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LifeStraw is the best water filter by far

Are you going on a trip around the world, do you like camping in the wild or do you live in an area with undrinkable water, whatever your case is, you need the best water filter. A water filter can be both mechanical or chemical, and it can be tough to chose the right filter for your needs, but do not worry we got you covered. A water filter, has to be of very high qulity so you do not get sick of drinking the water. And a water filter has to have a long lifetime, so it does not suddenly break down when you need it the most. Here is the three best water filters. If you are looking for water bottles with build in filter, then we have written an article about that here.

Best Water Filter Comparison Table

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Filter Range in Gallons:100.000 17264
Micron level:
BPA Free:YesYesYes
Brand:SawyerH2O SurvivalLifeStraw

Sawyer Products Mini Water Filter

The Sawyer Products water filter is a clever system for on the run filtering. The filter system is of the highest quality, even though it might seem a little complicated at first, it is actually really simple to filter water. The system is a kit, and it comes with a few different items. The first item is the filter itself, the second item you get is a foldable drinking pouch, you also get a cleaning plunger and a tube. The filter is quite small, it is only 7 inches long, which makes it really easy to carry around, it will fit in almost all pockets easily. The filter works by you sucking up water from one end, and in the end you are sucking on, clean water will flow out. The filter is really easy to drink from, and it does not require that much “force” to suck up water. The filter is designed so it can be attached to a bottle, how clever is that? The included bottle pouch can be used to store water. You can fill the pouch with water, and then just screw on the filter, and that way you can easily drink on the run. The pouch you get with the filter has a capacity of 16 OZ (470 ml) and it can be folded down to almost nothing. The pouch can be attached to the filter, just by getting screwed on, and when done so, you can press the pouch together, and water will flow out. The bottle can also be attached to other bottles, the filter can be attached to almost any bottle with a standard mouth. You do not have to worry about spills when the filter is attached to bottle, because the filter comes with a small cap, which can be put over the tap, and that way you can fell save about transporting the filter. The filter can be used to filter over 100,000 (378,000 liters) of water, that is an insane amount, it is much more than the other filters can be, and that is thanks to the included plunger. The kit comes with a cleaning plunger, the plunger can be put on the end where the filter sucks up water, but before done so, you should fill the plunger with clean water. Then you spray the clean water though the filter, the opposite way of how the water usually flows. When the filter is sprayed though with water, all of the particles that was in the filter comes out. The cleaning technique is really clever, it is only needed to be done when the flow of the filter seems to slow down, which is not often. When you clean the filter, you need to run it through a couple of times, to ensure that it is fully clean. The kit also comes with a small rubber tube, the tube is great if you want to attach the filter to a hydration pack, with the same principle as if it would had been a bottle. The filter will filter out particles down to the size of 0.1 micron, that is a pretty good filter size. The filter will take out 99.99999% of all bacteria, such as cholera, E. Coli and salmonella, and it will remove 99.9999% of all protozoa such as cryptosporidium and giardia.

Sawyer filter

The Sawyer Mini water filer opens up a world of possibilities, the included drinking pouch and tube, makes it a breeze to attach the filter to water holding containers. The smart feature which enables to clean the filter is also a big plus, so is the small cap on the drinking side of the filter. The filter comes in a range of varieties, You can get the filter in 7 different colors, or a multicolor pack. You can also get the filter in a 1, 2, or 4 pack variation, if you want one of each of your family members. The filter is great for trips in the wild, or you can store it for an emergency, where clean water might not be available.

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H2O Survival Water Straw

Want to go small? Really small? Really, really small? Then the H2O water straw is your best bet. The filter is so small that it looks like a pencil, yep, that is right, a water filter can be that small. There are plenty of advantages to having such a small filter. The filter is really great if you are traveling lightweight, or if you want to have a large amount of luggage and do not have space for a bulky filter. The filter is also great to put in your jacket or purse, so you will have it ready for an emergency. H2O Survival have really done a great job of packing so much filter down in such a small straw. The filter consists of no less than 12 different filters, yes that is insane. The straw is build up of layers of filters, which ensures you the very best water filter. The straw consist of 3 plastic filters, 4 different PP Fiber filters. The straw has a few larger active filters to, these include two activated carbon fiber filters, which help absorb organic chemicals and pollutants in the water, the carbon fiber filters also reduces the turbidity value of the water. The largest filter in the straw is a MIR high iodine bactericidal filter, the MIR filter kills bacteria with a success rate of 99.99%. The filter also has a natural coconut hush granule carbon layer, which removes poisonous substances and improves the smell and taste of the water. The last filter in the straw is a Nano ball filter, the Nano ball filter absorbs harmful heavy metal, such as lead, arsenic, cadmium, chromium and more. All together the 12 filters in the straw will remove 99.9999% of all bacteria, down to 0.1 microns.

The blue version of the filter

The H2O survival filter is an impressing straw which will take out the harmful contents of water. The straw is really really small, and it will help you stay safe. The straw can filter out a total of 18 gallons (70 Liters) If you want a bigger filter range, you can check out the bigger brother of the H2O filter, which is called the Travel Max Straw. The bigger brother of the straw can filter out a total of 530 gallons (2000 liters) but it is in turn a little bigger, see it here.

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LifeStraw made by Vestergaard makes a vide variety  of products, but their most popular is the LifeStraw. The LifeStraw water filter, is a mechanical water filter, it can filter up to 1000 liters. The filter removes a whopping 99.9999 % of all  bacteria, and a minimum of 99.9 % of waterborne protozoan parasites. LifeStraw works by sticking the straw in water and then sucking from the other end, the water then flows trough multiple filter, and leaving you with only the clean water. The straw does not use or does not need any chemicals to filter the water, making it totally safe to drink. The straw comes in a sealed bag, and it is handy to have lying around in the house for emergencies.

man drinking with lifestraw from bottle

The LifeStraw is a grat award winning water filter, that is lightweight does not fill much, and over all good quality. For every LifeStraw sold, Vestergaard donates a full years wroth of water to a school child in a developing country. LifeStraw is by far the best water filter If you want a bottle combined with the LifeStraw we have made a review of that exact bottle Here

Survivor Filter

The Survivor Filter, is a filter for the hardcore survivor, the filter uses a triple filtration system. The filter filters out, germs down to 0.05 microns, and the triple filtration system will insure secure filtering. The Survivor Filter has a cleanable filter, and it comes with 6 replaceable cotton pre filters. The filter is BPA-Free and weighs just 3.5oz.

man laying down while drinking from suvivor filter, the best water filter, for those on a budget.

The Survivor Filter is a convenient filter, and it will last you a long time, as it comes with replacement parts, and more can be bought. The bottle can be used as a straw, and be used with a box. The filter is only 7 inches long and 1 inch wide, making it super compact, the Survivor Filter is the best water filter for the survivor type.


OKEBA Soldier

There is not much to be said about the Soldier filter. The filter has a small pump that takes water in from one end and water comes out from the other one. The filter can filter 530 gallons, and filters down to 0.1 micron. The filter comes with a smart hard case, that makes for easy carrying.

OKEBA Soldier filter, the best water filter, but it is a bit roomy.

The Solder filter is great for hiking, fishing, hunting, climbing, survival or emergencies. The filter seems really solid, and it is made out of both metal and plastic. The nice case is a big plus. The OKEBA filter is the best water filter for the money. But if you want a more premium filter, go with the LifeStraw, but Soldier is a good runner up to the best water filter award.

Brita Infinity

If you are not fond of filtering your water while you drink. You can make the process one step simpler, by filtering while your pour your water into a glass. The Brita Infinity water pitcher makes it infinity simpler to filter water. Brita has a long history of successful water pitchers behind it, and there is no doubt about whether the Infinity pitcher is doing a good job. Before we dive into all of the features of the Brita Pitcher, you might want to hear a bit about actual water drinking first. Drinking water is very important, it is the one of the absolute most important resources our bodies need, maybe apart from air. Three is a funny fact, or a disturbing one, depending on which way you see it. The fact is as follows, you can go three minutes without air, you can go three days without water and you can go three weeks without food. There is actually something to think about, about that fact. You can use it to remember that, if you ever find yourself in a survival situation, you should look for water, before you look for food. And air you probably do not have to worry about, at least if you are on the earth. It is import to find out how much water you have to drink, but it can be a difficult task. There are a couple of factors, which you can use to find out, how much water you need to drink. Let us look at those factors. The first factor is your activity level. If you have never heard if activity level before, it is basically how much you move. There more you move, the higher your activity level is. IF you have a job where you move a lot, your activity level will be higher. But sources of activity can also come from other places, like if you, like to run after work, or go to the gym, you activity level will be higher. It can be hard to get an idea of how much you move, but that can move us to the next factor. The next factor is how much you weight, or how big you are, to say it in another way. The bigger you are, the more you have to drink. Your weight is together with your activity level something, that you can change, and it is not always for the better. Before we go to the third and final factor, you can get a quick water fact. Our bodies are made up of more than 60 Percent water, and for some people, that number goes all the way up to 70 percent. That is why we have to keep our water levels steady. Because if we drink less than we need, our bodies have a hard time cooling us down, just to name one of the effects of dehydration. The third factor is the weather, or as some people would call it, the climate. One thing we know for sure about the weather is that it changes all the time. Which is why we need to change our water drinking game all the time. If it is sunny outside, we will need to drink more water, as our bodies need to cool down. Some people might miss understand that stamen, and think that the colder it is, the less you have to drink, but that is NOT true. It is very important always to drink more water, and you might even need to drink more water than you are used too, when it is cold outside. The weather can have a big impact on you water drinking, for example if you run in the summer, and not in the winter, you will both have to drink more water in the summer because it is hotter and because you run. We hope you got a better idea of the water drinking equation, just to give it a name. If you are all around the floor. A good rule of thumb is that if your pee is see through, you are getting enough water, but if it is yellow, you should drink more. Now to the exciting part, the water pitcher. The Brita Infinity water pitcher, might be the best on the market. The pitcher is Wi-Fi enabled, meaning that it automatically can order new replacement filters from Amazon, when you run low. That is a really smart feature, and it means less work for you, and more time for the things you like. The pitcher holds 8 cups, or 64 Oz (1900 ml), the 64 OZ capacity is actually the exact amount that the average human, need to drink every day. That means you can fill and empty the pitcher one time a day. The filter in the pitcher is an activated carbon and ion exchange resin filter. The filter takes use of a dual screen technology, and that together with two other filters, reduces the chlorine, which ads taste, and the zinc, copper, cadmium and mercury. The filter will make you feel safe about drinking tap water. The pitcher comes with one filter, which will filter out 40 gallons of water. The pitcher is really easy to pour from, and it both looks pretty and cool. The pitcher will be a good addition, in almost any home. The pitcher has a handle on the side, which is black. The rest of the filter system in the pitcher is also black, and it looks really cool together with the see through sides.

a water pitcher

The Brita Infinity is a really smart water pitcher. It is easy to setup, so you can get new filter automatically. When it is up and running, you only have to change the filter, when they come to your doorstep. The pitcher can easily stand on a table, as the top is protected, and it only opens when you pour. Flies and other insects cannot get into the pitcher, so you can feel bug safe, when pouring a glass of water.

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