Best Water Bottle in the World

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Best Water Bottle in the World

Best Water Bottle in the World Comparison Table

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Best in the world, that is a statement to make, although we here at best water bottles cannot quite say that about any bottle, we can still recommend a good water bottle to you. In all honestly, the best water bottle in the world, would cost thousands of dollars, and be made out of carbon fiber, or another expensive material.

What we can give you is a really great water bottle, but we have to remember one thing; we are all human. Everybody is different, and thus everybody will have different needs, so you cannot really say that one specific water bottle will do the trick for everyone. Finding the best water bottle in the world is a task that will never end, because there is always being made new advancements, there is also progress, and always new things to consider and take into account.

You should never settle. You should never say that something is the very best, and that it cannot be beaten, because it can. We never know what is going to happen in a few months, or possibly in a few weeks, days or hours. We have made a list of some of the good water bottle right now, so if you want a quality water bottle, that is affordable, you should look no further. As time has progresses we have gotten quite a knowledge base about water bottles, so it is with confidence that we can say we are experts when it comes to water bottle.

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

The Hydro Flask is the best stainless steel water bottle.

You could say that we quite often advise people to buy the Hydro Flask, but it is not without reason, because it is pretty awesome. The bottle is insulated, which is the number one thing to notice about it. Having an insulated bottle is really nice, especially in the top of the seasons. When it is summer and it is hot outside, there is nothing better than taking a sip of ice cold water from an insulated bottle.

The Hydro Flask is also great in the winter. You can fill the bottle with hot cacao and surprise the family on a trip. The bottle will surely keep both your insides and your outside hot in the winter. The bottle can practically be used for everything, both for work, for school, for family trips and for all the other things that one might want to do.

Felling thirsty is not nice and Hydro Flask want to prevent that, by giving you the ultimate hydration experience. By now you might be wondering how good the bottle is at insulating, so let us get to the numbers.

The bottle will keep water and other beverages cold for a good 24 hours, yes 24 hours. Imagine being able to fill a bottle with water right now, and then tomorrow at the same time it will still be cold. Quite nice. The bottle is also great at keeping beverages hot, and it will do so for 6 hours, and that is just the time Hydro Flask advises, but in our tests, it was able to keep coffee hot for upwards of 12 hours. But honestly who would be able to keep from drinking delicious coffee or tea for 6 hours? It is indeed really nice.

The Design of the Hydro Flask is what is lifting it up another step, the entire bottle is coated with anti slip coating, which is great because it prevents the bottle to slip out of your hands, even when they are wet. The bottle does not sweat either, meaning that condense will not form on the outside, which is nice for two reasons. First of it looks bad, and it can damage the surface beneath or make your backpack or what you are carrying the bottle in wet. Secondly it makes the bottle hard to get a good grip on, but do not worry none of this happens with the Hydro Flask.

The lid of the bottle is a normal screw on and off lid, which is pretty nice, because it can be tightened really tight, so you will not spill and the bottle will not leak either. The lid has a finger hole too, so you can attach the bottle to a backpack with a carbineer.

The bottle comes in quite a lot of different variants. First of the bottle comes in more than 10 different colors, and you are free to pick the one you like the most. All of the colors looks super crispy, and they will fit into any environment, whether it is school, work or home. You can also get the bottle in a couple of different sizes, ranging from 14 Oz to 24 Oz, and again you are free to pick the one you like the most.

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Swig Savvy Water Bottle

Swig Savvy blue bottle

The next bottle on the list is also of excellent quality, which is what we are going for. The Swig Savvy water bottle is insulated just like the Hydro Flask. The bottle comes with loads of extra things, but more about that later.

Swig Savvy is a water bottle brand with a long history of great water bottles, and this one is no difference. The bottle is really great, and it is mostly because of its nice design, and the fact that it is really good at insulating.

When you are going away from home, for work, for school, sports or other things, it is nice to have a water bottle along with you. Often times there is not any good water drinking facilities, and then you will be thankful for bringing your own bottle of water or another beverage. The Swig Savvy bottle can be used for any beverage, whether it is coffee, tea, soda or the most know; water, you can use the bottle.

The bottle uses double wall vacuum technology, sounds fancy right? And it really is, the bottle utilizes the facts that both heat and cold has a harder time changing temperature when there is a vacuum between it, and the outside, which will make your beverage stay colder for longer.

The vacuum insulation is also great because it adds insulation to the bottle, without making it much heavier, which is what you should go for. Normal foam insulated water bottles, are often not as good at insulating, and it is at the same time much heavier, which is bad, so you should go for a vacuum insulated water bottle, such as the Swig Savvy or the Hydro Flask.

The Swig Savvy bottle holds 20 Oz (600 ml) which is a little more than a plastic bottle holds, and for most people it is the perfect amount, not so much that you cannot get enough to drink, but not more than you want to carry.

The bottle is coated with anti-slip coating like the Hydro Flask, so it is almost impossible to lose grip of. The bottle looks pretty good too, the coating together with the stainless steel is great. The bottle is made out of 18/8 stainless steel, and it is food graded, so you should not worry about that. The bottle is free from any BPA, which is great for people that does not want anything to do with that.

The lid of the bottle is a normal screw on and off lid, which is colored black. The lid has a finger hole for carrying, and it comes with a carabiner included.

The Swig Savvy water bottle comes with a couple of handy accessories. The bottle comes with two extra lids! The bottle comes with a normal screw on and off lid, then a bamboo and stainless steel lid, which is great for hot beverages, and it is completely free from plastic. The last lid is a sports lid, as it has a bite and sip valve, which is great for doing sports. It is really nice to be able to switch it up with the lids, so you can maximize the use of your bottle.

The Swig Savvy bottle comes with one surprise more, which is a carrying pouch. That is right, the bottle comes with a pouch for carrying the bottle included, which is really nice. When you want to bring your water bottle, but not a bag, you can just take the pouch, which even comes with a shoulder strap, for even better carrying. As a last thing, you can get the bottle in two different colors, red and blue.

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CamelBak Chute

We really like the Chute here at best water bottles, and there is a reasonĀ  behind that; CamelBak is a great brand, as they have made countless of great bottles. CamelBak has something for everyone, they have made bottles for kids as well as adults, which is really nice. CamelBak is know for making strong bottles that can take a beating, which the Chute surely can, so you should not be scared of buying it.

The Chute Bottle is made in a nearly 100 percent plastic design. Which is great for two reasons, first of plastic is lightweight, making it an ideal material for a water bottle, because we do not want it to weight much, as that will drag the experience down. The second reason plastic is great, is because of its see through ability, which means you can get a constant view of how much water you have.

The CamelBak Chute has pretty smooth outer walls, which makes for a little light grip, but it is nothing to worry about in the long run. The bottle has it widest point in the middle, which makes for an ergonomically grip. The lid of the bottle is where the magic happens. The lid is designed to give you the ultimate drinking experience.

The lid is a normal screw on and off lid on the bottom, but then there is a valve at the top, which means you can screw the lid on and off to refill, and use the valve to drink from. The valve has a screw on and off cap, which is great for drinking, as it provides fast water flow, without taking much time to operate, which is what we are going for.

The lid has a finger hole for easy carrying, but the hole can also be used to attach a carabiner, which is really awesome if you want to use the bottle for hiking or camping. The bottle can also be used for work or school, or as many people will use it for; around house stuff.

Having a water bottle is good, but having a CamelBak is awesome. When you are traveling, it is really nice to be able to bring your own water, because then you are the only one who knows what is in it. When you are going to third world countries, you can not always drink the water, so being able to bring your own, all though it might only be a limited amount, it is still nice. If you are a frequent third world country traveler, or just want to check out some great water filters, you should check this article out.

The valve of the bottle is secured to the lid with a string, which is really nice, because the string presses the valve up, so that it will not get in the way when you are drinking. The lid getting in the way is a frequent problem, when you are drinking from other water bottles, so it is really nice to having such technology for a change. The lid has the CamelBak logo written on it too, so other people can see that you like quality.

The CamelBak bottle comes in a couple of different colors, so you can chose just the one you like. The colors range from bright yellow to a relaxes blue. You can also get the bottle in many different sizes, but our favorite is the 25 Oz (750 ml ) version, because it is big enough to hold a good amount of water, but small enough to be transported around.

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Mira Insulated Water bottle

The Mira bottle stadig on a fussball table

The Mira bottle is something that you will see and then look at again, to see what it really is. At first sight, it does not really look like a normal water bottle, but when you get to look at it closely, you can see that it really is. The bottle is insulated, which is great when if you are planning on using the bottle outside of the home.

When you use a bottle away from your home, you will not always have the privilege of being able to refill your bottle at all times, and thus being able to carry water or a beverage, that will stay the same temperature for hours is really nice. The Mira bottle looks damn good too, which is just a bonus, The bottle is designed with edges that does not take any sharp turn, making the bottle look a little a rocket, because of the light inwards going shape.

The bottle is made out of stainless steel, which is really nice to hold. The steel l is only visible on the bottom, but you can actually feel that the bottle is made out of steel, just by touching the coating. The bottle is really good at insulating, it will keep water cold for a whopping 12 hours, and it will keep beverages like hot coffee or tea hot for the same amount of time.

In our testing the Mira bottle was actually able to keep water colder for more than 12 hours, so that is just a nice surprise, when you get to try the bottle out. The bottle is insulated with vacuum technology, which is pretty revolutionary compered to foam insulation, which is what bottle are usually insulated with. The vacuum insulation is also much more lightweight than foam insulation, so it is a win-win situation.

The lid of the bottle is a normal lid, it just have that one difference, which is the fact, that it is made out of stainless steel too, making other water bottles made with plastic lids look bad. The stainless steel lid also adds another layer of insulation to the bottle, so that you drinks and water, will be kept cool and warm for even longer.

You might be wondering how insulation works, so here is a brief explanation of it; Let us take the example of an insulated bottle with cold water in it. When the temperature outside of the bottle is higher than the temperature inside of the bottle, the outside will simply put heat up the bottle, and thus make the water inside hotter, but when the bottle is insulated, it becomes much harder for the outside to cool it down. This example works with hot stuff too, where the air outside, just tries to cool down the hot beverages inside the bottle. Either way the outside will always win in the end, but insulation just makes the beverage or water, stay cool or hot for longer.

The Mira bottle holds 17 Oz, which is the same amount one use water bottle holds, so you will probably be used to that amount, and not feel any difference. The bottle comes in many different colors, and it is up to your to decide which one you like the most. The last thing you should know about the bottle, is the fact that it does not sweat at all, which means that no condense comes on the outside.

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Glacier Point water bottle

a water bottle that is a great color

The bottle up next on the list is also insulated, but that is because having an insulated water bottle is just such an awesome thing. You never really get to appreciate having an insulated water bottle, before you do not have one. Even though a lot of people think that having an insulated water bottle is a mess, and that they are heavy to carry around, they get surprised when they actually get one.

A lot of advancements has been made in the water bottle world in the last few years, which means that insulated bottles has gotten a lot better. You might have heard up talk about vacuum insulation a lot, but it is because of itsĀ  awesome features. Instead of foam, the vacuum uses the power of physics to keep your drinks cool or hot. The vacuum gets put in the sides of the bottles doing manufacturing, and it will be kept in there forever.

The Glacier Point bottle lives up to its name. The bottle is really good at keeping things cool, and it will do so for a great 24 hours, and honestly who is able to resist drinking nice and cold water for that long. The bottle will also keep hot beverages like the are supposed to be for a good 12 hours, and there is definitely nobody who can resist drinking coffee for that long.

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