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There are many good things about having a time tracker bottle, the biggest one is of course the fact that you can keep track of your drinking. Water is the most important component of our bodies, it makes up about 60 percent of our total weight, which makes it really important to keep up the water balance. Water is one of the nutrients that we really need, but it is also one of those we need very often. Your body can only go 3 days without water, and that is only if you do not do anything which makes you sweat a lot. You can think about it this way; you can live your whole life without eating some kind of specific food or beverages, if you never drink coffee, nothing will happen. Or if you never eat apples or pig meat, nothing will happen, if you get the nutrients from another kind of food. That is why, it is so important to drink plenty of water throughout the day. It can be hard to keep track of how much water you drink, or whether you drinking enough. That is where the time marked water bottle comes into play. Your body needs about 8-9 8 eight ounces of water each day, which is about  (1900-2100 ml) of water each day, it depends on your activity, climate, body and a lot of other factors, but that is the average. There are many different versions of time marked bottle, and the capacity of the bottle, and thus how much you should drink is also different, but we have tried to find the best bottles for everybody.

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Hydr-8 Red

The hydr-8, sounds like something from the latest science fiction movie, but it is actually a down to earth water bottle. The bottle is super awesome. The bottle holds 32 OZ (950) which is the perfect amount. If you set your daily water consumption goal to 64 OZ (1900 ml) then the bottle will fill your needs. 32 OZ is the perfect amount if you plan on drinking water, only from the bottle. The bottle has neatly time stamps printed on the sides, and it has a hiding feature on the back. The time stamps differentiates a little from what bottle you pick, but the Hydr-8 has 4 stamps. The bottle sets the goals for you, and it wants you to drink ¼ of the bottle before 8 am, then another quarter before 10 am, a third before 12 pm,  and the final part of the water before 2 pm. As you might have noticed it is a 2 hour increase at each point, which makes it easy to get into a good routine, where you drink the water you need. When you have drunken the bottle all up the first time of the day, you should go refill it again, and then you have the next goals. The second goals are placed right next to the first, and it becomes; first ¼ before 4 pm, and then halfway at 6 pm, and the third quarter at 8 pm, and the final part at 10 pm. Having a time marked water bottle really gets you motivated to drink water, and it often makes you go the extra mile and drink a little extra water to get ahead of schedule, and it kind of becomes a little game, about drinking ahead. The bottle is designed for cozy and easy drinking, the bottle has a side handle which is red, thus the name Hydr-8 Red. The handle is really comfortable to hold on, and it makes it a breeze to drink. The lid of the bottle is red, just like the handle, and it can be screwed on and off for easy and fast refilling of the bottle. When the lid is screwed off, there is plenty of space to drop in ice cubes if you want a nice and chilled drink. There is a straw connected to the bottom of the bottle, for even easier drinking, but if you do not like the straw, you can take it out.

Red bottle

The Hydr-8 Red is a bottle for the relaxed person, that wants to take up the water challenge. The bottle is marked pretty well with the time, and it is great for weight loss, healthy eating and general good health. As we said the bottle has a little surprise. On the back of the bottle, there are placed to write your own time marks, so you can find the perfect rhythm for your drinking. That is really a great feature of the bottle.

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Aquamotiv Inspirational Quote

The Aquamotiv water bottle is great bottle, which combines motivation and water. The bottle has motivational quotes on the side, so you will get a little go power, every time you drink. The Aquamotiv is an infuser water bottle, which means you can drop in fruits, berries and vegetables to make a nice fruity drink. There are many good thing about an infuser water bottle, if you want to see infuser bottles only, you can check out our article here: best infuser water bottle. First of infused water tastes much better than normal water. The bottle has an infusing chamber on the top, which can be accessed by screwing of the lid. There are many different ways to make infused waters, we recommend that you try to make your own drinks, and then you will quickly get the hang of it. The bottle has time marks on the side, to insure you will get your water needs covered. There two rows of marks just as the Hydr-8 Red, and the time marks, does not differ very much from the Hydr-8 red.

The blue water bottle

When you buy the Aquamotiv water bottle, you get the two great things from two different worlds. You get a time marked bottle, and you get an infuser water bottle. The daily motivation will help you keep going on those tough days, where you just want to quit. The bottle holds 28 OZ ( 830 ml) which is a great amount, and together with berries or fruits, it makes a nice drink. The bottle comes in 5 different colors.

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Hourly Water Bottle Labels

The awesome water bottles from TBS, will make everything with water amazing, the bottles are super good, and you will not be let down by them. But why exactly care this much about water drinking? Well, you really should. Our bodies are made of 60-70% water, and you need to replace the water, that you use minute for minute. We both use water cool down, but also to make our organs work, so there are plenty of reasons for drinking water, and plenty of it. Drinking water is also one of the biggest lubricators of your skin, so if you want healthier skin, you should just grip your water bottle. But how much water should you actually drink? That can be a hard question to answer, but we will try to give you an answer anyway. There are a couple of factors which can help you find out if you should drink more of less water. The first factor is your body. Said with other words, how big you are, it might be a bit uncomfortable to talk about, but it is an important thing. You might be wondering how your weight can have anything to do with drinking water, but actually the answer is pretty simple when you think about it. The way that our bodies correlate with water drinking goes as follows: we need an almost even amount of water per pound, note that this does not include our orangs and vital body parts, that cannot really grow of shrink. The second factor might be hard to get at first, but it is actually just as simple as the first factor, when you think about it. The second factor is the amount of activity your get during the day, or said in another way, how much you move. When you move around your body uses a lot of its body fluids to cool down, and that is only a good thing. You might recognize the amazing feeling when you take a sip of water after a workout, it is just amazing. The third factor is the weather factor. By now you might be thinking: “What the heck, what does the weather have to do with water drinking? “ The answer lies closely up against the second factor, when the weather is hot, you will sweat more, and thus need to drink more water. It might sound a big complicated, but it is actually quite simple; the hotter, the more water. There is a fourth reason to drink water, even though we have been talking about factors, there is a very big motivator for drinking water. When you drink water your stomach gets filled, and that is a good thing, for most people at least, because when your stomach is filled, you are less prone to over eat. When you are filled with water, your brain will think that it is full of food, and it will not send you the hungry brain signals. Drinking plenty of water can be a good way to trick your brain into think, that you are full. It is important to remember, that you cannot live of just water, and you cannot replace your food with water. The next reason for drinking more water, is because of the fact that water helps your body carry oxygen to your cells. The oxygen factor means that you will feel more fresh, and you will have more energy. The last reason to drink water is the fact that drinking plenty of water, makes your skin way healthier, just as we mentioned earlier. Now you have 3 factors for drinking water, and 3 reasons for drinking water. If you are totally lost in the whole water drinking game, there are a couple of rules you can go by, if you fell thirsty, you guessed it, then drink water, drink water when you eat, and loads of other helpers. If you want to find our how much water you should drink, you can take your weight in lbs, and divide that by two, and that is how many OZ of water you should drink every day. You can use that number as the base, and then adjust up and down according to your needs. But how can you remember to drink all of that needed water, well one way is to get a water bottle, which is actually the best way. But why do not take it a step further and combine that with a time marker. You can do just that with whatever water bottle you have. With the TBS hourly labels you can control at which time, you need to reach a certain point. Using a label is a smart way to customize your water bottle, it means that you can use the water bottle you like the most, together with time markers. When you have got the marks, you might be wondering which water bottle to get, we can recommend you to check out our homepage right here: best water bottle. If you are totally lost, you can get the Hydro Flask, which you can see on our homepage. The labels are durable, which means that you can attach them to any bottle. The fact that you can use them on the bottle you like the most, is really convenient. The label last up to five years, so you do not have to worry about it getting torn due to aging, by the time that the label is that old, you will probably have gotten a new water bottle.


The label comes on a sheet of label paper, and you can easily take it off, and attach it to your favorite water bottle. The label has 10 time zones, which will help you reach your drinking goals. The first time is at 8 am, and then all the way down to 12 am, where you get a break of two hours, it is also at that time you should fill up the bottle. The next cycle runs from 2 pm to 6 pm, and then you have made your goal.

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Xtremeglas Hydrate Time Marked Water Bottle

Looking to go xtreme? Well the Xtremeglas water bottle will help you do just that, it is really important that you remember to drink plenty of water, and a time marked water bottle will help you do just that. Having a bottle that is just like a calendar, will help you remember to drink water, when you need it. The bottle slips the day up, so you will remember to drink all of the water you need. You might not think of it, but you actually need a lot of water, to sustain your body, and get through the day. But how much water do you need to drink? Well as we all know, there is not such person as average, but if you measure out on the whole population, the average person needs to drink 64 OZ (1900 ml) of water every day, that is a lot of water, and most of us does not drink all of that every day, and that is not a good thing, because we need our water. Xtremeglas has done something really smart right here, and you will probably thank them a lot for it. When you need to drink 64 OZ a day, why do not take half of that, and spilt it up in to two pieces, then you can drink half of it in one half of the day, and drink the other half in the other half of the day. That is exactly what Xtremeglas has done, that way you will need to drink half of your water, and then fill the bottle again and empty it again. You can kind of say, that you go through two cycles of water, and then you are done with the water drinking for the day. If you fell thirsty after you have emptied the bottle two times, you can take an additional glass of water, and that is not to worry about, as the need of more water, is usually a good thing. When you become thirsty in addition to what you normally drink, it probably means that you have done more that you usually do, and who does not want that to happen? Drinking water is excellent for your general health, drinking water can reduce headaches, and water helps moisturize your skin, and make your hair healthier.

the xtreme water botlte

The Xtremeglas water bottle is made out of glass, as you might be able to guess from the name. The bottle is made out of borosilicate glass, which is totally BPA free. If you want to see more glass water bottle you can check out our article on that: best glass water bottle. The bottle has a silicone sleeve around it, which makes it better at not breaking. The bottle is really hard to break, which is only a good thing. The bottle comes with two stainless steel lids, and the time marking are on point. The bottle even comes in a handful of different colors, so you can make the bottle your own, you should really check out the colors on your own, as you are the only one who can decide.

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