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in blue, this is the best workout water bottle.

Drinking water when you are working out is very important, your body can do more, when you are hydrated. Drinking water helps utilize the oxygen in your lungs better, and transport energy to your muscles. Whether you are doing intense sports like boxing, weight lifting or sprinting or longer sports like running and soccer, it is very import to stay hydrated. Most injuries in non-contact sports comes directly or indirectly from dehydration. And the biggest reason to get a water bottle for working out, is that it just feels so refreshing to drink water, when you are exhausted. That is why we have made a list to help you find the best water bottle for working out.

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Nomader Collapsible water bottle

When you are working out, it sucks to carry a bottle, but it sucks even more to have to carrying an empty bottle. That is where the Nomader Collapsible water bottle comes into play. The bottle is collapsible, which means that it can be collapse, and put away. Collapsing the bottle means that you fold it up, so it fills almost nothing, but more about that later. The bottle holds 22 OZ (650 ml) which is plenty for a workout, the 22 OZ capacity is also great for the 64 OZ a day water recommendation. If you want to use the bottle outside of working out, you can just fill it up three times during a day, and you will have your water consumption covered. Your body needs about 64 OZ (1900 ml) of water every day, that is an average number, and it depends on the climate where you live, and your activity level. Your activity level will or course be impacted by you working out, but 3* 22 OZ = 66 OZ, so there you have 4 extra ounces. The fact that the bottle can be collapsed is a huge plus, when you go to the gym, you can just have it packed away, and then you can fill the bottle at the gym. Or if you like running, you can easily pack the bottle away in your pocket when you have emptied, that also makes the bottle great for hiking. What keeps people away from buying a bottle for the gym, is often the fact that people think that a bottle has to be a bulky monstrosity, but actually you can get a lightweight and compact bottle, a perfect water bottle for working out. When you have emptied the bottle, you can fold it down by first of sliding up the plastic ring, which covers the body of the bottle, and helps keep the shape of the bottle. When the ring is slid up, you can start folding the bottle from the bottom and going upwards, it takes a matter of seconds to fold the bottle. When the bottle is folded all the way to the top, you can take the strop, which is attached to a ring on the top of the bottle, and bind the strap around the bottle, so the body of the bottle will be locked in place. When the strap is attached to the plastic ring, which was pushed up at first, the bottle will stay compact until you lock it up. The locking mechanism is super smart, and you will safe a ton of space with it. The lid of the bottle is also super smart, and made to fit the locking of the bottle. The lid has a spout, the spout is protected by a protective cap. The cap can be flipped on and off as you like. The cap will stay in place, and it is locked very securely in place, so you do not have to worry about any leaks at all with the Nomader water bottle.

in blue, this is the best workout water bottle.

All in all, the Nomader Collapsible Water bottle is super great for working out, it will get you through you work out. The bottle is just like a normal bottle; it can just also be folded down to almost nothing. The body of the bottle is made out of silicone, the silicone is durable, while still maintain the right form, and it does not just suddenly collapse in your hands. The bottle is of course super safe, and it is 100 % free from BPA and toxics materials, so no worries there. You can get the bottle in 3 super crispy colors, a natural grey, and two additional colors.

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Swig Savvy water bottle

The Swig Savvy water bottle is another super good water bottle for working out. The bottle is insulated, and it has been featured on the site a couple of times before (see more about it here: best water bottle) and that is not without a reason, the bottle is super great. The bottle holds 25 OZ (740 ml) which is a bit more than other bottles, but it sure comes in handy to have a little extra capacity when working out. The bottle is double wall insulated, the double wall insulation is quite new, and it is a great alternative to the foam insulation that bottles are usually insulated with. The double wall insulation works by creating a vacuum between to walls in the bottle, the vacuums makes it harder for the surrounding to change to temperature of the beverage in the bottle. The bottle will keep your water cold for up to 24 hours, yes that is right 24 hours, that is a crazy amount of time, but it is anything but a lie. The bottle will also keep beverages hot for a whopping 6 hours, the heating capabilities of the bottle is fantastic for tanking coffee or tea with you. The insulation means that the bottle can also be used for other thing than working out, you can take the bottle with you to work, or use it when you are going on a trip. The lid of the bottle is made for sports and working out. The lid can of course be screwed on and off like most lids, and when done so, you can drop in ice cubes, to make your water super cold. On top of the lid there is a spout, the spout is for drinking water quickly and easily. The spout can be flipped up and down for easy drinking and closing the bottle again. The lid also has a carrying handle for easy transportation.

red water bottle

The Swig Savvy water bottle is a super great bottle, which the history of Swig Savvy backs up. The bottle comes in 6 different great colors. The bottle comes with a carrying pack for easy transportation, the back is great for running. The bottle is also 100 % BPA free, so no worries there. The bottle is made of 18/8 food grade steel, which is also super safe. IN addition to the bag, the bottle also comes with a carabiner, to attach it to a backpack.

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Element Stainless steel insulated

Go back to the elements with the Element water bottle. The bottle is a super great bottle, it will get you through the day with awesome hydration. Element is a rather new water bottle brand, but they have already done a great job of proving their wroth. Element has already made a couple of great water bottles, and the stainless steel one is no exception. The bottle holds 17 OZ (500 ml) that is a great amount, it makes it so the bottle is not to big nor to small. If you get a bottle that is too big you are not going to be able to carry it around, because it is too bulky. The Element water bottle is perfect for the gym. There is nothing better than a cold sip of water, when you are all sweaty and dehydrated. It is really important to drink plenty of water both before you work out, while you work out and when you are done. Our bodies are made out of about 60 % water, so you can say that it is out most important resource. If you lose too much water because of working out, you can risk your health, you can get cramps or even more severe injuries, so there are plenty of reasons to keep on drinking. The Element water bottle is insulated, and that is just a plus. There is nothing worse than filling a bottle with cold water, and then when you get to the gym it is already cold. You will not have to drink lukewarm water. The bottle will keep your water cold for up to 24 hours, that is an insane amount of time. Imagine that you could fill a bottle with cold water, and maybe drop in a couple of ice cubes, leave it on a table, and then it would still be cold the day after. Well you can do that with the Element water bottle. Even tough you might want to use the bottle for the gym, it can also be used for other activities such as work, or just general around house stuff. When you go to the gym, you might not want to bring hot coffee. Even tough hot tea or coffee might not be the perfect fit for the gym, it is for work or other activities, so it is good that the bottle is excellent at insulating hot stuff too. The bottle will keep beverages hot, for a hot 12 hours, that is a long time considering the time normal insulated bottles will keep beverages hot, which is 6 hours. The lid of the element water bottle is a normal screw on and off lid, but it is actually insulated too, which helps keep the temperatures of you beverages even better. The lid also has a special O ring inside, which helps prevent leaks.

4 bottles standing side by side

The Element water bottle is a super good bottle. TheĀ  bottle is made out of stainless steel, and it is 100 % BPA free and non toxic. The steel of the bottle is 18/8 food graded and of the highest quality. The bottle insulates using a double wall vacuum technique, which is far more superior than foam. The vacuum also makes the bottle sweat free, so you do not have to worry about losing grip when you are at the gym. The vacuum also makes sure the bottle will keep your beverages at the perfect temperature, so it is a win win situation. The bottle comes in a couple of different design, and there is for sure one for you.

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Nike Sports Bottle

No list of the bottles for working out is complete without the Nike sports bottle. The classic bottle, which was the first to make use of the leak proof but always open lid. You can just turn the bottle right side up and suck lightly on it, and water will flow out. The bottle holds 20 OZ (600 ml) which is plenty for a good work out. The bottle is curvy in one side, which makes for a good fit in your hand. The grip tape on the side holds to ensure the best grip, so it is easy to drink even with sweaty hands.

a blue nike sports bottle

The Nike bottle is the best water bottle for working out, for those that is in search for a simple bottle. You can get the bottle is several different colors, and the bottle fits great in both hands.

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Zafos Pure Copper

The Zafos Copper is the best water bottle for working out, for those that like a little bling. The bottle is made of copper and it looks really cool. According to Zafos copper helps to reduce weight, help with join pain and fight of cancer, whether or not that is true we do not know. Surprisingly enough if you leave your water in the bottle overnight in the fridge; it will taste a lot better. And the copper bottle looks really great, and the light reflection looks so cool.

The copper water bottle, is the best water bottle for working out
The Zafos Pure Copper water bottle is a great bottle and the 32 OZ (950 ml) capacity is plenty for a work out session. The design of the bottle is great, it fits into most cup holders and the lid is complexly leak prof.

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Camtoa spray bottle

You might not have heard of a spray bottle before, but actually, they are very cool, you can both drink and spray with the bottle. The spray function is great when your face fells dehydrated, on a hot day. In addition, if you fill the bottle with cold water, it is great way to stay cool. The bottle holds 20 OZ (600 ml) and has a small straw inside it, the straw makes it so you do not have to turn the bottle to drink, you can just sip instead.

Camtoa water bottle with fresh water behind it.

The Camtoa water bottle is the fancy best water bottle for working out. The bottle is a great way to entertain kids too.

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Kangaroo Gym Water Bottle

How do you keep your things safe at the gym? Some gyms have lockers, so you can protect your stuff, but the locks on those lockers does not always work, and feel that safe. There might not even be lockers at your local gym. Kangaroo has the solution to the problem. Instead of having to worry about your belongings, you can put them in your water bottle. It sounds a bit wired at first, but it is actually very smart. There lies a great importance in staying hydrated, all though it is not always that easy. You might also be wondering how much water you should drink. There is not always a simple answer for that question, but we can try to give you an idea, of how much water you should consume. There are a couple of factors to keep in mind, when you are trying to figure out how much water you need to drink. The first factor correlates a lot with working out, as it is the activity level of ours. Activity level is just another word, for how much you sweat, or move to say it with other words. It is really important that you stay hydrated, and finding out how much you sweat, is a great way to start. It can be difficult to find out, but you need too, because when you sweat you will lose a lot of body fluids trough sweating. You should not stop working out, as it is really good to get going and sweat out. When you sweat you kind of replaces the water in your system, which is really healthy. The second factor lies close the first one, as it is the climate factor. If you live in a hot city, or out in a desert for that matter, you will naturally sweat more. When the weather is hot, your body will try to cool you down through sweating, and thus you will lose body fluid. The third and last factor is your body. The meaning of that is how big you are. The bigger you are, the more you need to drink. When you combine all of those factors, you will get a better idea of how much you have to drink. If you want to combine the importance of drinking, and get some security in the deal too, you should get the Kangaroo gym water bottle. The bottle is great for working out at the gym, as the bottle has a secret compartment on the side. You can put your house keys and some money, in the compartment, and still have plenty of space for water.

bottel with wallet open

The bottle holds 25 OZ (740 ml ) which is plenty for the gym. The bottle can also be used for a walk in the park or other activities or at work. The bottle has a really smart lid, which can be flipped up and down. The bottle will for sure make for a great security buddy at the gym. The bottle is grey, and it blends into the background for extra security.

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