Where can i leave feedback?  you can leave feedback Here.

Where can i contact you? you can easily contact us trough our contact form Here.

Do you review any products containing BPA? We usually do not but to be sure, check on the manufacture of the bottles website.

How can I support your site? If you buy a bottle, we usually get payed a small amount of money, we use the money to pay for site hosting, maintenance and wages. We appreciate your support very much.

What is your site build with? We have build the site with WordPress.

Who made this site? The site is made by Carl Emil, a man in search of the perfect bottle.

What is the best bottle? it really depends on what your needs are, but we have a lot of reviews to help you out.

Can i create a review for the site? We would love to see your work, and maybe you can get featured on the site.

How often do you create new reviews/articles? It really depends, in some periods we post  a lot of reviews, and others are more quiet.

Do you have a Privacy policy? Yes, it is Here.