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If you like going outdoors, perhaps to hike or camp in the wild, you have got to have a great outdoor water botlte. When you are hiking, camping or doing anything outdoors, it is a great idea to keep a water bottle at hand. You never know what is going to happen, and if you were to be stuck in nature, it would be a littearal lifesaver to have a water bottle.

Most people think of a water bottle as a fragile thing, which most water bottles are, but there are some which can take a beating. When you are buying an outdoors water bottle, it is erally important that it can take a beating. If the botlet is swinging around on your backpack hitting trees and being used, it should be able to keep up to it all. There is nothing worse than your water botlet breaking, and you loosing all of your water.

LifeStraw Go Water Bottle

Filtered water bottle

The first bottle on the list is probably the most genius water bottle ever. The bottle contains a water filter, which means that you can drink water from ponds, lakes, puddles and basically from all other water sources. The only thing you cannot drink with the LifeStraw is salt water, other than that you are free to drink anything.

The bottle is a combination of a water bottle and the LifeStraw, which is a relovlutionarry water filter. The filter filters out almost every thing that is bad for you. To drink from the bottle you just have to screw of the lid, and fill the bottle with water as dirty as you want, and then you will be albe to suck from the valve on the lid, and fresh and safe water will come out. The bottle is perfect for outdoor adventures.

You might be wondering exactly how good the bottle is at filtering water, and that is indeed a good question. This might sound a bit technigal, but it might be useful if you are trying to compare the LifeStraw to other water filters. The LifeStraw removes 99.9999% of all waterborne bacteria, which is called log 6 recudtion. The straw will also remove 99.9% of all waterborne protozoan Parasites, which is called log 3 reduction. The starw is also so good that it will remove E. Coli, Giardia and Cryptosporidium oocysts and a lot of other nasty things in your water. The last thing is especially good, if you are going to third world countries, where the water is not save to drink, and you will need to filter all of your water.

The bottle itself is made out of BPA free Tritan plastic, and the bottle is ready to take a beating at any time. When you hold the bottle in your hands it fells really strong. The LifeStraw is attached to the lid, and it is futher connected to a bite and sip valve on the outside of the lid. The valve is really easy to drink from, and you will have no problems operating it. The straw can be taken out of the bottle, if you want to use it that way, and you can also replace the straw when the lifetime of it expires. The straw can filter a total of 264 gallons (1000 liters) which is more than a years worth of water, so you will probably not use the straw up.

The Bottle holds 23 ounces ( 680 ml) which is more than enough eppicially when you can refill the bottle all the time anywhere.The bottle has a carabiner attached to it too, and it sis on the lid, so it is really easy to hold on to the bottle. The filter does not add any after taste to the water at all, which is a thing a lot of people will worry about when buying a filtered water bottle. If you want to check out more filtered water bottles, we have made an article about those right here.

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Swig Savvy Insulated Water Bottle

The black water bottle the best water bottle for gym

The next bottle on the list is the Swig Savvy insualted water bottle, the bottle is made out of stainless steel, and it is strong like a beast, the bottle is ready to take a beating and you can carry it outside of your backpack without any problems. The bottle is coated with anti slip coating, which is fancy way of saying, that it will not slip out of your hands when you are carrying it.

The bottle is relatively lighweihgt, which is a concern of many people when buying an insulated water bottle. The bottle is insulated with vacuum, which sounds a little crazy, but never the less it works like a charm, which is what we want. The vacuum insulation is much better than the usual foam insulation that water bottles are made with.

You might be wondering for how long the bottle can proberly insulate, and that is indeed a good question, and good qestions needs good answers. The bottle will keep beverage such as water cold for a wopping 24 hours. That is a whole day, which is really nice. The bottle will also keep beverages hot, which it will do for a good 12 hours, and that is a really long time.

When you are out in the wild, it is amazing to be able to enjoy a hot cup of coffee, and there is not better way to do that than with the Swig Savvy water bottle. The lid of the botlt is a normal screw on lid, but the lid is not one lid, there is three lids. The bottle comes with three different lids included, which is the best thing ever.

The first lid is the screw on and off lid, the second is a bamboo and stainless steel lid, which is the best lid for keeping things hot or cold. The thirid lid included is a sports lid, which is really great for fast hydration. The bottle comes in three different colors, and you should check them out for youself. The botlet also comes in a couple of differnet sizes.

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