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Some people like drinking from a bottle with a straw. One of the advantages by drinking with a straw is that you do not have to tilt the water bottle to drink; instead, you can just suck the water up. It looks a little better and cooler to drink with a straw, and not having to brake you neck trying to get the last drop of water. It is important to choose the right bottle, the straw has to be long enough, and it has the be secured tightly so it does not fall down. We have made a list, so you can get the best water bottle with straw.

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Brand:ElementContigo JacksonWav

Club35 Insulated Water Bottle

Club35 as it is called is quite a different water bottle company, the company makes unique stuff, and their water bottle is no differences. It is really important to stay hydrated throughout the day, but you still have to look good. When you are drinking from a normal water bottle, you can sometimes feel a little like a fool, when you have to turn your head all the way back to drink. There can also be other reasons for getting a water bottle with a straw. If you can back- or neck pain, a water bottle with a straw can be quite a pain relief. Sometimes it also just fells better to drink from a straw instead of a normal bottle. The Club35 water bottle is made out of stainless steel, which is of very high quality and guaranteed never to rust. The steel is furthermore 18/8 food graded, so you do not have to worry about drinking toxics. The bottle is also insulated, which just makes it even more perfect. There are many good reasons to get an insulated water bottle. There is just nothing better than a cold sip of water after a workout, or hot coffee on the way to work. The water bottle is insulated super fantastically, and will ensure you the best temperature of your beverage. The bottle will keep water cold for a incredible 24 hours, that is a really time, and it is great for long trips like hiking or driving. The bottle is also good at keeping beverages hot, which it will do for 12 hours, fantastic for bringing coffee or tea to work or in the car. The cooling and heating capabilities of the bottle comes from the vacuum insulated walls. The bottle is created with a vacuum between two walls. The bottle has an inner and an outer wall, and between there is a vacuum, with “traps” the temperature of the beverage in the bottle. The vacuum insulation is far more superior, than the usual foam insulation, which insulates more poorly than the vacuum and weight more. The bottle is great at insulating, and whether you are going for a walk in the park, or a whole day trip into the forest, the bottle is great for everything. The bottle holds 32 OZ (950 ml) which is a great amount, there will be enough, even if you are two people.

water botlte in blue and black

The bottle is 100 % BPA free, and together with the food graded steel, you will be safe and good to go. The bottle comes with three unique lids, in three different colors. The first lid is a normal screw on lid, with a nice handle brigde, for easy carrying. The second lid is a coffee lid, which is meant for hot beverages, and works like most normal coffee mugs. The third and final lid, is a straw lid, which is by far the best lid for most things. The lid has a spout, which can be flipped up and down, for easy drinking. The straw lid has a small finger hole, for carrying too.

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Contigo Jackson Water Bottle

The Contigo Jackson water bottle is the perfect casual water bottle for the home. The bottle is made by Contigo, Contigo has a long history of great water bottles, and the Contigo is no exception. The bottle holds 24 OZ ( 709) which is plenty for a long day at work, on the run or while you are doing sports. Having a water bottle with you is a great thing, and it is really important to stay hydrated during the day. When your body is dehydrated, it does not function correctly. Both your brain and the rest of your body needs water to run. Contigo continues to create wonderful water bottles. The Jackson water bottle does also come in a 30 OZ (900 ml) version, so you can pick the one for your needs, the smaller one is good for a long day in the field, and the bigger one is great as a family bottle. Instead of having to buy bottled water wherever you are, you can just keep to your water bottle, it will not only save you money, but also time, as you do not have to buy water all the time. The lid of the bottle is probably the best thing, it is designed in such a great way, that you will not even believe it until you try it out. The lid can be screw on and off, to reveal a large opening, the large opening is for refilling the bottle, and it is large enough for you to drop in ice cubes, or lemon slices to make a nice drink. The upper part of the lid, where the action is going on, is the real deal. The bottle uses a button for opening, you just press the button which is right on the side of the lid. When the button is pressed a lid automatically opens up, and you can drink right out of it. When you are done drinking, you can close the lid, and it will snap right in place again. The opening connects to a straw, which makes it easy to drink without having the tilt the bottle al the way to the side. Some people prefer a straw, because you do look better while drinking from one, instead of a normal water bottle. The button is really smart, and it makes it so you can drink with only one hand. You can hold your hand around the top of the bottle, and use your finger to press down the button and then just sip, and enjoy a nice chilly drink. When you know, that you are going for a longer time period without drinking, and can easily “disable” the bottle. By disable the bottle, we of course mean leak proofing the bottle. The button can be slid down, and while done so, is lock the lid in place, so it can no be opened before the button is slid up again. The locking mechanic is really a clever addition to the bottle, instead of being worried while you are transporting the bottle, you can relax and fell ensured that the bottle is safely in place. When the bottle is at risk of being turned up side down, it is a good idea to lock the water bottle. The bottle has yet another smart feature, there is a carrying handle on the lid. At first you do not see the handle, or at least you do not think of it as a handle. There is in fact a ring on the very top of the lid, the ring so to say, can the lifted up, and be used a handle. The carrying ring is really convenient for carrying the bottle, you can easily flip the ring up and down as you like.

Contigo Jackson water bottle

The Contigo Jackson water bottle is without a doubt the greatest water bottle with a straw. The smart lid and the button locking mechanism, is a new thing in the water bottle world. The bottle is made out of Tritan plastic, which is 100% BPA free. The bottle does not add any unwanted taste, odors or toxics to your water, so you can fell perfectly safe while drinking from the bottle. You can get the bottle is five different colors, all of the colors looks super frisky, and they fit perfectly in any occasion, whether it is work or at home.

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The Wav Bottle

The Wav water bottle is a great water bottle, so great that we like to pronounce it like the “wow” bottle. The bottle is packed with features. It holds 40 OZ ( 1200 ml) which is a ton of water. The bottle is also insulated, so you can bring coffee in it, and you will have enough for a bunch of people. The bottle is designed so it can be used for almost anything, you can fill the bottle with water and ice cubes, and take it with you to the beach to enjoy a nice cold drink. You can fill it with hot chocolate in the winter, and take the family on a trip, with a nice hot surprise. The bottle can also be used for work, you can bring your own coffee and save money, by not having to buy coffee on the way. The bottle is vacuum insulated, the vacuum insulation mean that the insulation adds almost no weight to the bottle. The insulation work really well, and it will keep your water cold for up to 24 hours, and a hot beverage hot for up to 6 hours. The bottle comes with three different lids, the first one is a normal screw on lid, which also has a caring loop attached to it, the second is a sports lid with a straw included, which works really well for work and the last lid, is a coffee or hot beverage lid, which provides great insulation while making it easy to drink hot things.

Wav bottle

The Wav bottle is a great bottle for everyone, and it comes with a nice gift box, which makes it the perfect gift for someone in search of a straw water bottle. The bottle is coated with black powder coating, which helps the bottle hold heat, and it also adds a nice grip surface, so the bottle is hard to lose. The large capacity and the many lids, makes this bottle perfect for any occasion, so bottle up and keep on drinking.

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CamelBak Eddy

You can’t have a list of the best water bottles with a straw, without having the CamelBak Eddy on it. The eddy bottle is fantastic, and it has been featured on the site numerous times, and that is not without reason. You can get the bottle in many different variants, a insulated version, a 17 oz ( 500 ml) version, a 34 oz ( 1 liter) version and a 25 oz ( 750 ml) version, just to name a few. You can also get the Eddy bottle with a straw, in a kids version, we have written a review about the kids version of the bottle here. The bottle also has a finger hole handle, that makes it easy to carry, and if you  but a carabiner on it, it can be attached to a backpack.

CamelBak Eddy in a blue version standing up.

The straw of the Eddy bottle reaches far down into the bottle, and you drink of the bottle via the bite valve. The bite valve is a very clever part of the bottle, you can just flip it up and drink, and when you are done drinking, just flip it down again, easy peasy japanesey. The CamelBak Eddy is our favorite, and in our opinion, the best water bottle with straw.

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Shokk Water Bottle

The Shokk water bottle is another great water bottle with straw. The bottle lid looks somewhat like a telescope, but the telescope has a function. The straw in the bottle gets bend over when the ‘telescope’ closes down, and that way the bottle gets closed securely. The Shokk bottle is the most secure water bottle ever, the closing technique ensures that no water gets out, no matter what.

The Shokk water bottle

The Shokk bottle is perfect for those that always manages to spill water, with bottle that will not happen. The bottle can holds 12 oz (350 ml), and the leak free design makes it perfect for both kids and adults.

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Swig Savvy Stainless Steel Bottle


The Swig water bottle is perfect for any activities such as sports, hiking, camping and for the car. The bottle has a tall profile so it will fit into almost any cup holder. The bottle is made of stainless steel, and it is insulated, making it perfect for carrying around coffee, or cold water on a hot day. The bottle holds 25 oz (740 ml) plenty for 5-6 hours of light activity.

Swigg Savvy water bottle with the case.

Furthermore, the bottle holds with a great carrying casing that you can swing around your shoulder, and a carabiner. The Swig bottle is the best water bottle with straw, for the quality-seeking consumer.

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LifeStraw Go Water Bottle

If you came here to find a water bottle with a filter as a straw, we do not want to disappoint you. The LifeStraw go is an excellent water bottle. The bottle is based around the LifeStraw, so you probably want to hear, what a LifeStraw is at first. The LifeStraw is a very clever invention, it is a filter that is placed in a straw. The filter works like a normal straw, it just filters the water when you suck it up. The filter is very excellent, and LifeStraw is a very good filter company. The filter can filter up to 264 gallons (1000 liters ) of water, which is a crazy amount of water. If you drink the recommended 2 liters a day, you can go for 500 days with the LifeStraw. The straw is frequently used in third world countries such as Africa. The straw helps people that does not have access to clean water, filter the water. The LifeStraw is so good, that you literally can drink water from the dirtiest place you know. Just keep in mind that, even though the LifeStraw is awesome, it is a stupid idea to drink from the sewer. You can drink rainwater, flood water, pool water or loads of other water types. The only thing you cannot drink with the LifeStraw is salt water. The filter cannot take out salt, but you do also need a very good filter to do so. The filter will take out any E coli, Giardia, Cryptosporidium and many other water contaminants. The filter removes 99.9999% percent of all bacteria, and 99.9% of all waterborne parasites. The filter does not add any aftertaste, and it is of course food graded. LifeStraw has done something very clever, they have combined the filter with a water bottle, so you can go around with water, and when you drink all the nasty stuff will be filtered out. The bottle is super sturdy, and it will not suddenly break. The bottle is made out of Tritan plastic which is BPA free, so there is one less thing to worry about. If you are a wilderness kind of guy, or you want to go on adventures, the bottle will be perfect for you. You can also just get the bottle to have laying around in the house for emergency uses. The bottle comes with a carabiner attached to the lid, so you can attach it to your backpack.

Filtered water bottle

The lid of the bottle includes, a valve which Is connected to the straw, the valve can be flipped down to make the bottle leak proof. The lid is made out of plastic, but is looks like some kind of super strong metal, it is actually also super strong, even though it is not made out of metal. LifeStraw gives a years worth of water to a child in a developing country, so you can feel good while buying the bottle. The bottle is excellent at filtering water, so you can feel super safe.

Go filtered

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