Best Water Bottles for Running

If you are a true runner, you will have felt the need for water while you are running so many times, and it is totally not awesome. Felling thirsty while running is a big problem, and it is often hard to prevent, for you to stay hydrated during a long run, you will need to drink plenty of water before running, but also while you are running, this list wi

When you run a well organized marathon, there will be booths, where you can pick a glass of water, and quickly get to running again. On the other hand, when you are running by yourself, you will not have those privileges.

Best Water Bottles for Running Comparison Table

Get your running shoes ready, and then go get a bottle, you will not get far without water!
Oz:102*10 = 2018
BPA Free:YesYesYes
Brand:CamelBakAdalid GearNathan

You can get to stay hydrated, by getting a water bottle for running, which is the purpose of this article; to present you for the best water bottles for running. We have picked out our favorite water bottles, which we have tested while running, and you will not be desepointed. We have done an article like this before, but everything chances all the time, but if you want to check the other one out too, you can click this link.

CamelBak Arc Quick Grip

Camelbak arc456

The first bottle on the list, and keep in mind, this is not in any order, is the CamelBak Quick Grip handheld water bottle. The bottle is really great for those, that want the maximum control of their bottle, and want to be able to drink within seconds.

You can hold the bottle with both your right and left hand, neither way the bottle will always come to bend inwards, which makes for even faster hydration.

The bottle itself is a pretty normal water bottle, it is made out of plastic, and it is completely free from BPA, which makes it super safe. The bottle is made with TruTaste manufacturing methods, which is CamelBak’s way of making bottles that does not taste of anything.

The lid of the bottle is really smart, there is first of a lid which can be screwed on and off, and then there is jet valve on the top, which is what you drink from, the lid is just for filling the bottle.

The Jet Valve is perhaps the best addition to the bottle, as it makes for super good hydration. The valve can be turned, so no water will come out at all, which is good for transporting the bottle, and then the valve can be turned, so that it is open practilly all the time, which is what you should do when you are running.

The valve has two small nubs, to guide it, and there is also text on the lid, so you will have no problem, figuring out where to turn it.

The bottle has a sleve around it, which is what makes it so awesome. The sleve goes over your hand, and you can adjust it, so you get the perfect grip for your hands. The strap is coledred lightly yellow, and there are small reflex bands in it, which makes it easier for cars to see you at night.

There is a little pocket in the sleeve, which is great for carrying small items, such as your phone, or some keys or our favorite; a protein bar.

All in all the CamelBak Arc is a really great bottle, it holds 10 OZ (300 ml) of water, which will be fine for most runners. Often times when you are actually running, it is not so much about the amount of water, but more the fact that you get something to drink, which will make it easier to finnish your run. You can get the bottle in four different styles; you can click the link below to check them all out.

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Hydration belt for running


The next bottle on the list is not really a bottle, it is a hydration belt, which can be just as awesome, if not better than a normal water bottle. You can put the belt around you waist, and then you will have instant acces to water all the time.

The Hydration belt is made by Adalid Gear, a less know, but still totally aweasome company. The belt comes with two pockets for water bottles, one in each side. Both bottles are made so the bent backwards, which makes them much easer to get up, and also get back in. the blet is meanst to be taken on, so that the bottles are in the front. This will make for the best hydration, and bets access to the bottles.

Inbetwen the botltes there is a pocket, just like on the CamelBak Arc. You can use the pocket to store small items, and as it will fit most phones, you can also use it to hear music. The pocket can also be used to keep a small first aid kit ready, or to keep your keys safe.

The bottles are made from BPA plastic, so you can fell super safe. Each one of the bottles holds 10 OZ for a total of 20 (600 ml), that is a very fine volume, and it does not fell bad at all to run with, it is actualy quite nice to run with, and you do not have to worry about the blet falling down and crawling up.

You can adjust the belt in the back, where there are two straps, which can be adjusted to your preferances, and you can even use them to control the placement of the bottles, so you can get even better use of the belt. To take the belt on, you just snap a lock together in the back.

There are reflexes on the sides of the belt, to keep you safe from cars driving by. The first thing people think about when they are buying a hydration belt, is whether or not it will fit, but with the Adalid belt, that will not be a problem. The belt will fit most people, as it is sized from 29” to 40” around the waist, and the elastic desing will ensure that the belt will not bounce up and down, or slide from side to side.

The belt is colered with a Royal Blue color scheme, which looks pretty cool, and you will be able to wear it with confidence whether you are a man or a woman, small or big, old or young.

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Nathan Peak Waist Pack

black and grey pack for water


The next item on the list is yet again not a water bottle, but it is still awesome, this time around, we present to you a waist pack, as Nathan themselves call it.

The waist pack is much like a hydration belt, it is just only with one bottle, and instead of the bottle(s) being on the front, the bottle is in the back, which makes for a whole another expirence. You will have to get used to reaching behind you back to get to the bottle, but in the long run it will make for a much better running expirence.

Having the bottle in the back, levels the weight out a lot better, that if it would have been in the front. To get a good grip on the bottle, you just have to reach behind you back, and simply grap the bottle. The bottle is tilted at a 45 degree angel, which makes it esaty to take, but you have to use you right hand, or you would just need to have really long left arm.

The bottle holds 18 Oz (535 ml) which is a little more than a normal bottle of botlted water holds, so you will be able to god a long way on the volume. The bottle is made from plastic, and it feel pretty sturdy to hold, and you will generally hot have any problems handeling it.

There is a bite and sip valve on the lid of the bottle, it is really easy to open, and you will genrally not have trouble getting to your water, even when you hands are sweaty, this is due to the wide design of the bottle, which fits great in your hand.

The belt is designed to the bottle is right in the center of you back so to say, and then there is pocket, which is going towards you left side, this is due to the fact, that the bottle is made for right handed people. You will probably be able to operate the belt, even though you are not a right handed person.

The belt is adjusted in the front right side, where you can make it fit your waist. The belt will fit pretty much everyone, as it can be adjusted out to a very big range. The best thing about the belt is the fact that it is insulated, so if you fill your bottle with cold water, the bottle holder will be able to keep in cold for longer, and it will do so without making you cold on the back. The bottle also includes a pocket for a wide array of times, and it can hold really big phones.

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  1. The double-walled insulation is really this bottle s secret sauce. After leaving the bottle in my car for three hours on a 94-degree day, the stainless steel exterior was searing hot. I was confident the water would be room temp at best but was shocked to find the ice cubes had hardly melted at all. This lightweight stainless steel bottle can go with you everywhere throughout your day. Running late but want a spill-proof way of transporting your freshly brewed dark roast? As long as the lid stays on in between sips, your coffee remains piping hot for hours. Need a post-run refresher? Fill it up with water and drop in a few ice cubes before you leave the house; you won t have to worry about leaving the bottle in the sun-soaked car on your long runs. Liquids, cool or hot, will keep their temperature. Your hand will not freeze or get scorched either, and the bottle doesn t gather up condensation the only one sweating is you.

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