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The Nomader water bottle is a great workout water bottle.

It is very important that you keep yourself hydrated during a workout. There is a funny, but shocking story about water and athletic performance. College football coach Amanda Carlson did a study, on players preparing for a scouting event, and she found out that most of them were dehydrated in the morning, and she says that your athletic performance can decrease by 25%, if you lose just 2% of your body weight in fluid(water). When you are well hydrated, your heart does not need to bump that hard to pump blood around in your body, that means that you can perform better. We have made a review of the best water bottles for the gym before, but a bottle for working out needs to be a bit different, hold tight because here comes the best workout water bottle.

Best Workout Water Bottle Comparison Table

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Oz:2 * 16 = 323227
BPA Free:YesYesYes
Brand:Fit HarmonySimple ModernAvoin

Fit Harmony 365

Have you ever heard of a hydration belt, well when you see it you might think why you do not have one. It is really important to stay hydrated at the gym or when you are out on a run, or really any form of working out. If you do not stay hydrated your performance can decrease, and you might end up in cramps, or something much worse like a serious heart or brain injury. Sometimes when you are on the Runner’s High as it is called, you will not always think of water. That is why it can be a good idea to keep bottles really on the run. When you are working out, you sometimes do not want to stop find a bottle just to drink, so it is better to keep water ready in arms reach. It is not that convenient to have to carry a bottle in your hand while you work out, and it quickly becomes tiring for the arm to carry a bottle. This is where the Fit Harmony 365 hydration belt comes into play. The belt is super awesome and smart for the work outer on the go. You can secure the belt around your wait just above your hips, and turn it around so the bottles are on your back. The belt is super easy to take on and off. The belt can be adjusted from 27” (70 cm) to 43 (110 cm) so it will fit most people. The belt has two bottle holders, there is one on each side, that makes for two bottles which means more water, which means better hydration. The belt comes included with two 16 OZ (470 ml) water bottle for a total of 32 OZ of water. That is a great amount of water, and it will almost be sure to get you through your workout. The bottles are made out of stainless steel, and they are completely BPA free. The bottles have a screw on and off cap, for easy drinking. The bottle scan be secured very snugly down in the holders, but they are still easy to get out when you want them, thanks to the tilted design of the holders. The belt also has a pocket in the back, which sits in between the bottles. The pocket is very smart when you are working out, you can keep your phone in the pocket, or you can bring a couple of energy bars for your workout. The pocket can also be uses to hold a wallet or a first aid kit. There is breathable padding on the insides of the belt, so your body can ventilate correctly even when the belt is on.

The hydration belt from Fit Harmony

The Fit Harmony 365 is one of the best hydration belts. It is a great way to keep water in an arm’s reach. The belt is also great when you want to carry a couple of items with you. If you are a hiker the belt will also be of good use for you. The belt comes in an orange themed style or a darker green themed style, it is your pick.

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Simple Modern Insulated Water Bottle

When you are doing a workout, there is nothing worse than running out of water. If you are a regular gym goer, you might know the horrible feeling, of reaching for you water bottle, and realizing that it is empty. With the Simple Modern that will not happen, if you run out of water with the bottle, you must be a super water drinking human. The Simple Modern water bottle is a great workout water bottle, it holds 32 OZ ( 950 ml) that is a enormous amount of water. There is another purpose of the 32 OZ capacity, other than it being awesome for the gym. The daily recommended water intake for an average adult is 64 OZ (1900 ml) which is double of the capacity of the Simple Modern water bottle, so when you have the bottle, you can just refill it two times in a day, and your daily water intake will be covered. You still have to note, that the 64 OZ a day mark is an average number, and if you regularly work out your number will probably be higher. Other than just being a fantastic water bottle, the Simple Modern bottle is also insulated, so you will be able to go with the bottle for hours. The bottle will keep your water cold for up to 24 hours, which is a huge amount of time, imagine that you could fill a bottle with cold water right now, and tomorrow it would still be cold, amazing. The bottle will also keep beverages hot for up to 6 hours, so if you want to use the bottle for thing outside of the gym, you can fill it with coffee, and take it with you on your daily commute. The Temperature keeping capabilities of the bottle is thanks to the double layer design. The bottle is made with an outer layer and an inner layer, and between those there is a vacuum. The vacuum helps cool and heat the contents of the bottle, depending of whether it is a cold or hot beverage there is in the bottle. The vacuum insulation is super smart compared to the traditional foam. The bottle comes with two different lids, the first lid a stainless steel lid. The first lid is a normal screw on and off type of lid, which is convenient for sports, as well as work or other activities. The second lid is made out of plastic, that is because it is a coffee lid, the coffee lid is perfect for hot beverages, and it is designed a little like the coffee cups you can buy at places like Starbucks. The hot beverage lid has a sliding valve, which makes it easy and safe to drink hot beverages. Both the coffee lid and the normal lid can be put in the dishwasher, for easy cleaning, so can the bottle itself.

Simple Modern water bottle in a black version, it is one of the best water bottles.

The Simple Modern water bottle is a bottle that does it all, it can be used for the gym and working out, and it can be used for work, or when you are just around the house. The bottle is made out of stainless steel, the steel is 18/8 food graded, so you do not have to worry about getting sick. The plastic coffee lid is also super safe, as it does not contain any BPA. The bottle is covered with powder coating, the powder coating is a film around the bottle, which adds a protective anti slip and slide coating to the bottle. The powder coating also prevents sweat forming on the outside of the bottle. All in all the Simple Modern is an awesome water bottle, perfect for everybody.

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Avoin Colorlife Infuser water bottle

Have you ever tried an infuser water bottle? If you have not you should really try it. Sometimes water just is not enough, it becomes to boring, and that is where the Avoin Colorlife comes into play. With the Avoin water bottle you can just chop up some fruits and berries or vegetables, and drop them into the bottle, when you then cover the fruits and berries with water, they will start to release their taste. Infusing your water not just adds taste to the water, it also helps your immune system. Fruits and berries is a healthy alternative to sugar, instead of drinking soda, you can just drinking from your water bottle, it is not only healthier it is also cheaper than coffee, soda an juice. A lot of people have problems with sugar, and fruit infusing water bottle is a great way to fix it. The bottle holds 27 OZ (800 ml) which is a large amount, and the bottle really does a good job of fitting all that capacity inside of the bottle. The bottle will fit is almost any cup holder, so you will not have any problems carrying it around. The bottle works by you screwing off the lid, then you get access to a chamber, the chamber is a long tube with holes. You can drop fruits and berries in the chamber, and the fluids will flow into the water. We here at best  water bottle recommend that you use the contents of the chamber a maximum of two times.

The avoin colorlife with no content inside.

The Avoin Colorlife is a great way to save money, quit drinking coffee, juice and soda and become healthier, there are no reasons to not get the bottle. The bottle is made out of Tritan plastic, the Tritan plastic is highly shatter and leak proof, so you will not have any problems there. The bottle can easily be cleaned, and it goes in the dishwasher, so it is not overwhelming to clean at all. There are tons of ways to make fruity drinks, and we recommend to try it out yourself, it is a learning curve, and you will quickly get good at making drinks. The bottle is BPA free, and there is not much more to say about it, other than it is awesome.

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Nomader Collapsible Water bottle


The Nomader collapsible water bottle is perfect for running or any other sport where you do not have a fixed position. When you have emptied your bottle, you can roll it up and put it in your pocket. Unlike any normal collapsible bottle the Nomader, uses a strong plastic circle that help to keep the bottle is the right shape. When the bottle is empty the plastic circle can be rolled up with together with the rest of the bottle, and it fits perfectly in the designated spot. The bottle holds 22 OZ (650 ml), and it has a smart flip open cap.

in blue, this is the best workout water bottle.

The Nomader Bottle is perfect for those that wants a bottle that can be packed down to almost nothing. The bottle comes in three different colors grey, blue and pink, each comes with a matching colored gift box.

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BugNab Water bottle


The futuristic looking water bottle from BugNab, will get you trough your workout while still looking stylish. The bottle is very easy to clean and has a very cool design. The BugNab bottle holds 25 OZ (740 ml). The bottle combines as a every day carry water bottle and sports bottle. The bottle is very durable, mostly because it is made of BPA-Free Tritan plastic.

the futuristic water bottle is black and green.

The bottle also has a smart lid that closes completely tight, and opens very easily. The bottle comes in 4 different colors, so there is one for everybody, this is a great workout water bottle.

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Powerade perfect squeeze


No list with the purpose of finding the best workout water bottle is complete without a squeeze water bottle. The Powerade perfect squeeze is a classic workout water bottle. The bottle has a smart designed cap, when you squeeze the bottle it shots out water, but it holds the water when there is no squeeze, a little like the Nike sports water bottle. The bottle has a transparent side line, that makes it easy to see how much water you have left. The Perfect Squeeze bottle holds 32 OZ (950 ml) plenty for a good long workout.

a blue and black water bottle standing side by side.

The smart Powerade water bottle is a hit, we think it is the best workout water bottle. The bottle is furthermore 100 % BPA-Free and dishwasher safe, and the integrated grip makes it a breeze to handle.

Check the price on Amazon – Be aware super nice price

IBottle Water Bottle

You might be about to see the coolest thing ever. The IBottle is a water bottle with a room for your phone, how smart is that. You can fill the bottle with water, and fill it with your phone too, how smart. The bottle is really unique, and you have probably never seen anything like it before. The bottle can also be used to store other things, like protein bars for the gym or band aids. The bottle is not only for the gym, you can use it at work too, you can fill the bottle with a snack, like nuts or candy. The bottle can be used for storing anything really, whatever you might need together with your water bottle. The bottle is perfect when you only want to have your water bottle, and a couple of small items with you. Instead of having to bring a bag for your belongings, you can put them inside of the bottle. The bottle is really smart as it utilizes the space perfectly, the chamber in the bottle is big enough for storing an IPhone 6, which in fact is a big phone. The bottle has one more convenient feature, in the bottom there is an extra compartment for headphones, so you can store them, when they are not used. You can also connect your headphones to your phone inside of the bottle, and still be able to use them. The lid of the bottle is designed for the compartment too, you can drink from the bottle using the valve on the top of the bottle. The valve has a protective cap on top of it, so it will not get dirty. The protective cap can be locked in place with a small button. The button automatically closes the lid, and you will be able to open the lid, by pressing the button. The lid has a carrying loop too, which makes the bottle really easy to carry around. The bottle is perfect for work, as you can use it for all your belongings. You can bring the bottle as your only item, and use the compartment for storing money and or credit cards. The bottle holds 16 Oz (470 ml) which is a nice amount, taking into account, that the bottle has room for all sort of things. The bottle has a flat notch on the lid, which prevent rolling when the bottle is lying down.

Bottle with secret compartment

The IBottle is excellent for the office or the gym, you can use it when you are working out. The bottle is a great workout water bottle, and you will not go wrong in town with it. The bottle will impress most people, and it will take them some time to figure out how it works. The bottle comes in 3 different good looking colors. You should go and check out the colors by yourself, as you are the only person, which can find the perfect bottle for you. The bottle is also free from BPA and made out of Tritan.

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