Best Water Bottle for Kids

the batman bottle is one of the best water bottle for kids

Kids needs a lot of water when they are running around, playing on playground. It is important to make kids drink plenty of water, but it can be a challenge. That is why we have made a list of the best water bottles for kids. The key factor in the test was the fact that the bottles needed to be nice for the kids. It is also of great importance that a water bottle for kids, is both durable and strong, and it won’t break. With those factors in mind, here are the top three water bottles.

Best Water Bottle for Kids Comparision Table

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BPA Free:YesYesYes
Brand:Go BottlesContigoZak Designs

Go Active insulated water bottle

When you need a water bottle for the kids, that are not really kids any more, but are teenagers, you need to go on a different route. When kids hit a certain age, Batman, Superman and dolls just are not the thing anymore. The Go active comes and fills the gap, between adulthood and childhood. Everybody that has been around a teenager know that they are hard to make happy, so you need to choose a water bottle carefully when shopping for teens. The Go Active holds 24 OZ ( 700 ml) that amount is great for school, or anywhere else the teenagers might take it. The bottle is also insulated, so your child will not have to drink lukewarm water, and honestly who like to do that. If you teenager likes to go to the park and hang out, she or he will really appreciate having an insulated bottle, and that applies to every activity you do, having an insulated water bottle is really a great thing. There is nothing worse than having to drink lukewarm water, when you just crave some nice cold water. If your teenager likes to go skateboarding, running, do yoga, play football or do any other sport, then the Go Active is the perfect water bottle for your child. The bottle will keep water cold for up to 24 hours, and if you drop in ice cubes they will not be gone before after 20 hours. The bottle will also keep any beverage hot for up to 6 hours, and even longer depending on the weather. The bottle uses vacuum insulation and double wall technology to keep your drinks hot or cold for hours. The double wall insulation combined with vacuum will insure the best insulation on the block.  The lid of the bottle is also designed with use ability in mind, the lid can be screwed on and off. When the lid is screwed off, you can refill the bottle, and drop in ice cubes or lemon slices if it has to be extra fancy. On top of the lid, there is a spout, or a straw so to say, you drink from the spout. The spout can be flipped and down in a breeze, when flipped up, if can easily be drunken from. When the spout gets flipped down again, it locks itself in place, and no water will leak out of the bottle. The spout cap is really handy for sports, and you do not have to flip your neck all the way backwards to drink. The fact that you do not have to “break” your neck every time you drink, is a great thing for teenagers, that might feel stupid if they have to “break” their necks every time they drink.

The go active bottle in a blue version

The Go Active is the best water bottle for teenagers, and the bottle fully earns that statement. The bottle is great for the teenager that has not quite yet decided who they want to be. The bottle looks quite natural, and it is not covered with unicorns or superheroes. The bottle comes in 4 different colors, all of them look really cool, and they have a rubberized finish to them, the finish adds extra grip, so the bottle is hard to loose. The ergonomic design of the bottle together with the finish, makes the bottle easy to get a good grip around, even if you have sweaty hands. If you want to see more water bottles in the same style as the Go Active, you should check out our article on the best reusable water bottle.

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Contigo Trekker

When you see the Contigo Trekker water bottle for the first time, you will not think of a water bottle. The bottle looks like something from Back to the Future, but when you get it in your hands, you realize how simple, but clever it is. The Contigo Trekker water bottle is the perfect water bottle for kids aged 3-10, the bottle uses the smart Autoseal technology Contigo has developed. The Autoseal is a very smart way for kids to drink, kids can only drink when the Autoseal button is pressed. The Autoseal button is on the side of the bottle, and when it is pressed the lid of the bottle opens up. The Autoseal means that the bottle can be tossed around without leaking at all. If a child is drinking from the bottle, and drop the bottle, the bottle will still automatically seal, without you having to worry about spilled water. It is almost impossible for kids to spill water while drinking from the bottle. The bottle holds 14 OZ (400 ml) which is a good amount for kids aged 3-10. When kids are that young, a big bottle can be hard to carry around, so it is easier for the kids to empty the bottle, and then have an adult fill it up, until they learn to do it themselves. The lid of the bottle where the water bottle out, is sort of like bowl, where the water get out into, the bowl is very smart for children, and it means that they can drink from the bottle in any direction. The bottle is made out of 100 % BPA free plastic, so you do not have to worry about you child drinking toxics. The bottle is furthermore FDA approved, so there is no need for worrying.

The Cobalt colored water bottle.

The Contigo Trekker is a great water bottle for the kids, that are not quite old enough for a “real” water bottle. There are no gender targeted prints on the bottle, so it can be used by both boys and girls. The bottle comes in a bunch of different colors and bundles. The bottle also has an ergonomic design with small bumps on the surface for easy handling. If you child is starting in school or kindergarten, giving them their own water bottle is a great way to show that you trust them, and give them a responsibility of keeping an eye on their bottle.

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Batman water bottle

The Batman water bottle will make any small superheroes willing to drink water. This is one, in a series of super hero bottles. The Batman bottle is easy to drink of, with the smart ‘pop up’ and drink lid, there won’t be any spills. The smart lid is also easy to close for the kids, so leaks are prevented. The lid is even packed with more features, the finger loop in the lid makes it a breeze to carry around. The Batman bottle goes well with other superhero school items, and will make any kid a superhero.

The Batman water bottle will keep you safe at night, or at least your kids.

The best water bottle for small superhero kids, this bottle will make it exciting for kids to drink water. Giving a child his or hers own bottle, will make them feel special, and it is perfect for small day trips, picnics and for the school.


CamelBak Eddy

The unicorn themed CamelBak Eddy will make any girl shine. The bottle holds 400 ml plenty for school with a refill. The small unicorns on the bottle is every girls dream. The ‘bite lid’ mechanisms makes it easy for everyone to operate the bottle, and leak proof when closed. As every CamelBak bottle, the plastic is BPA-Free, and all parts can go in the dishwasher. The Tritan copolyester makes the bottle clear, durable and safe. If ever broken, replacement parts can be bought for the bottle, making it a long lasting product.

Unicorn water bottle


Making every unicorn girl happy, the Eddy bottle will keep your child hydrated. The 400 ml capacity is perfect, and the dimension of the bottle is easy to handle for the kids. The lid feels very good, and the small ‘finger hole’ is handy for carrying the bottle around. Eddy is the best water bottle for kids, but mostly girls.


Aladdin Aveo

In the neutral Aladdin Aveo bottle series, there is a bottle for every one, if your child hasn’t yet decided whether they like Batman or unicorns, the wide array of bottles in the Aveo series are the deal. The bottle comes in a 600 or 350 ml version. The bottle is smartly design, the lid is easy to open and can be screwed on tight relatively easily. This bottle is great for the older ones too, the neutral design makes it suitable for both the younglings and teenagers.

Eddy water bottle for kdis, the bottle has blue, green and yellow dots. This bottle is the best water bottle for kids.

Aladdin Aveo is the best water bottle for kids, and the older ones. The array of design can’t be anything other than loved. The wide opening, and the easy to drink of spout is a hit.

Vibe Cool Water Bottle

Presuming that you have a child or children, for that matter, do you know how much water your child should drink? If you are like most parents you would like to know, but it can be hard, or almost impossible to find out, if you do not have any parameter to go from. We have made this guide to help you find the perfect water bottle for your kids. We will start out, by saying a bit about the amount of drinking, which children should do. There are a couple of parameters which “decides” how much water your child, or yourself for that matter, need to drink. The biggest factor is probably the activity levels of your child, the activity level determines how much your child should move. It can differ quite a bit from kid to kid, if your child is in kindergarten, they tend to run around and play a lot more, than if they are in school, where there is not that much time for playing. Even tough children does not sweat as much as adults, they still lose a lot of body fluids, which are very important, for their well being. Some kids also has after school or after kindergarten actives, like soccer practice or playing around with a friend. Another big factor is the size of your child, which can be a little hard to talk about sometimes. If you child is tall or big, they will need to drink more water, as they are bigger, on the other hand, a smaller guy does not need that much water. An interesting fact to have in mind, is that people are made up of 60-70 % water, so it is not wonder that we need that much of it. Water is a vital ingredient in a good and happy life, especially one of a youngster. A third important factors, even tough it is not as important as the first two, is the question of the climate or weather of your children location. If you live in a hot desert like place, like Las Vegas or Los Angeles you will all need to drink more water, and it goes the other way around too, if you live in a less hot area, with mild weather and climate, you will need to drink a little less. It is important to have in mind, that if you live in a very cold place, you do still need to drink water, and maybe more than you would have had to if you lived in a “normal” place. If you have become a little confused by all of these terms, and the talk about water has made your thirsty. Then lean back, take a sip of water, and enjoy. The best thing you can do to make your child drink plenty of water, or this is at least our opinion here, is to give your child a water bottle. And not just a random water bottle, their own water bottle. It will give the kid a feeling of importance, and we all do take more care of our own things. When you have given your child a water bottle, it is important to tell the kid about the importance of drinking water, and their responsibility of the bottle. When you have your own of something, you will take much more care of it, and it is a great way to learn children about taking care of things. The Vibe Cool water bottle, is one of the best water bottles on the market, and we especially recommend it to kids. Vibe Cool has a history of great water bottle behind them, and their insulated bottle is not difference, they have made a couple of version of the bottle, which is always in development. The bottle hold 21 OZ ( 620 ml ) which is a good amount for kids. When you are shopping for a water bottle, for the small ones, it is important to keep in mind that the bottle does not have to get too big, as that will make it hard to carry around. Your will will not get any problems with the carrying of the Vibe Cool water bottle, as the bottle has a nice carrying handle on the top of the lid. The lid is a screw on and off lid, which in the most cases, is the easiest for kids to open and close, without problems. The lid has a rubber ring on the edge of it, which makes it even easier to carry around for those with smaller hands. The bottle also has the same kind of ring in the bottom, which also adds the carrying capabilities. The bottle is insulted, and that is the number one reason to get it. Having an insulated water bottle is just so much better than having a normal water bottle. An insulated water bottle is great for school, kindergarten or a car trip. Instead of the water becoming lukewarm, and not pleasant to drink, the bottle will keep in nice and chill. The bottle will keep water cold for as long as 24 hours, that is a really long time, and with a little help of ice cubes, the bottle will keep the delicious water on hand for a very long time. If you child likes tea, or you want to borrow the bottle ones in a while, it can also hold hot beverages. The bottle will keep beverage such as coffee, tea or hot chocolate hot for a whopping 12 hours. The cooling and heating capabilities of the bottle, comes from the double wall vacuum insulation.

a green container

The Vibe Cool water bottle is the perfect water bottle for those with smaller hands and big thirsty mouths. The bottle is 100 % BPA free, so you do not need to worry about getting poisoned. The bottle comes in a nice green color, which will be like by a lot of kids, but probably mostly boys. The bottle will go great with a green bag, so you might want to think about that when buying the bottle. The bottle comes in a nice gift box too.

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