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The uzspace bottle is the best water bottle for gym

When you are going to the gym you need to drink a lot of water, so it’s really important that you pick a water bottle that is suiting your needs, but do not worry we have made a list to help you find the best water bottle for gym. We have reviewed a lot of bottles and made a list of the 3 best. A water bottle for the gym have to be durable, easy to grip around (when your hands are sweaty), easy to open and hold a good amount of water.

Best Water Bottle for Gym Comparison Table

See the best bottles below, and get a quick overview.
BPA Free:YesYesYes
Brand:Swig SavvyThermosUnder Armour

Swig Savvy Insulated Bottle

The Handsome Swig Savvy stainless steel water bottle is super handsome, the bottle is everything that a water bottle should be. It is a great thing, that the bottle is insulated. There is nothing better than a cold sip of water after a gym session. Studies show that, when there is cold water available, people tend to drink more water. When you train, water helps your body, build and maintain muscles. The tissue cells in your body, need water to grow, or increase to say it with another word. The Swig Savvy water bottle use a great double wall insulation method, to keep your water cold, for what seems to be forever. The bottle is actually a bottle, with a bottle inside that is a little smaller. The insulation works by vacuum, there are two walls, so to say, in the bottle, and between those walls, there a vacuum space. The vacuum helps to keep the beverage in the bottle at the right temperature. The insulation works great for working out indoor in the gym, or the bottle can be taken outside, and you can get a bit of fresh air too. The bottle hold 25 OZ (740 ml) which is plenty for working out in the gym. The large capacity is great for long workouts, and the bottle will not suddenly be empty. Another great feature of the Swig water bottle is the valve, the valve is a bite and sip kind of valve. You can use your mouth to sort of lift up the valve, and just sip. The smart valve makes it a breeze to drink, and you will be ready to continue your workout or sport in no time. It might seem like the valve would make the bottle leak, but actually it does not. The valve have some small grooves in it, so it sort of locks in place when you are done drinking. Even though it already helps to insulate the bottle, the double wall helps to prevent leakages too. And when you think about it, it seems very logical too, two walls is indeed better than one. The bottle comes with a carrying pouch too, the pouch is perfect for outdoor sports. Going on a run? Then take the water bottle with you in the pouch. The pouch makes the bottle a great hybrid bottle too, you can use it for both the gym and work.

The black water bottle the best water bottle for gym

The Swig Savvy is the best water bottle for gym, and what makes it that, is the fact that it does all what a water bottle should do. The best water bottle for gym should be at least somewhat insulated, easy to carry and have a god capacity, and the Swig Savvy water bottle sets a check mark in all of those categories. The bottle comes in 6 different colors too, so you can pick the color that matches you. Another thing, which you do not realize until you get to fell the water bottle in your hands, is the grip on the sides. The bottle is coated with something, that makes it extremely easy to hold in your hand, that is also due to the fact, that the bottle is curved very ergonomically, whit it bending slightly inwards in the middle. The bottle is furthermore 100% BPA free, and it does not contain any toxic chemicals. This water bottle, is great for both the hardcore gym work outer, and the ordinary one or twice a week going gym member.

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Thermos 64 ounce

Looking for a beast of a bottle? Then look no further the Thermos 64 ounce water bottle is certainly a monster of a bottle. The bottle holds 64 OZ (1900 ml) a staggering amount. The daily recommended water intake for an average adult is 64 OZ (1900 ml) so if you fill the bottle in the morning and it is empty when you go to bed, you know you have gotten you daily dose of water. If you are going to the gym and working out more than normal people, you should drink more than a thermos bottle full of water. The Thermos water bottle, should no even be called a water bottle, it should be called a water bucket. Surprisingly Thermos have done a great job of fitting a “bucket” inside of a water bottle. Even though the bottle seem big on pictures, it is relatively small in real life. It is also not that hard to drink from the bottle, and you can even do it with one hand, if you have big hands. The bottle comes with a convenient handle, which connects to both sides. The handle is great for getting the bottle to and from the gym, and the handle matches the lid too. Thermos have got the job of making a valve, which easily can be drunken from, done really well. The lid of the bottle is also really clever thought out. On top of the valve there is a lid, the lid protects the valve from any dust or unwanted things. The lid can be flicked up or down by pressing a button, and a small “pad” makes it even harder for the bottle to leak. If you know the bottle will be kept away for a while, or you are traveling with it, and it will turn upside down, it can be locked by flicking up a notch, which looks the lid in place. The valve is placed on the rim of the bottle, so you can drink from it very easily.

Thermos on of the best water bottles for gym in green

The Thermos bottle is also, as the name suggests insulated. The bottle uses foam insulation to keep your water cold, unlike the Swig Savvy bottle, which uses vacuum insulation. The bottle will the your beverages cold for up to 12 hours, that is great for a whole day. The long insulation period also makes the bottle great for long lasting sport events. If you are doing an ironman or running a marathon, it is important to drink a lot of water, and water is of cause best cold. The Thermos bottle is the best water for gym, for those in search of a beastly bottle.

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Under Armour Undeniable

The Under Armour water bottle has a name which describes it perfectly. It is undeniable, it is really a great water bottle for gym, there is no doubt about it. The bottle is made for the gym, and it will ensure that you can unfold, and perform as well as you are capable of. Under Armour is a great brand, with a big trust behind it, and they have managed to make a fantastic water bottle. The bottle holds 32 OZ (950 ml) which is big amount, but that is needed for a workout too. It is of great importance to stay hydrated when you are at the gym. If you get dehydrated at the gym, your body will have a harder time transporting energy to your muscles, which can result in cramps and even long time injuries. The twiggy thing about drinking water, is that you will not always notice that your body needs water, before it does. Having a water bottle besides you, when you are at the gym, will help you to not forget to drink water, and stay on top of your game. The bottle is made out of very durable LDPE plastic, water bottle are not usually made out of that, but the Under Armour water bottle is never the less. The LDPE plastic is pretty durable, which makes it easy to squeeze water out of the bottle. The bottle has a very smart lid mechanism. The lid can be closed by turning it, and opened the same way. When the lid is open, you just need to point the valve at your mouth and squeeze. The bottle is really easy to squeeze because of the handy sides. The bottle has a soft gip on the sides, the sides are super nice to hold on, and you will have a hard time loosing grip of the bottle. The padded sides, also makes it easy to squeeze the bottle to drink.

A grey water bottle

The bottle is without a doubt great for the gym. The Undeniable water bottle will never fail you, whether you are at a gym session or at a competition. The sides of the bottle together with the smart lid is perhaps the smartest features of the bottle. The bottle is optimized for quick control, it can easily be closed and opened, and when you have opened the bottle, it takes less than a second to drink. You can get the bottle in 4 different colors, so you ensure that you will still look great while pumping on the benches. One of the colors of the bottle is a clear version, which makes it easy to see how much water you have left.

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MAIGG bottle

The Maigg Bottle is truly magical, this bottle is optimized for the gym and working out. The functional design is very clever; the lid opens with 1 click so you quickly can drink. The bottle comes in two variations, one 1000 ml and one 500ml. There is a wristband around the top of the bottle so you can get a secure fit fx when your running. The bottle is 100% BPA-Free and made with US imported Co-polyester plastic that won’t cause any harm to your body. The bottle has no taste to it, and the slightly durable plastic makes for a good fit in the hand.

Maigg water bottle for gym up against box, this is the best water bottle for gym, without a doubt.

The Maigg bottle is a smart and modern bottle perfect for the gym and outdoor sports. The plastic makes for a good fit in the hand, plus the wristband makes it hard to lose. The protective cap makes for a good cover while still being easy to open with the 1 click open.

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Avoin Colorlife Tritan

Bottle with space for fruits and berries is a great way to drink more water. Take off the lid put in some strawberries, and you have a delicious beverage, that’s healthy. The stylish  and slim bottle can also be used as a normal bottle, just take out the fruit infuser and your good to go. The bottle can hold up to 800 ml so there’s plenty of space for both fruits and water. Drinking fruit water is a great alternative to soda, and it can taste just as well. The bottle is made of high quality 100% BPA-Free plastic and it’s shatter prof. The smart lid makes for easy drinking while still being leak proof.

Avoin Colorlife is a good water bottle for gym, it has a build in filter that can contain both fruits and berries.


A great bottle to get you to drink more water, with a great natural taste. With a smart lid and design. The bottle comes in eight different colors so there one for everybody. The 800 ml capacity will last a long time. The Avoin Colorlife is our pick for the best water bottle for gym award.

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Vetra Sports Squeeze

The classic sports water bottle, just ‘bite’ and drink. The bottle holds 650ml, plenty for a gym session. The bottle is 100% BPA-Free, and made with TruTaste polypropylene so you can taste your water, and not your bottle. The bottle is durable and can be pressed for maximum water flow. The self sealing jet valve prevents spills and leaks. The cool and sporty bottle has the cool Vetra logo on the side and just above that is a curve that makes for a good grip.

Betra sports squeeze with white background


If you want a classic bottle this is the best water bottle for gym. The smart and self sealing jet valve makes it easy to squeeze water out, and you won’t go down to early with 650 ml of capacity.

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Great Gear Infuser Water Bottle
Are you having a hard time remembering to drink water? Well a real water bottle can greatly improve your drinking habits. An infuser water bottle is a really great water bottle for gym. You can use the bottle to infuser your water, to get a much more exciting taste our of it. The infuser term is rather new, but it is not a bad thing. Great Gear have made countless of great water bottles, and they know the importance in drink enough water. But how much water should you drink? And does that number differ from the normal number, when you are going to the gym? Well we will try and answer those questions. First off you should know that it is really a tough question to answer, and it will be different for everyone. The average amount of water, that an adult should drink is 64 OZ (1900 ml) you can remember that number using the eight glass rule. The eight glass rule goes like this: you should drink eight glasses of eight OZ every day, and that way, you will hit the 64 mark. The human body is made of 60-70 % water, so it is no surprise that you need to drink plenty of it, to have balance. When you are going to the gym, you will be sweating a lot, so you need to drink a little more water than usual, to keep up the balance. If you drink the 64 OZ a day, and then take a bottle to the gym, and then drink as much as you like, you should be good to go. It is different from person to person, how much sweat, so you have to figure out, how much water you need to drink. Having an infuser water bottle is really great, because it makes it so much more exciting to drink water. If you are trying to quit drinking soda, the infuser bottle will also come in great for you. Instead of drinking coffee or soda pop, you can fill your infuser bottle and get that sweat felling you need. The bottle holds 25 OZ (730 ml) which is plenty for the gym, so you can feel safe while using the bottle. The bottle is made out of Tritan plastic, which is BPA free, so you can also feel safe that way. The bottle has a very convenient lid, which has a protective cap, that can be flipped up and down as you like. The cap is secured very greatly, and you will not have any leaks.

Great gear water bottle
The Great Gear infuser water bottle is great for all purposes, the bottle will come in handy in any situation. The bottle is great if you want to become healthier, or quit drinking coffee or soda. The bottle can also help you cut down on sugar and chocolate easting. The bottle can be used for both gym and work or home activities. The bottle comes in five different crisp colors.

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