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You can save a ton of cash, just by not buying expensive bottled water, you can save up to 1,400$ a year by drinking tap water.  And by  buying reusable water bottles can save the environment to, imagine how much plastic you prevent from being thrown out. It you decide on switching to a water bottle that you can use over and over, it has to be better than normal bottles, that is why we have made a top three list, to help you find the best water bottle for daily usage.

Best Water Bottle for Daily Use Comparison Table

Do you just want the best bottle right now, get a quick view of the best bottles by checking out the table below.
Oz:20 or 253212 to 24
BPA Free:YesYesYes
Brand:Swig SavvySimple ModernPolar Bottle

Swig Savvy Insulated Water Bottle

Swig Savvy is one of the best water bottle brands, they have made more than 22 water bottles, and their insulated bottle is one of the best on the market. There are many reasons to get a water bottle, it is both a great way to save money and more convenient than having to buy bottled water. Having an insulated water bottle is just another big plus, it is great when it is hot or when it is cold. The bottle both looks great and works greatly. You can get the bottle in two different versions, a 20 OZ (600 ml) and a 25 OZ (750 ml) version, you should pick the one which suites your needs. The bigger one is good if you are a couple of two, or if you want to use the bottle for long periods of time. The smaller one is more convenient to carry around, but it can as a minus not carry as much water. Both of the sizes are great and you will get a lot of capacity whether you pick the smaller or the bigger one. The bottle is insulated, and it does a great job of keeping in the heat or cold. The bottle will hold you water cold for an awesome 24 hours, which is a really long time. If you can go 24 hours without emptying the bottle, you must be some kind of a superhero. The bottle is also excellent at keeping things hot, which it will do for a total of 12 hours. The incredible long insulating times comes from the double wall design of the bottle. The bottle is made with two layers, and in the manufacturing process there is created a unique vacuum between the two layers. When the vacuum is created, it makes the perfect environment for “trapping” heat and the cold. The bottle is excellent for any task you might throw at it, whether you want to take it to the beach, or fill it with hot chocolate, and bring it on a trip in the winter snow. The bottle is excellent at keeping the right temperatures. The bottle is completely free from any toxics such as BPA, and it being made with stainless 18/8 food graded steel, makes it even safer. There will be no food poisoning with the bottle.

Swig Savvy blue bottle

The bottle comes with excellent extras. The bottle comes with three different lids, so you will never run out of those. The first lid is screw on and off lid, which is made out of plastic. The lid has a finger hole and a carabiner attached for easy carrying, you can for example attach it to your backpack. The second lid is a bamboo lid, which has no painted or plastic parts, it is made out of bamboo and stainless steel, to ensure even better insulation of the bottle. The third lid is a sports lid, with a bite and sip valve, it is great for sports or hiking. You can get the Swig Savvy water bottle in 2 different colors, and a brushed steel version.

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Simple Modern Water bottle

The Simple Modern water bottle is simply modern, there is no other way to put it. The bottle is on the beat, it is packed with features and the newest technology. The bottle is insulated, which is a great thing in the modern world. There is nothing worse than having to drink hot water, or to drink cold coffee. The bottle will keep your water cold for 24 hours, thing about it, 24 hours that is a long time. Imagine that you could fill a bottle with cold water right now, and it would still be cold on this time tomorrow. The bottle is also great at keeping beverages hot, for up to 6 hours. 6 hours is also quite a long time, you can fill the bottle with coffee in the morning, and drink it throughout the day at work. Instead of having to buy expensive coffee on your way to work, you can save money and time by making it yourself. The great insulation properties of the bottle comes from vacuum, yes that is right, the bottle is being insulated by vacuum, instead of the traditional foam. The vacuum insulation is a great alternative to foam, first of vacuum weights much less than foam, and it is so much better at keeping your beverages insulated. The bottle holds 32 OZ (950 ml) which is not a random number. Your body needs 64 OZ (1900 ml) of water every day, of course it depends on your weight and activity level, but on average it is 64 OZ. So if you want to reach your needed water consumption, you can just fill the bottle two times, and empty it two times a day, and in that way, you will reach your needed water consumption. The bottle is made out of 18/8 food grade steel, and it does not contain any BPA, so you do not have to worry about any toxics or bad tastes in your water or beverage. The bottle comes with two fantastic lids, one of the lids is a normal lid. The normal lid is a screw on and off lid, it is made out of stainless steel, and it has a loop which connects it to the bottle. The loop is nice for carrying, and it makes it hard to lose the lid. The bottle also comes with a hot beverage lid, which is great for drinking coffee or tea. The lid has a little flip which can be moved back and forth, when it is opened you get access to a small valve. The small valve is super for drinking hot beverages, and it help you prevent getting burned.

Simple Modern water bottle in a black version, it is one of the best water bottles.

All in all the Simple Modern is  a great water bottle for daily use, it will provide you with hot beverages or ice cold water. The bottle is good for sports, work or just daily life. The Simple Modern water bottle is also covered with powder coating, the powder coating adds a grip felling to the bottle, that you might recognize from other steel products. The coating is black, so the bottle is also black. If you want to see more stainless steel water bottle, we have written a review guide on those too, you can see the best stainless steel water bottle article by clicking on the link.

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Polar Bottle

The Polar bottle is a classic water bottle, the bottle is a great water bottle. The bottle is made in the USA, and by buying it, you support the US. The bottles are made in Boulder, Colorado. Polar Bottle takes great pride in supporting the US, and they go to great lengths to protect the environment. The special thing about the Polar Bottle is, that it is durable, yes it is a durable insulated water bottle. The bottle consist of two layers, an inner layer and an outer layer. The bottle uses a special insulating layer, between the outher layer and the inner layer. The insulation ensures that the contents of the bottle will be kept cold for twice and long as a normal bottle. The bottle is also super lightweight, which makes it perfect for sports. As said the bottle is durable, so when you take a grip around it, it will shape into a form, that matches your hand, to ensure you the best possible grip. Even tough the bottle is durable, it still maintains its shape and size, and it does not collapse all of a sudden. After you fill the bottle with water, you can put it in the freezer. Putting the bottle is the freezer will not cause it any harm, furthermore you can also put the bottle in the dishwasher if you want to, so you do not have to clean it with your hands. The lid of the bottle can be screwed on and off as you like, and when done so, you can fill the bottle with ice cubes. On top of the lid there is a valve, the valve is a bite and sip kind of valve, which makes for easy drinking, while you are on the run, or on the bike. There is also a wrist strap just beneath the lid, the wrist strap is handy when you are doing sports. It will help you get the best grip on the bottle, which the small curve on the body of the bottle also helps with.

The polar bottle in a yellow edition

The Polar bottle is a great bottle, perfect for the cyclist or the sporty type of person. The bottle is BPA free, and it is also free from Phthalets, so you can feel completely safe while drinking from the bottle. The bottle will fit into most bicycle bottle carrying cases, and the durability of the bottle, will help it fit snugly in. The bottle comes in tons of different variations, if you want to you can get it in sizes ranging from 12 OZ (350 ml) to 24 OZ (700 ml) and the color options of the bottle is endless, and if you want to go full on fancy, you can get the bottle is a custom design too.

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Tupperware H2O

You can’t go wrong with anything from Tupperware, the H2O bottle is a great every day carry water bottle. The bottle comes in a 17 OZ version (500 ml), a 25 OZ ( 750 ml) version and a 34 OZ (1000 ml) version so there is one for everybody. The bottle has a double lid, which can not only be screwed on and off, but it can also easily be flipped open. It might look like the lid doesn’t sit on tightly but actually it is very snug,  when you press it down the plastic makes for a tight fit, so it is complexly leak prof. The bottle is designed, to fit great in your hand, and it sure has a very ergonomic.

The Tupperware bottles stading, this bottle is without a doubt the best water bottle for daily use

The Tupperware H2O is perfect as an everyday carry water bottle, it comes in multiple sizes, and a wide array of colors. A Tupperware bottle is perfect for staying hydrated throughout the day. We here at Best Water Bottles thinks that, the H2O is the best water bottle for daily use.

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The Skye Bottle

Another reason to switch to a water bottle for daily use is the fact that there are way cooler. The Skye Bottles is without a doubt the coolest water bottles in the world. The Skye bottles look like old school coke bottles, very cool. The bottle holds 18 OZ (532 ml), which with a refill is plenty for the day. The bottle has a wide mouth perfect for ice cubes, or infused water. The design of the bottle is very clever, the bottle cap screws on tight, and it has a hand carrier.

The Skye bottles is very colorful

The design of the Skye bottle totally sells it, the slightly tuned glass and the old school look is very good looking. You can get the bottle in a pack of six, which includes all six colors. The Skye bottle is the perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones, and it is the best-designed water bottle for daily use.

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InfusionH2O Fruit Infused Water Bottle

If you want to quit drinking soda, but like the taste, a infusing water bottle is the answer. The InfusionH2O is a great infuser water bottle, it holds 32 OZ (950 ml) which is plenty for a day worth of work. The bottle has a smart double protected lid, so it does not leak at all.

The fruit infuser water bottle standing on a white background.

A fruit infused water bottle is a great idea, and it makes it easier to drink healthy. The bottle infuses from the top, and it takes apart and cleans easily. If you want to lose weight or quit soda, then an infuser bottle is the best water bottle for daily use.

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Great Gear Infuser Water Bottle

You should not go down on gear. But you do not have to worry about that with the Great Gear infuser water bottle. If you have never heard of an infuser water bottle before, you are really missing out on something really great. An infuser water bottle is like a juice but just with water. If you still do not get it, just imagine putting lemons in a water pitcher, but then instead you are having a chamber. You can put literally every  thing you would like to in the water bottle. You can start with something that you know like strawberries or lemons. Then you can proceed to something a little more exciting like cucumber or blueberries. It is a good idea to chop up the things you are putting in the infuser chamber. When you have put things in the chamber, you can fill the bottle with water, and the juices from the vegetables, berries or fruits will slowly flow out. It is really fun to make your own recipes, and soon you will be a master at it, and all your friends will be asking for recipes. You can use the infuser bottle at the house, or at work where it will be great against the hunger for sugar. The bottle can also be used when you are going on trips. If you want to quit drinking soda pop or coffee, the bottle will be a great way to do so. The juices makes the water taste slightly better, but it is really natural, and you can decide on the contents of the bottle. When you have emptied the bottle, you can either throw the contents out, or you can be a bit inventive and make smoothie from it. Instead of throwing out the fruits, berries or vegetables, you can throw it into a blender, pour in some milk and blend, and you will have yourself a delicious smoothie. The infuser and smoothie technique utilizes the contents fully, and it is great for the environment. The bottle holds 25 OZ (730 ml) which is great for every purpose. The bottle is made out of BPA free Tritan plastic which is super safe. The bottle is free from any dangerous materials, and thus you can feel so safe while drinking from it. You drink from the bottle by opening the flip lid, and you will have instant access to the valve. The valve is super easy to use.

water bottle

When you want to refill the bottle, you just take off the lid, and you will have instant access the bottle. The bottle can also be clean in the dishwasher or in hand, if you prefer that. The bottle has a rough texture on the sides for a better grip. The bottle comes in five different colors, and there will surely be one for you. The colors are really great, and they will look good with other household items in the kitchen. The bottle comes in a gift too, which is really nice.

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