Best Stainless Steel Water Bottle

The dark metallic bottle is the best stainless steel water bottle

If you want a quality water bottle, it have to be stainless steel. There is just something about steel, it cools your water, feels great, is strong and looks way better than plastic. The lid on a stainless steel water bottle has to be tight so it does not leak, and spoil your stuff. You can not look through steel and see how much water you have, but the strength of the material makes up for it. We have made a list to help you find the best stainless steel water bottle.

Best Stainless Steel Water Bottle Comparison Table

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BPA Free:YesYesYes
Brand:KinziHydro FlaskSwig Savvy

Kinzi stainless steel water bottle

Looking for a massive bottle? Look no further, the Kinzi insulated water bottle is one hell of a bottle. The bottle holds 32 OZ (950 ml) which makes it great for hiking. The large capacity is really handy, when you are going on long trips. The bottle itself even suggest that, you should use it for long trips, with the mountains of the logo. The bottle is furthermore insulated, so you can use it for keeping things cold or hot. An insulated water bottle is great, for anything in a cold or hot climate. Do you like to go on winter hunting or take hot cacao whit you on a small walk with the family, either way the big volume and the fact that he bottle is insulated, will be great for both things. The bottle is also good at keeping things cold, on a nice hot summer day, there is nothing better than, an ice cold drink. The bottle will keep things cold for up to 24 hours a staggering time, and beverages hot for up to 12 hours, also staggering. The secret to the bottles cooling and heating capabilities, is the vacuum sealed sides. The bottle has two layers, and when the bottle was manufactured, there was created a vacuum between those layers. The vacuum insulation can be hard to get right, but Kinzi managed to do it. The bottle is also excellent to carry around, it is coated with a technique that Kinzi calls “power coating”. The power coating makes the stainless steel, which the bottle is made out of, have a nice grip. The bottle is really easy to carry with the coating, and it makes it great for sports or hiking. Furthermore then just being an awesome bottle, the bottle is super safe, it is made out of 18/8 food grade stainless steel. The bottle is also 100 % BPA free, so the bottle is very safe to use, on the on, on the road and on the couch. The powder coating also adds a mat black color to the bottle, that looks really cool. The powder, also helps with the insulation, and it helps keep seat and fingerprints off. The bottle will probably not fit in your cup holder, but is has a flat bottom, and it will stay still, if you have a flat surface.
The black coated Kinzi bottle is one of the best water stainless steel water bottle.

The Kinzi Stainless steel water bottle, is really the best stainless steel water bottle. The bottle has a large capacity, without filling to much. The bottle is also super safe, with no BPA and 18/8 food grade stainless steel, as its main materials. The bottle is an excellent gift, for the man or woman who needs to drink more water. Or as a gift for yourself or your family, it will save you money in the long run. The bottle has an awesome lid, the lid is a normal screw on lid. But features like the carrying loop, that also holds the lid in place, is just one of the things, that make the bottle, the best stainless steel water bottle. The lid can be screw on tight if you want to, and if it is done so, it is completely leak free.

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Hydro Flask Stainless steel water bottle

The Hydro Flask, is another great insulated water bottle. The Hydro Flask is actually a series of bottles, that you can get in a bunch of different variations, so there is one for every one, whether you need a big bottle, a small bottle, a bright bottle or a dark bottle. The Hydro Flask has been around for a long time, and there is a good reason to that, it is fantastic. The bottle is insulated, with Double Wall vacuum insulation. The double wall insulation works great, and it will keep you going for a long time. The bottle will keep your beverages hot for 6 hours, that is a long time considering that the bottle is fairly lightweight and small. And the botte will keep your water or drink cold for 24 hours, the reason to why, the bottle will keep beverages colder longer then hot, is because it does not take as much energy to keep things cold, as it does to keep it hot. The bottle has a nice grip finish to it, the finish helps to keep the bottle insulated too. The bottle comes with a loop cap which can be screwed on and off the lid to drink. The loop cap is great for the office, can trips and other things where you sit relatively still. The bottle also comes with a sports cap, the sports cap is designed for the ultimate drinking experience while doing sports. The valve is slightly tilted, which give it a better angle for sipping, while doing sports. It is really nice that the bottle comes whit both a sports, and a normal lid, so you can pick the one that works the best for the specific thing you are doing. The sports lid is a bite and sip type of valve, which means it can be operated whit only one hand. Another great thing about the Hydro Flask, is that if you ever want a different bottle form Hydro Flask, you can buy it, and it will, if it is the same size fit you existent accessories.

The Hydro Flask is the best stainless steel water bottle.

The Hydro Flask comes in a vide array of sizes and colors, and there is for sure the right for you. You can get the bottle in four different sizes, a 12 OZ (350 ml) a 18 OZ (530 ml) a 21 OZ (620 ml) and a 24 OZ ( 710 ml) version, the small one is great for kids, and the big ones are great for the older ones, for work and sports. The bottle is different in width and height too, if you want to see a chart where all the sizes are written down, click here. In addition to the many sizes, you can get the bottle in 21 different colors, that is really a staggering amount of colors. The colors range from a shiny orange, to a deep ocean blue, the Hydro Flask line is the best stainless steel water bottle, for the ones that want a water bottle with a specific size.

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Swig Savvy’s Water bottle

The Swig Savvy is an instant win water bottle. Swig Savvy has a long history of quality water bottles behind them, we like the Swig Savvy water bottle so much that we have featured it here in our best insulated water bottle article too, check it out here: best insulated water bottle. The Swig Savvy in an insulated stainless steel water bottle. There are many advantages to having an insulated water bottle, it is great for everything, you can use it around the house, take it on a day trip or use it for work. Swig Savvy is a big pursuer of customizability, you can get the bottle in two different sizes. The bottle comes in a 20 OZ (600) and a 26 OZ (750 ml) version, it is great that there are some variant to pick from, because people are of course different and so are their needs. The small 20 OZ version is great, if you want to use the bottle for lightweight activities where you will not be using it for that long periods of time or when you have regular access to water. The bigger version is better for activities where you have a little longer between the possibilities of refilling. It is wroth to take in to account that our bodies on average needs 64 OZ (1900 ml) of water each day, it depends on your activity level and body type. So if you get the Swig Savvy water bottle, you can go for nearly half a day with the big bottle, and about 1/3 of the day with the smaller one. The bottle will keep your water cold for a crazy 24 hours, that is a really long time, imagine that you could fill a bottle with water right now, check up on it tomorrow, and it would still be cold. The bottle will also keep beverages such as coffee, tea or hot chocolate hot for up to 6 hours. The heating and cooling capabilities of the bottle, makes it great to take on trips or work, you can take cold water with you on the beach, or you can bring hot chocolate with you in the winter. The bottle is packed with additional accessories, the bottle comes with 3 different lid, yes, that is right 3 different lids. The first lid is a normal screw on lid, with a finger hole in the top, which comes with a carabiner attached. The second lid is an bamboo lid, which is perhaps the most clever lid of them all, the bamboo lid is completely plastic free, and it consist of an insulated bottom, which when screwed on the bottle adds additional insulation. The bamboo lid is great for hot beverages. The third and final lid is a sports cap lid, the sports lid is of course great for sports. The third lid has a bite and sip valve on the top, which makes for quick and easy drinking. The sports lid can also be used for work, and it is really casual.

The Swig Savvy is a great water bottle overall, it can be used for just about anything, whether it is hiking, walking, work or lawn mowing. The bottle comes in three different colors, a red version, a blue version and the third one is not a color, it is just plain stainless steel. The stainless steel feels really solid, even though all of the bottle are made out of stainless steel. The bottle even includes one more surprise. The last surprise is a carrying pouch, which the bottle can be put in. The shoulder strap on the pouch makes it really easy to carry around the bottle.

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Avoin Colorlife insulated

The design minded Avoin Colorlife steel bottle, is both spectacular and useful. The vacuum insulated, double walled water bottle, is created for everyday use, perfect for work, day trips and traveling.  The double walled design will keep your beverage cold for 24 hours, or hot for 12 hours. The bottle comes in three different colors, and the bottle feels very good with the lacquered sides. The lid can be screwed on very tight so no worries about leaks, or spoils. The vacuum insulation means that, even thought the sun might shine on your bottle, your drink will not be affected.


avoin colorlife insulated is the best stainless steel water bottle for those in search of an insulated one. There are ice cubes around it.

The 100 % BPA-Free bottle, will insure you the right temperature of your drink. The beautiful designed bottle is made from 18/8 steel, and high grade materials. The bottle can contain  25oz , and it will keep all that hot or cold for plenty of time. The Colorlife bottle  is the best stainless steel water bottle, for those in search of an insulated bottle.

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H2O4K9 Silver

Is this from the future? That is your first thought seeing the Silver bottle. However this is actually a bottle, the funny looking lid is actually just a lid, but the lid also acts as a bowl. Just fill up with your favorite beverage, fill up you bowl, and drink like as if you were at home. The bottle is also great for those with animals, dogs can easily drink from the bowl, and the carbineer can be attached to your backpack, making the bottle great for trips. The bottle can hold up to 700 ml, plenty for both you, and potentially your pet. The bottle is insulated, keeping your water cold.

H204K9 water bottle

The multi species bottle, is great for traveling and for those who likes drinking from a bowl/cup. This is the best stainless steel bottle for the animal lover.

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Blackthorn Bottle

This is the ultimate survival bottle, the dark metallic bottle will help you out in a survival situation . If you ever get stuck in the wild, or if you just like camping, this bottle will certainly come in handy. The bottle is made of stainless steel, and has a capacity of 32 oz. The bottle can be filled from a river stream, and the bottle will hold plenty of water. The bottle is made of premium materials, and won’t leak.


Blackthorn bottle, is a true stainless steel water bottle, and it is made in the USA.

This is a great gift for the survivor type, or to insure yourself in a survival situation. The Blackthorn bottle is the best stainless steel water bottle, for survival purposes.

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GlacierPoint Insulated Water Bottle

There is just something about steel that you cannot beat, the feeling of the cold metal against you skin just feels so down the earth. The GlacierPoint water bottle is pretty new in the water bottle market, but it is totally awesome. The bottle is made out of stainless steel, as all of the bottles on this are. The bottle will serve really well in the hands of everyone, and there really is a good reason for getting a water bottle. If you are having trouble remembering to drink water, a water bottle might help you out, more than you would think. When you have a water bottle on your desk, just to make up an example, you will see it, and you brain will automatically relies that you are thirsty, and you can just take a sip of water. The longer you have to go, before you can take a sip of water, the smaller the chance is, that you will actually go all the way. The GlacierPoint water bottle aims to get you to drink more water, which can be a hard goal, as most of us are not really used to drinking from a water bottle. But there are actually even more benefits when you have a water bottle, you can save money. Yes that is right, buying a water bottle will actually save you money, and you will quickly save. If you are like most people, you will buy one of two bottles of bottled water a day, and lets just say that, it will cost a total of one dollar a day. In a year you will spend more than 300 $ on bottled water. That is insane. When you buy a real water bottle, you can feel good when drinking, as tap water is cheaper than earth, quite literally. The GlacierPoint water bottle is insulated, and it does a really great job of insulating. The bottle will keep your beverage hot for a fantastic 12 hours, plenty of time to drink your coffee. The bottle can also keep your water cold for 24 hours, that is a long time, and you will probably have drunk the water by then. The great insulation of the bottle comes from the double walled design. The bottle has two walls, and in between those, there is a vacuum. The vacuum provides really good insulation, and you cannot really go wrong in town with that amount of insulation.

a water bottle that is a great color

The lid of the GlacierPoint water bottle is a screw on and off lid, but it has something special about it. The lid has a carrying handle attached, which makes it easier to carry the 25 Oz (750 ml) that the bottle can hold. The bottle comes in a couple of different colors. The first one is a grey color, which looks really great together with other darker accessories. The second color is a polished steel one, which is great because you get to touch the bottle directly. The third color is a plain white one, that looks really clean.

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