjoy a delicious drink. The bottle is environmentally friendly, easy to clean, and leak free. The bottle comes in 8 different color, so there is one for everybody.

CamelBak Chute

CamelBak is a high quality brand, and their Chute bottle is a hit. The bottle might seem like a normal bottle but the smart lid gives it away. The smart lid pops right of and can be secured in place in the finger hole. The bottle holds a whopping 1 Liter, great for hiking, sports or for work. The bottle is made of very strong BPA-Free plastic, and the big lid is easy to fill up. The pleasant handle makes it easy to carry the bottle, even when it is full.

CamelBak Chute with white background

The CamelBak Chute is a great bottle, that can be used for everything. The smart Spout cap is very handy. The CamelBak Chute is the best reusable water bottle, the bottle is leak free, and the 1 liter capacity is a big advantage.

Hydro Flask Insulated Water Bottle

Hydro Flask is the company behind countless of successful water bottles, and they have all the rights to their success. The company continuous the create high quality water bottles. There are many great reasons for getting a water bottle, but before you figure all of that out, how much water should you drink? Well that question is hard to answer, but we can try to help you. The average human being needs to drink 8 glasses of water a day, each glass should hold 8 ounces, for a total of 64 OZ a day. The rule with the glasses, makes it really easy to remember how much water you should drink, because of the 8 8 OZ glasses, the rule goes by the name of 8*8. But as you probably know, everybody is an unique snowflake, and thus nobody will need to drink the same amount of water. There a couple of factors which can help you find you how much water you should drink, and we have listed them right here. The first factor that can have an impact on your water drinking, is the climate factor. If you are familiar with the factor, you might also know it as the whether factor. You see, the weather actually has a pretty big impact on your water drinking habits. If you live in a hot climate, you will need to drink more water, as your body will need to cool down a lot more. You have to remember that the opposite is not always true, e.g. if you live in a cold climate, you will need to drink water too, and probably more than if you were to live in a mild climate. The second factor is the body of yours. If you are a smaller 100 pound person, you will not need to drink as much, as a 6.5 feet tall man. The body weight factor can be the biggest one, and you have to watch out for it. The third and final factor, of at least the final big factor, is your activity level. If you move around a lot, you will need to drink more water, as you will sweat more. You have to take in to account, if you go to the gym often. If you combine all of these factors, you will hopefully get a better picture of, how much you will need to drink.

The hydro flask in the best metal water bottle this one is in blue.

The Hydro Flask is insulated, and they do a good job of insulating your water. The bottle will keep water cold for a crazy 24 hours, which is indeed a really long time, and you will for sure not be running hot with such crazy insulation. The bottle will also keep beverages such as coffee, hot for a whopping 6 hours, which is great for the commute to work. The Hydro Flask comes with outside powder coating for easier grip. The bottle comes in a handful of different colors, and you will for sure find one that fits with your style.

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