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Oz:12 to 2432
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Design, what a… flawless word, but what does it mean? Is it functional design, a design of looks or perhaps it is design for the unique and different, becuaes is that not what we all want to be after all; different, wired, unpredictable.

Remember the old appel commercials? Think different. Well sometimes that is needed, and a water bottle is something that you will see every day, so should it not be something beautiful, designed by great people. A water bottle should inspire you to be the best possible version of yourself, and spread the goodness and the creatity to the people around you.

A good designed bottle will make you will special, and give you the very best drinking experience, and that is the only thing that is good enough. You should never aim low, always high, because that is what you deserve. No, wait, you do not deserve anything. You are not special. You are not unique. You are just a person. But you can become UNIQUE, you can think DIFFERENT, you can be the biggest goddam! ROCKSTAR. If this is what I can bring you, then be it, but I want you to remember that you can do it. Just do it for gods sake. Want to start a business? Want to spend more time with your kids? Want to have a big house, make big money? Then do it, just do it!

Enough of all of that motivational speaking, time to come down to business. You came here to find the best water bottle design, and that is what you will get, because here at best water bottles, we do not mess with bottles, because a bottle is something special. We have made a list of the best designed water bottles, to help you find the bottle for you.


Hydro Flask Insulated Water Bottle

The hydro flask in the best metal water bottle this one is in blue.

We really like the Hydro Flask here at bets water bottles, and that is not without a reason, it is really great. The bottle is the most beautiful and cleanly designed bottle ever. It is made with design in mind, and it really shows. The bottle is straight as a ruler on the sides. And then there is a soft curve, which tightens the neck of the bottle, which looks really good.

After the neck tightening, the bottle goes straight up, and the lid appears, and it looks perfect too. The lid of the Hydro Flask is good because of it design, which is almost a copy of the bottle itself, with a straight side, a bend and then a flot top. The lid is a screw on and off lid, but you can also get a bite and sip lid of the Hydro Flaks, check it out right here. The bite and sip lid is great for sports, and for when you want to be able to drink fairly quickly, which can be a needed thing sometimes.

The lid of the bottle has a finger hole, for easy carrying, and it is also great for attaching the bottle to a backpack with a carabiner or such. The lid has three layers, where it is screwed to the bottle, which makes for a really good fit, and it is almost impossible to spill with the bottle.

The Hydro Flask is insulated, which makes it even better. You would not have believed that it would get any better, but it did. The insulation of the Hydro Flask is great for when you are traveling, or taking the bottle places where you can not just refill when you want to. The bottle is insulated with double wall insulation, which is great for two reasons. First off, it is just pure insanity. The bottle will insulate like you have never seen before, it will keep water cold for a 24 hours period, and that was not 24 minutes, it was 60 times longer than that; 24 hours, a whole day. The bottle is also great for hot beverages, which it will keep hot for a whopping 6 hours, and that is just what Hydro Flask advertises, in our test, the bottle was able to keep coffee hot for up to 12 hours, which is a really long time. The second reason the insulation is so good, is because of three words; double wall vacuum.

The double wall vacuum is great because it adds almost no weight to the bottle. The thing that worries most people buying an insulated water bottle is the fact, that it will add weight to the bottle, but not with the Hydro Flask. The bottle is nearly as lightweight as a normal bottle that is not insulated.

The bottle is made out of 18/8 food graded steel, which is the best type of steel for making water bottles. Because the bottle is made out of steel, it fells really good to hold, and you cannot really stop holding it, because it just feels so good. The bottle is also free from BPA, so that is one less thing to worry about. The last great thing about the bottle, is the fact, that it is covered with anti slip coating, which makes it really hard to lose the grip of. The coating goes all the way around the bottle, up to about a quarter of an inch from the lid.

You can get the Hydro Flask in a lot of different colors, all in a mild modern cover scheme. You can get the Hydro Flask in a couple of different sizes too, put out favorite is the 21 Oz (600 ml) version, because it is just the right size for work, and with a refill or two, you will have your daily water intake covered.

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Gonex Sports Water Bottle

The next bottle on the list is the Gonex water bottle, it is another grat looking water bottle, in a style a little different form the Hydro Flask. The bottle is made out of pure Tritan Plastic, which makes it super lightweight, which is what we are going for.

The design of the bottle is pretty simple, the actual bottle is straight on the sides, which makes for a really good grip, and makes the bottle look better. The straight sides is not something which you see on a lot of bottles, but Gonex has the courage to do it.

The lid of the bottle is nearly as wide as the bottle, but it bends a little, making it more ergonomical. The lid can be screwed on and off, for when you are refilling. When you want to drink from the bottle, you simply press a button, and the bottle is open. A little explaining is needed for that.

The lid has a protective cap, which is made out of see through plastic. The protective cap gets pressed up by a spring, but it is locked in place at the same time, by the button which is on the side of the lid. When the button is pressed the lid gets lifted up, and you can easily drink from the spout, which is placed on top of the lid. The spout gets protected by the protective cap, so you do not have to worry about spilling.

When you are transporting the bottle, you can lock the cap in place, by flipping a little in up, which makes the bottle unopenable, even when the button is pressed. The nicest thing about the lid is the ring of rubber, which is placed around it, as it makes the bottle hard to loose grip of.

The lid of the bottle has a strap secured to it, which you can swing around your wrist, so you do not lose the grip of the bottle. The Gonex bottle holds 32 Oz (950 ml) which is a impressive amount of water. The bottle is good for long trips, were you cannot refill the bottle when you want too, but it can also be used for work or sports.

The Gonex bottle is made out of rather thick plastic, which makes it great for hot liquids, yes that is right, you can even pour hot beverages in the bottle. The bottle is safe to use with beverages up the the temperatures of 212 degrees (100 celsius), which means you can pout coffee into the bottle, but you should know that the bottle can get a little hot.

The bottle comes in two different colors. The first color is a light gray, which looks pretty good, especially taken into account that the rubber band on the lid is grey too. The next color is being advertises as brown by Gonex, but it looks rather gold like, which is cool too. The rubber band on the lid has also been colored brown on the brown version. You should pick the color you like the most, and not the color which you think would fit into your environment, because you should be yourself, always, anyways, anyhow. Never the less, have an awesome day.

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