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Going on a trip around the world? Or just on a small weekend vacation? Either way we got you covered. We’ve taken a lot of premium water bottles under inspection, to find the best travel water bottle for you. A water bottle suited for traveling have to be strong, lightweight and big enough to hold a good amount of water, and it’s of great importance that it doesn’t suddenly leak so your bag gets wet, or you lose your water while out in the desert.

Best Filtered Water Bottle Comparison Table

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BPA Free:YesYesYes
Brand:Clearly FilteredGraylKor

Brimma Stainless Steel Water Bottle

When you are going traveling, you might be the person looking for a stylish water bottle. The Brimma water bottle is made with style in mind. The bottle kind of looks like a rocket with a capped tip, but whether or not it looks like a rocket, it is a rocket. The bottle delivers water like a super rocket. The bottle is made out of stainless steel, with a grip layer on the outside. The grip layer makes it easier to hold onto the bottle, even when you are in a space where the climate is hot, and your fingers are all sweaty. The grip coating also just makes the bottle looks super cool, and a little like a sports car with the gloss. The bottle has a super nice capacity of 17 OZ (500 ml) which is just the right size. 17 OZ is also what is in most normal water bottle. The Brimma water bottle is also insulated, which is another very big plus. If you are traveling in a hot country, the insulation plus the anti slip coating will make the day. The insulation of the Brimma water bottle is simply fantastic. The bottle will keep your water cold for a whopping 24 hours, that is enough time, that you will not even be able to not drink the delicious cold water. The bottle will also keep beverages hot for a crazy 6 hours, which is such a long time, that if you are able to resist hot coffee for that long, you must be some kind of super human. The bottle is great for both tea and hot coffee. If you are traveling on a budget, there are a lot of money to be saved by bringing your own coffee around. The bottle is super eco friendly, instead of buy water bottles, that have to be thrown out, every time you empty them, you can re use a bottle forever. The Brimma water bottle is a great way to save both money, and the environment. If you are going to a place where there is a beach, there is no reason, to not bring the Brimma bottle, there is just nothing better than a cold sip of water on a hot beach. When you come home from you travels, you can still use the water bottle, so it is not just for travels, it is great for sports or work too. Speaking of work, you should check out our best work water bottle article.

black water bottle

The cap of the Brimma water bottle is made out of stainless steel too, so it adds even more insulation to the bottle. The cap is a normal screw on and off cap, which is easy to operate, and looks super cool on the bottle. You can get the Brimma water bottle in a white, and a black version, depending on which you like the most.  The bottle is free from both BPA and Phthalate, so you can fell super safe drinking from it.

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Aquabod collapsible water bottle

The Aquabod is a great water bottle for traveling, the bottle is collapsible, so you will have no problems with it. Whether you are in the airport, on a tour in Yosemite or just going for a car trip, the bottle is perfect. Having a collapsible water bottle is a great thing when you want to travel with as little baggage as possible. The bottle takes up less space in your suitcase or your backpack. When you are traveling you want to cut down on space where you can, and a normal water bottle can take up quite a bit of space. The Aquabod holds 17 Oz (500 ml) which is a good amount, it is not to much, and not to little. The bottle uses a minimalistic lid, in the good way. The lid is a flip up lid, which you can flip up whit one hand, when flipped up it reveals a spout. The spout provides fast water flow, and when you are done drinking you can flip it down again. The lid can be pressed down very tightly, so there will be no leaks even when the bottle is flipped right side up. The lid can be screw off, to give access to the bottle, and the bottle can easily be filled up, whenever you get past a water fountain or source. There is a little notch on the lid where an aluminum carabiner is attached, you can take the carabiner off, if you want, but is a great for attaching to your backpack. The body of the bottle is made out of BPA free silicone, the silicone is rather flexible, but it still maintains the right shape, when it has water in it. The silicone is food graded, so you do not have to worry about getting poisoned. You can collapse the bottle, when you have emptied it. You collapse it by, opening the lid, to let out air, then roll it up starting from the bottom. When it is rolled all the way up, you can take the strap on that is connected to the lid, and secure the bottle whit that. When the bottle is rolled up it is the size of a small phone.

Aquabod water bottle in blue.

The Aquabod is perfect for the lightweight and minimalistic traveler, or the person that would rather have an extra t shirt instead of a bulky water bottle in their briefcase. The bottle does a good job of folding, the design patterns in the sides help to fold the bottle, and it is hard to mess up on folding the bottle. You can get the bottle in four different colors, blue, grey, black and pink. The bottle can go in the dishwasher, for easy cleaning, and because of the few moving parts, you can also wash it in your hands if you need to. The lid on the bottle is made out of hard plastic, and when it is screwed of for refilling, you can also drop in ice cubes, as the lid is just big enough for it.

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Hydaway Water bottle

As the name suggest the Hydaway water bottle is mean to be hidden away. The bottle looks sort of like, if you took a soda can, made the opening split bigger, and then made the can much, much smaller. The Hydaway water bottle is meant for the lightweight traveler, that wants to looks cool while traveling. The bottle holds 12 OZ ( 350 ml) while popped up. The Hydaway bottle is design with simplicity in mind, but they have still managed to make such a great bottle. The bottle looks infinitely cooler than a normal water bottle, and it is a great conversation starter or ice breaker, when you are waiting in line in the airport, or taking a sip of water on a day trip. The bottle folds down to just 1 ¼ inches, and it will easily fit in your pocket. You can buy a couple of bottles if you know, you want to have a little extra water with you. The bottle only weighs 5 ounces, so it is breeze to carry around, you wont even notice that it is there. The lid of the bottle can be screw on and off, it looks like the top of an oversized soda can. There is a spout in the lid, which can be flipped up as you it pleases you. When the spout is folded down, the water flow gets cut off completely so there will not be any leaks at all.  The bottle looks really cool, when the spout is down, as it goes completely flush with the rest of the lid. The bottle is made out of silicone, the silicone is 100 % BPA free, it is also food graded, and it has been tested and certified as safe. When the bottle is folded up, it stays very sturdy on almost any surface, that is because of the flat bottom and the cone shape that the bottle has. The bottle gets locked very greatly in place when folded up, and it will stay in the same shape, until you fold it back down again. The bottle is made out of high quality silicone which feels fantastic to hold, and it has a nice grip surface too.

all of the hydaway water bottles

All in all the Hydaway water bottle is a great bottle. It looks stylish, can be folded down to almost nothing and it gets the job done. If you want to take the bottle to the next step, you can get a travel case for it, even tough it is not needed, you can get it if you want to protect your bottle even more. If you want to have the bottle in a bigger version, you can get it in a 21 OZ (620 ml) version. The bigger version extends to the bottom, to make room for more water. The bottle comes in eight different colors, all of which is bright, and they look so good.

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Abataka Stainless Steel Water Bottle

The strong steel water bottle is a both stylish and beautiful, without compromising the air and water tight design. The bottle has some artwork on the side, and a bamboo lid that’s good looking and without leeks. The bottle Is Double walled to insure insulation, and it will keep your water or beverage hot or cold for up to 12 hours!

Abataka Stainless, is the best travel water bottle, the design reminds you about Japan, and the bottle has a nice bamboo lid.



This bottle is an all around good bottle both for hikers, campers and other travelers. That won’t go down on quality. The bottle can also be a good conversation starter, with it’s conspicuous bamboo lid. The Abataka bottle is out pick for the best travel water bottle.

KF164 Durable

This Durable travel water bottle with a ‘funky’ name, is perfect for hikers that are need of plenty of water to stay hydrated. The bottle comes in two variations, on that holds 1500 ml and one that holds 2000 ml, so you can stay on track for longer periods of time instead of stopping for water.

The bottle is packed with features, equipped with a convenient ‘straw’ with a screw on lid, the lid is secured with a string to keep it from getting lost. On the side of the bottle there is also some strings for better storage/carrying. If you take of the other lid there is a small filter that will make for a good place to put either fruits and berries to make a nice drink, or ice cubes on a hot day. The bottle is BPA-free so no carcinogen.

KF164 durable bottle


basically a flawless bottle for the traveler in need of a lot of water, but keep in mind that this bottle is not that small. The bottle is packed with features, and the price tag is not that bad. The convenient strap makes it a blasé to carry around, and the filter perfect for fruits to make a delicious beverage. The KF164 is a solid runner up for the best travel water bottle.


Vapur Element

The Vapur Element folding bottle is convenient for travelers with compactness in mind, it holds 700 or 1000 ml deepening on which type you chose, and folds down to almost nothing when it’s empty. When making the bottle Vapur emphasized durability and quality. The bottle is BPA-free and made with FCA-approved polyethylene inner-liner. The bottle is handy for airline travel, because its small and lightweight, it can be rolled up and put into your carry on, and be filled up in the airport. Further more the bottle doesn’t smell or add any taste to your water.

Vapur Element water container, is the best travel water bottle, for the light packer, that have minimal space.

Vapur Element is the best travel water bottle for the frequent traveler, that got minimal space. The bottle will keep you hydrated, and provide a strong bottle, that won’t leak.

LifeStraw Go Filtered Water Bottle

If you are going traveling to somewhere, where the water might be contaminated, you should bring a filtered water bottle. You cannot be sure whether or not water is contaminated, the water can look perfectly safe, but it might be full of bacteria. Water all over the world is different, which means, that when you come from home, you will be used to the water you drink, but your body will not be used to the water in a different country, that is especially true, if you are going far away from home. The water in third world countries is often not safe to drink, you can of course buy bottled water, which will be safe most of the time, but the cost of buying multiple water bottles every day, can run up to a lot, and if you are already traveling on a budget, you could save a couple of bucks. You can buy a filtered water bottle, and filter your water as you go, it might sound complicated, but it is actually a breeze to filter your water. The LifeStraw Go is an excellent water bottle, it comes with a filter build in. It is the LifeStraw itself that builds up the foundation of the bottle. The LifeStraw is a clever invention, it is basically a straw which can be stuck in water, and when you suck in the other end, water will come out fully filtered. The water is ran through multiple filters, which all add up to excellent filtration. The LifeStraw can in total filter up to 1000 liters, which is 264 gallons, that amount is truly staggering. You will have a hard time using up the filter, and that is only a good thing. LifeStraw has combined the straw with a water bottle, so you can fill the bottle with water, and when you drink, if will be filtered. The filter removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria, and 99.9% of all waterborne parasites. The filter passes the EPA standards for removing Oocysts, cryptosporidium, E. Coli and Typhoid. The filter is really great if you are going out of country, and if you are outside of a city on your travels, the bottle might come in handy. The bottle can be used with any water, the only thing it cannot filter out is salt from saltwater. Bottle hand a really nice lid, and the straw connects to a bite and sip valve for easy drinking. The bottle has a carabiner in the lid too, for easy carrying and transportation.

lifestraw is the best water bottle brand

The bottle holds 23 OZ (680 ml) which is a good amount, when you are buying a travel water bottle, it should not be too big, because then it would be hard to carry around. The carabiner included with the bottle is handy, for attaching it to a backpack. The bottle comes in a clear blue color, which looks very clean and good, and if you were to lose it, it would be easier to find with the bright color, which is a plus too.

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