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If there is anything that dehydrates you, it is running, you use all of you muscles in your body. Running is way easier when you are hydrated, and stay hydrated while you are running. But it can in fact be difficult to choose the right product for your needs, but do not worry, we’ve made a list to help you find the best running water bottle. A water bottle for running, of sports in general needs to be durable, be able to hold a lot of water, not be to heavy and easy to hold or carry.

Best Running Water Bottle Comparison Table

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Oz:2 * 10 = 207.532
BPA Free:YesYesYes
Brand:Sun Moon and ZenHydrosleeveQuterEQ

Sun Moon and Zen Running Belt

Have you ever heard of a running belt? Well if you have not you are really missing out on a great thing. It is really important to stay hydrated when you are out running, you can get severely injured if you do not stay hydrated. You can stay on the edge of the hydration game by drinking plenty of water before a run, but you if you are running a long distance, you cannot always stay hydrated on the whole run. The aim of the Sun Moon and Zen Running Belt is to keep you hydrated on your run, and to keep you going even when it gets hard. There are many difficulties when you are running. If you are an experienced runner, you might know of the runners high or the wall as some people like to call it. The only thing you really need is a sip of water when you reach that point. Water is also a great way to keep side stiches away, and make those cramps disappear. There are many difficulties when you are running, but many of those can be prevented by drinking water. There are two bottles in the running belt, so you can also split it and fill one of the bottles with water, and the other one with a protein shake, or some mineral water, to get a bit of taste in your mouth when you are running. The running belt which can also be called a hydration belt, holds two bottles, both with a capacity of 10 OZ (300 ml), for a total of 20 OZ, that is a good capacity. When you are running around with a belt around your waist, you do not want it to be too heavy because that will reduce your running speeds, and make it harder to run. The belt can be adjusted using the straps in the back, for getting the perfect fit. The belt can be worn with the bottles in the back or in the front, depending on what you like the most. The bottle bottles are secured with an elastic strap, so they will not suddenly fall out. The bottle have bite and sip valves for easy drinking. The belt has a pocket in between the bottles, that is great if you want to have a couple of carry on items. The pocket is big enough to fit a phone. The pocket can also be used to hold a protein bar or a wallet. If you are running in a forest or somewhere, where you might fall, you can carry a first aid kit.

a great belt

The Sun Moon And Zen running belt is perfect for almost anyone, it is worth its weight in gold when you on a long run. When you do not have access to water on your run, the belt will certainly keep you going. The belt comes in three different colors, so you can pick the color scheme that fits you and your style.

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Hydrosleeve package

Have you ever heard of a hydrosleeve? Well, a hydrosleeve is a water bottle in a sleeve. The sleeve sits around your arm, and you can get hydrated anytime, without having to fumble with a bottle. The hydration sleeve is super smart, you can put it on your arm, and run without having to stop just to drink. You might think that it is uncomfortable to have the sleeve around your arm, but actually it does not bother you at all. The sleeve will sit tightly around your arm, and you do not have to worry about it, until you feel dehydrated, or better yet before. The bottle, so to say will hold 7.5 OZ (220) which does not sound like much, but when you are running, it is at most times, not as much about drinking a lot of water, but just your body felling you drinking water that is important. The hydrosleeve is made by Hydrosleeve, a company that focuses mainly on creating arm water bottles. The bottle is perfect for running, if you just want to go on a quick run, and just want to have a little bit of water with your, without having to carry around a heavy water bottle. The bottle is made out of high grade lucre, with is double looped, securing you the perfect fit around your arm. The bottle has an adjustable strap, the strap is secured with Velcro. The Velcro means you can adjust is to the size that fits your arm perfectly. To help you get an even better fit, the hydrosleeve comes in three different sizes, ranging from 8 inches to 20 inches, so there is one for everybody. The sleeve works by opening a zipper sitting on the side of the sleeve, you can stick in a bladder, which is a  bag with water so to say, when the zipper is zipped up. The bladder has a valve in it, which goes through a hole. The bladder sits very snugly in place when it is in the sleeve, and the bladder compresses as it empties, the compression helps combat sloshing. The anti slosh technology, as Hydrosleeve calls it, involves a padding inside of the sleeve, the padding also helps insulate the sleeve, to keep your drinks cool. The bladder is completely BPA  and PVC free TPU, TPU is a great flexible material.

The blue hydration sleeve


The Hydrosleeve is great for the serious runner, or the ones that does no like having to run around with an actual bottle. The bottle will get you through your runs, and speed up your time, because you do not have to stop to drink, you can just sip right from your arm! The bottle has a blue theme around, which looks great, and match the water “color”. The sleeve comes with 2 anti slosh bladders, and two valve made from silicone. The bottle is completely safe, it is FDA approved, and free from dangerous materials, such as BPA and PVC.

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QuterEQ Insulated

The QuterEQ is an insulated water bottle, it is great for the running that run long runs, and want maximum capacity. The bottle holds 32 OZ (950 ml) so you will probably never run out of water. The big capacity of course means that if you fill it up, you have quite a bottle to carry, so that is something you want to think about before buying the bottle. But the big capacity also means that you, will never run out of water, which is a great thing especially if you run marathons or just long distances. If running is not the only thing you do, the bottle can be great too, you can use it for any other sport too. The bottle is also great as an everyday carry water bottle, you can use it for work, or your kids can use it for school. The bottle is insulated, and it uses double wall vacuum insulation, to keep your drinks cold or hot for that matter. The vacuum insulation is very clever, vacuum practically weights nothing, so the insulation does not add any weight to the bottle, which is thing to take in mind while shopping for a water bottle. The bottle will keep water cold for 24 hours, so you will never have to drink cold water while you are running. If you decide to use the bottle for other things than running, it will keep beverages hot for 6 hours. Both the amount of time the bottle will keep beverages cold and hot, is staggering. The bottle is made out of 18/8 food grade steel, which means that you can feel perfectly safe while drinking form the bottle, even the lid is BPA free. Speaking of the lid, the lid is a screw on and off lid. The lid has some convenient grip texture around the edges, so it will be easy to open and close, even with sweaty hands. There is a strap going from the lid to the bottle, the strap helps secure the lid, and keep it staying on the bottle. The strap can rotate in around the bottle and the lid, so you can screw the lid on and off, even with the strap. To ensure the best grip, the bottle has powder coating on the sides, the powder coating makes the bottle feel like a roughed surface. With the powder coating on, the bottle is much easier to grip around. The bottle comes in a nice box, so if you know a running loving person, the bottle is a great gift.

the quterEq is a great water bottle

The QuterEQ is a great all around bottle, The bottle will get you through 3 mile runs, and the great marathons. It is of great importance to stay hydrated while you run, and if you are running a race, and there is no water posts, the bottle is great buddy to have. You can get the bottle in a hot red version and a solid black color, no matter which one you pick, you will have an awesome time running.

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Tawenza Fitness Hydration Belt

The iconic water bottle belt from Tawenza, holds two bottles. The smart belt design will fit right around you waist, with easy access, so you do not need to stop to drink. The belt holds two 250 ml bottle, with bite open lids. The belt won’t bounce around while you are running thanks to the elastic belt strap. The belt has been design for long distance running, with comfort in mind. A pocket between the bottles makes for easy storage, for you smartphone, a protein bar or small snacks. The TAwenza fitness belt is perfect for marathons.


A running belt is the best running water bottle for the hardcore sportsman, the belt is black and can carry two bottles one on each side.


If you don’t like to carry around a bottle is your hand, then this bottle belt is for you. The convenience with not having to stop Is great, and will make you run longer faster. The importance of staying hydrated while doing sports can’t be expressed enough. The Tawenza Fitness is the best running water bottle, for those seeking a belt that will stay in place, and does not irritate.


Nathan Quick Draw Plus

The Quick Draw Plus, shots water in your mouth like a revolver. The combined bottle and mini backpack bottle, is super smart, perfect as both an everyday carry bottle, and running bottle. Keep your smartphone safely tugged away while running, or keep small snacks stored, like protein bars. The bottle is made of BPA-Free plastic, and the bottle is easily squeezable, for fast water flow. The bottle holds 600 ml, plenty for keeping you full with water.

Cover image for best water bottle for sports

The Quick draw plus, is for those who does not mid carrying a bottle in the hand, and likes the conveniences of having storage on the run. The bottle has a strap, so it does not even feel like you have to carry anything, the Quick Draw Plus is the best running water bottle, for the fast runner.

Nike Sports Bottle

A classic, the Nike sports bottle never fails you. The Nike sports lid, is without a doubt the easiest lid to drink from. The bottle comes in 8 different colors, all of which has the Nike logo on both sides. The nice grip on the sides, and the curve in the top, makes the bottle stress-free to carry. The Nike bottle is probably the most popular sports bottle of all time.

Nike sports bottle, is the best classic water bottle. The bottles is blue, and it has black sides.


The ease of use makes the Nike sports bottle a no brainer, for those that just want a simple running water bottle. The smart lid and grip is nice, and in the wide variety of colors there is something for everyone. The best running water bottle, is the Nike bottle for those with simplicity in mind.

Under Armour Elevate

We all know show Under Armour are, and that is an important thing in the water bottle world, trust. You need to have faith in, that you get a good water bottle, and that the bottle is safe. There is a lot of debate around whether or not BPA is safe. Even though scientist have said that it is safe, you should always be skeptical, and especially about the long term effects. We can sit around and talk about the importance of getting a safe water bottle, but at the end of the day, it is all about drinking water, and not about hating on everyone. And it is really of great importance to drink plenty of water, and stay hydrated. You need to drink about 64 OZ (1900 ml) of water every day, if are an average adult. But you have to remember that, that number can change. There are a couple of factors which can have an impact on your water needs. The first and probably the biggest factor is the activity level of ours. Activity level is a rather new, and for some people confusing word, but when you think about it, it is actually rather simple. Activity level means how much you move, or how many calories you burn. If you do not move around a lot, and just sit around a desk all day, you will not need to drink as much water. If you on the other hand, have an active job, and you active in your free time too, you will need to drink much more water. A second factor is the body type of yours, and it will have a great impact on your water needs too. If you are a smaller person, you will not need to drink as much water, but if you are a big beast, you will need to drink a lot more. The third and for some the biggest factor, is the weather. If you live in a hot area, you will naturally sweat a lot more, and that translates into you needed to drink more water. If you but all these factors into work, you will probably get a better idea of how much you need to drink. If you are having trouble remembering to drink water, you can get help from a water bottle, it will be your best friend. The Under Armour water bottle is a great running water bottle.

water bottle that is good looking

The bottle has a protective cap on the lid, and when it is flipped off, you can easily drink form the bottle. Underneath the cap. There is a valve, which makes it easy to drink. The bottle is made with functionality in mind, and you will have a hard time losing grip of it. The bottle curves inwards in the middle, and it has some kind of grip texture around the middle too. The bottle comes in a couple of different colors, so you can look really good while you are running.

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